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  • I just love how people ignore your points in the DH and reply to lesser points in your posts. <_<
    Well like the key shares a function with the Insert. Like on the key it has Insert and Print Screen.
    Well for some reason it doesnt work for me.
    Like I highlight it and hit print screen and nothing happens. When I left click to copy it it doesnt paste on Paint.
    Could you help me? I noticed that you were the mod for the Computer Cafe..
    Do you know how to work the "Print Screen" function on laptops?

    It doesnt work for me :<
    Something you may be interested in.

    Intellectual Property

    In the material world, we've got this inconvenient little thing called scarcity. Objects are discrete, and there is only one of each object, but there are many people all with their own plans for the use of such objects, and these objects cannot be used in two mutually exclusive ways at the same time, even though people's plans for such objects may be mutually exclusive. An object can only be and do one thing at a time. A car cannot be in the driveway of my residence ready for me to use, in the Walmart parking lot ready for you to use when you finish shopping, and on the highway being used to take some kids to a soccer game, all at the same time. Yet me, my friend, and my neighbor, and for that matter the rest of mankind, can all think of uses for that car that better suit their own needs than the use I choose for it. But only one of us can get our way.

    In the interests of preventing unnecessary destruction of such valuable objects, we have what we call "property". Property is the freedom to enforce one's decisions as to how an object will be used against others who attempt also to act upon decisions made about the same object. Along with this freedom comes responsibility. Actions have consequences. You alone are permitted the freedom to use force to impose your decision as to the use of your property, but you alone bear the consequences for those actions. Should your actions have consequences which others bear, you have violated their exclusive right to decide how their property should be used. For while they may have decided their property should not be used as a dump, you may be dumping your trash onto their property, a decision which you are excluded from making. And in most cases, they will shift the burden of the consequences, the costed opportunities, back onto you. You'll owe them restitution for the opportunities you have cost them.

    Property rights only apply to objects, though. They must apply to objects, but they can only apply to objects. Ideas and information are not subject to scarcity. The opportunity cost of using an idea is nonexistent. Everybody can have the same idea and use it their own way at the same time. There is no basis for any exclusivity in decisionmaking power over ideas. And, more ****ingly, property in ideas is incompatible with property in objects.

    Unauthorized reproductions of intellectual "property" does not prevent the original creator from making any decisions which they have the right to make. The only way it could is if every creator of ideas instantly became partial owner of every information storage medium in the universe. Only then would they have any right to tell anyone else that they have no right to reproduce an idea.This is incompatible with any absolute right of property to the owner of the storage medium. Intellectual property not only lacks the foundations needed to justify any exclusivity, but enforcing it means denying the basis for property in the first place. Affirming intellectual property is saying the owner of the printing press can do whatever they want with the press and that the creator of an idea can tell the owner of the printing press what they can print. They're not compatible.

    It's not as if people will simply stop creating in a world without copyrights and patents and intellectual property. The open source movement is sufficient proof of this. It is an actively creative group of people, making software that they know in advance they'll have no exclusive right over, that they know in advance, derivative works will be made out of with no permission asked nor expected, that they know in advance their name will not necessarily be seen on it. And yet, there is a market. The common objection that artists and creators and inventors would stop creating if they thought they would not have exclusive right to it. And yet, in the open source movement, people are making money doing what is equivalent to writing books that anyone may obtain for free and reproduce as they want. Clearly, that objection, while it sounds good in theory, doesn't have as much application to the real world as it's proponents might tend to hope.

    Ideas are not scarce, and proponents of intellectual property are trying to create an artificial scarcity through force where no scarcity needs to exist in the first place.
    I need you to heavily criticize my post on dark matter at the agnosticism thread. Perhaps I'm using outdated information(I used information learned a year ago), because it's in response to that recent article on the possibilities of dark matter being a hoax.

    Also, reply more to me! :( Unless you're at work.
    Such a pain. Thats what I thought it was, but being that I just send the e-mails out not 2 sec before and it went fine I thought it might be something else.
    got kind of a tech question. So Utah smash set up a Utah smash e-mail last month, that we use to send out e-mails twice a month to people who have given us their e-mail so that we can remind them about up comming events. I was just using it to send the e-mail out for this saturdays event, and after I sent out the first 10 (hotmail would only let me send 10 at a time) it won't let me send out any more and is telling me "This account is currently blocked from sending messages." Did I do something wrong or do you know whats up?
    a' OR '1=1';--

    would become

    'a| OR |1=1|;--'

    Care to try again? I also tested all those other characters. They input just fine. I don't think you're following my sanitization function very closely.
    But it won't work. I even tested it. It gets put into quotes, thus it becomes part of the text field in the database. My point is that my function puts the quotes around it. By nuking all internal quotes first, there is no way any of those injection attempts would screw with my database.
    But you're ignoring my function. If your single quotes are turned to bars, and the string is otherwise surrounded by quotes, that injection doesn't work.
    Hi I'm Alt; drop tables *;

    How does that get through? If I filter quotes and then put quotes around it, your input would not make it far at all.

    I need to educate myself on what other codes can break the query (and I've heard several places say that whitelisting is the easiest).
    I have a sanitizer function that takes string input, replaces all single quotes with bars, and then surrounds it in quotes.

    safe("Hi, I took AltF4's wallet") results in 'Hi, I took AltF4|s wallet'

    I run this on ALL input before it goes into a query (including numbers). Are there other forms of injection that this function would miss?
    Just letting you know, I responded with a rather lengthy post in the Axioms thread.

    This topic should turn out to be very interesting.
    Oh? not a philosophy person? That's actually the entire reason I'm interested in this stuff
    Hey buddy

    I looked at the "Brief history of time" but was confused when I first read parts of it, though I figure I'll just pick it up and re-read parts of it until I get it.

    You know anything about metaphysics?
    I want to become a saw. I never was TheBuzzSaw here. I signed up as Buzz, but now I regret it. :(
    ARGGGH! This is hurting me! I want to respond to everyone in that thread so badly!!! Tell Crimson King to let me back in!
    Bogus. You start an intellectual property discussion (after mine has long since failed), and I cannot discuss in it. I've been booted from the Debate Hall. >_>
    I was thinking that maybe over the summer we should have a huge Halo 3 tournament among fellow SmashBoards members. (i.e. 8v8 CTF would be so fun!)

    What do you think of this idea?

    I was just wondering as I'm trying to get a feel for what everyone in the DH is specializing in.
    Alt, you took the GRE I assume? What did you get on it: I just got my scores back and want to see how they compared to some one that actually got in somewhere ;)
    So, I may have finally decided on the topic for my senior project. I'm becoming more and more serious with my vBuzzetin project, and the one barrier keeping me from making it a truly professional product is load-balancing. Do you have much experience with load-balancing?
    add and brawl XD
    what is ur code?
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