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  • Oh, no biggy man. It was hard to make out your intention given the wording. Not like I can't take a little razz every now and then anyway. ^^;
    First off. If I didn't know what a basic stage spike was, I wouldn't try doing it in matches on or offline. A fail for you. Two: The spike was too fast for the naked eye (SILVR, the guy I was facing would tell you the same) so fast that it appeared that Pit had shot down for the blast zone in a straight diagonal line and Lucario's foot was at least half a hitbox over the ledge, which is why it appeared to me to be a normal spike.

    You can say I am johning all you wish, you're the one making an idiot of yourself in the end by insisting my lack of knowledge of the basic stage spike (Such as Samus/ZSS's Bair to ledgewall of FD).
    Says the moron whom can't read more than a single line of words.

    It is because of the speed of which he shot down into the pit, that I thought it was a normal spike, he shot down so fast that I did not see him make contact with the stage on his way down, as well as the fact he was coming back up being from hit off of the stage, and he made contact with Lucario's foot before he even touched the ledge.

    Your have further proven your lack of intelligence by coming here simply to call me a moron and harrass me.
    7 hours is close, relatively speaking. I live 18 hours from vegas and I've played the vegas players.

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