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    Project M Michigan Project M Power Rankings

    omg lil dirtboy ;~;!
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    According to Zero, Michigan disrespectul???

    This thread is the best example of runaway confirmation bias. Most of my other examples were based around racism, so it's cool to see someone using real social situations to judge an entire community. It'd be weird to judge people by taking one person's word and arbitrary situations that make...
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    Shuffle VII Results

    Great event! I had a lot of fun all three days that I was there, very fun memorial day weekend! Got to meet a lot of people that I had only known online, and saw lots of old faces. All of the streaming setups were fantastic and extra shoutouts to windycitysmash for doing their thing with the...
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    Screw Thunderstone, I want TMs! - A Pikachu Suggestion Thread

    No one's a huge threat at big tournaments unless someone ridiculous is controlling the character ;p. I think pika still has a lot going for him. Tremendous amounts going for him! I dropped the ball for a while since I stopped really practicing at all toward the end of the summer, but I'm...
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    Am I the only one who is fine with Pikachu the way he is now?

    I think Quick attack is still a really good tool in neutral... as PandaPanda tries to show with his infographic. I think the biggest issue is that people don't need to know the matchup intimately in order to fight against Pikachu when he has the super long distance quick attack at his disposal...
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    Skullbash is So terrible! - any reason to use it?

    Ledge trump to skullbash :3.
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    3.5 Pika Discussion Time!

    Do you have netplay yet!? We're starting a new pika group ;3. I do agree with you on the the landing lag, especially on the first part of quick attack is super high. I can do it relatively consistently but I still think it's yet another...
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    3.5 Pika Discussion Time!

    Tagxy <3. I change my mind, single burst qac is possibly broken too.
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    3.5 Pika Discussion Time!

    Well that's just cheating knowledge.
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    It's k, I don't think I do anything followable anyway ;D

    It's k, I don't think I do anything followable anyway ;D
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    3.5 Pika Discussion Time!

    I agree. Pika's hard to deal with if you've never fought him before, but the same can be said for any of the more interesting characters in the cast. Even if a second quick attack was prevented, that would just mean that quick attack's flashiness has been removed, as multiple QAC's back to back...
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    3.5 Pika Discussion Time!

    Also... why can't he side b to the ledge anymore?! The only purpose of the move is for recovery. Poor pika.
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    3.5 Pika Discussion Time!

    Yeah, quick attack cancel is purely for flash now. It's removed from the game while pika has nothing amazing compared to the rest of the cast's general buffs in their neutral games. I've felt like he's practically designed to live longer due to nothing spectacular about his neutral, but now...
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    3.5 Pika Discussion Time!

    Well... I wouldn't say unaffected. I don't have any useful judgements in regard to QAC's nerf yet. It's effectively removed as a recovery tool and doesn't make sense to use it for chasing anymore (Which is sad! No more quick attack wake-ups :( ). It was never free as a recovery against anyone...
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    Project M Michigan Project M Power Rankings

    @Solharath The majority of my pm play has been netplay ;]! LOOK AT IT But on the for real, there are quite a few michigan players joining netplay. A lot are newer so we have a lot of work to do in that regard ;x. #netplayRegion