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  • Hi buddy, sorry for interupting but is it ok I get my name change? If that's ok.
    Mr AltF4
    I dont know if you can do this but i need my name changed im begging you please change my name to Steel Blaze im begging you if u do ill recommend you for everything possible with god as my witness
    Well, yeah. I'm not expecting to own your soul by just throwing a PM your way. I'd have an established business before doing that. :p

    But heck yeah, once I get a project up and going, I will want you to break it. I was actually wondering where/how I'd obtain a security audit. You interested taking down the vBulletin beast in the future? :p
    Information Assurance? I've never even heard of that aspect of CS. What do you do with that?

    I am going all out with web development. I am a web standards guru planning on starting several open source projects in the near future. (I plan to put vBulletin out of business.) I like networking with fellow geeks for the slight possibility that we could start a business together someday. ^_^
    haha well i'd like to think so, i <3 computers, but im still a young'n so i haven't finished all of my formal schooling yet

    also 802.11 b/g? now u gotta get that 802.11n, that's where the money's at (but then again u probably already knkow how great it's going to be) haha =)
    Uploading them on my albums. I try to put them up, but they won't work they keep saying. You did not select any pictures to upload. and someone told me that mods don't let those who are on here often put them up. If you know what I mean. Sorry for bugging you. If I did. I am sorry. I just want help.
    Hey there your a moderator. Hey dude I want to put up pictures in my album, but I can't, so since your a moderator or anyone who is. Can you let me put up pictures.

    If so thanks and sorry for coming here wince you don't know me.

    Why have you forsaken me?!


    Srsly tho we outta "hang out" soon.

    We can eat "funyuns" and play "smash." (knowing you you prolly acted out the air quotes in your head while reading that)

    It would be like old tymes. Ye olde tymes where I's were replaced with Y's and everything had an E at the end of ite.

    Do you add an extra period to the end of acronyms or abbreviations with periods in it? Like if I was to end a sentence with etc.. Isn't that kinda awkward and wasteful question mark.

    Now typing out the word question mark is wasteful, there's no doubt about that, not for one second, no sir, not even a tiny bit, you GOT IT RIGHT there good friend RIGHT ON THE MONEY, HIGH FIVE WOOO!

    I suppose that's enough babbling for now. (btw that was creepy italics not thoughtful italics, and yes the period is not italicized)
    Hey alt long time no speak eh? This pm is about sending Kirby a message for me if he would be so kind as to change my old email with this one here:
    doncreegan26@gmail.com in my old smash account: rwingwurmchamp?

    This one is abit off the subject but do you know how to use skype, I have the phone w/usb connection but can't figure out how to use it. Do I need to download a hack or something? Get back at me, yo homie Geo! l8ters man!
    Say, I've been trying to access the debate forums, yet I can't post. I also read about temporary check-in, but I can't post there either.

    So, how do I access?
    judging is hard work. nice work with yours though - btw, we need to collaborate and figure out round 2 matchups.
    Yeah, I know. I'm going to start playing Halo more once I get this last god **** achievement in Civ Rev.
    lol, nah. i was just trying to ask on a whim if you were done your debate. that, and not to take it personally that i called your point b- :p
    'an error has occured'


    VB sucks.

    EDIT: Typical! It didn't come up that time XD
    I was gonna IM you something today, but I realized you don't have your AIM account listed. Therefore, you'll never be my friend.

    Get on aim whenever you can. That sound topic is really stupid and I'd like to discuss it without restrictions.
    Hey Alt, can you write some programming dialog I can use in a comic. I want it to make sense and since I know you know that stuff like the back of your hand. Just two sentences or something like that. Thanks :)
    See "Join Social Groups"? Click that, then underneath all the groups there's a link that says "Create a New Group".
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