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Angel.M <3 C:
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  • I'm about to get a job so I can start doing that. I hate SC. Everlasting Yay ***** Brawl and he doesn't even play the game anymore. Him TRC and Devin are the only other good players. -_-
    I coulda swore I posted this already. >_> whatever. I probably didn't press post message xD

    I'm still a year younger @_@.

    I'm thinkin of playing brawl again idk yet.
    Meh, it prolly doesn't matter anyways. No girl is my age and plays smash lol.

    We should be friends =)

    You're cool, especially for a brawler.
    The name Angel with a heart next to it xD.

    but I think I remember you having a avi of a girl talking a picture in the mirror. I probably mistaken tho. lol
    I don't have internet right now lol

    Mines 469-236-3737 if you can text me, aside from that we won't really be able to communicate again until i see you
    If you still wanna team I'm down, what's your number so we can talk strats beforehand? I'm pumped for this :D
    I think so, who do you use in teams? I could make a partner change lol
    tbh, my partner is always skeptical on going. last hobo he changed his mind on the last minute. so, if your willing to wait by day of hobo to know then cool. if not, sorry, but we can team if hes a no-go
    i'm not sure if i'm going. i already paid, but something came up and i might give my ticket to a crew member (who doesn't play brawl)
    Yea I got your 20 bucks, don't worry I am not like that, when I see you, you will get it at the tourny.
    Hey dude, long time. I found out when I'm leaving to Buffalo and it isn't too far off. I just need to have that match with you before I leave.
    You could also learn Yoshi's really well. They just have different abusable gimmicks. Lylat has tilts, and Yoshi's has slopes. You can platform cancel on both stages, but I find Lylat's static ability to do it better for taking advantage of, and that you can pressure better with those platforms. Also, Smashville is not impossible to win. I still do it a lot.
    The neutral doesn't matter. Win round one, preferably strike Smashville for reasons listed in the link discussing it in my signature. Then ban Rainbow and you'll get ***** on Frigate if the MK is smart. Then pick another neutral you haven't gone to. I usually use BF, Lylat, and FD, depending on what's not banned.
    idk...i think he knows i hate wifi so hes looking for an angry answer from me so im not gona give him an angry answer back
    too bad for me i wanted to team up with u for that. double marth for the win.

    marth dittos are the best lol
    good ****! don't feel bad i always loose to inui in that tourney too.

    did u get better?
    yea im sure i can make a lot of cool team combos and stuff, but im just not sure of the doubles specific stuff. like supposedly if im not mistaken sucker punch works in doubles if either of the defending pokes are attacking, not just the one u targeted which i learned not too long ago
    iv never made a 2v2 team before. time to get working

    do u kno how many pkmn u can have on a team? i kno u can have 6 rdy for the tourney as u have to fill out that form, but iv heard of/seen a lot of matches that had 4 on each team
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