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  • Oh ****, completely forgot to call you with all the stuff I had going on.

    Wed and Thurs I'll be available after 5:20-ish PM.
    Yes it is. Sadly, it's going to get even worse, since I start a second full time job on the 19th.

    All right, hopefully I'll see you there. It'll depend on if I can get someone to cover my shift.
    Well, I sent that Wed, so I meant today.

    That being said, Sunday I work at 6 PM, so as long as I can get to West Market from your house by 5:15 PM, we could try to do something before that.

    Also, are you going to King Yoshi's on Sat? Not sure if I'll be able to yet or not.
    You up for some smash tomorrow? Off to work for now, but I'll try to call you sometime tomorrow.
    Ugh sorry we haven't hung out in a bit. Sunday's Easter, so I doubt that'll work out (Though right now it looks like I won't be doing anything for it...), and next week I work Sunday. That being said, I'm available Mon and Thurs next week.
    So it seems. Sadly, I work a 12 hour shift that day. If it's anything like last Saturday's... it's going to suck XD
    Haha, no worries. I would have prefered real matches, but ah well. Maybe you can just send me replays instead? (Will they work if I don't have the over 3 min replay hack?)

    Also, what are we doing Sunday?
    Ugh, sorry about that. Any matchup in particular you had trouble with, or tournament stress?
    Sadly, I don't think I'll be able to come over. I have some stuff to do earlier in the day, and the rest of the day is dedicated to my GF.

    No chance you'd be available Monday, is there?
    Ahhh... I don't follow sports so I didn't realize that was the case.

    Then I guess coming here is better. I'd say aim for 4-5 PM, though if need be, we can do a bit earlier.
    Hey, since there might be 2-4 (or more) extra people wanting to smash on Sunday, do you want to do it at my house instead, or are you okay with having that many people over? (If it's not a problem, then your place is probably better since you have 2 TVs down there already, + any that they can bring.)

    These people are Links and potentially 2-3 friends, and ITT, possibly bringing Dead, Bya, and a couple others, but I doubt any of them (ITT and his friends) will show TBH.
    Sounds good. What time? (I'll call if I don't hear from you. If you call me, try not to do it before noon though. 3 closing shifts in a row are taking their toll, and I am going to sleep forever and ever.)
    because the Philippines was a spanish colony for 333 years. then an american colony for 30 years. then a japanese colony for 3 years.

    but the biggest influence is still spanish. so we sorta have a part hispanic-part asian culture.

    that.... and my great grandfather was spanish.

    and you still havent bugged me enough. I've seen worse.
    if you must know my name know that its long and in spanish.


    buuuut i might tell you if you keep bugging me about it.
    Haha, yeah, I got your name, but didn't have your number. Thanks.

    As for walking, are you talking about Sunday? If so, it's all good. I actually enjoy walking; I just need to work on not getting lost XD
    More than likely, range, i can only play people in specific areas with my connection...
    But itz ok, you declined, so just go on ignoring me, carry on...
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