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  • Well, where do I watch it?

    Youtube? Veoh? Raw download (I probably will not)?

    And what is so wonderful about it? I've seeen dozens of school-based anime.

    Oh yeah, how goes brawl?:)
    No, I faced non-existent characters like Sheik and Luigi. I don't know how to fight them.

    So I got 13th lol. Oddly still better than you on average.

    You fail lol.
    How ya doin'?
    "Tu eres?"
    comment allez-vous?

    Sorry, I get bored. So, how go the lucario boards?
    Do you go to Mill Creek? If so, I have no idea. If not, I still have no idea.

    * jealous * i hate you... .... ... is there another dance coming up soon? i like to go
    Desire: Yeah dude. Extremely hot women...all I need.

    *Besides, my italian mother said I pretty much had to.

    VietG: Shut up

    Ike is Solid: Sorry dude. I don't remember and I forgot how to access my wireless network. The code escapes me. Oh yeah, ask VietG. I go to his house for Brawl all the time. He has my FC.
    Had fun Dancing? D:

    VietG called you a 'loser' for not coming to Waba. i agree.

    jk xD

    i would hav done the same thing. food women? hell yea!
    I hope can go. High school actually has homework..who knew? After the easystreak of miuddle school I'm dumbfounded. Oh, and I'm about to work on lagless f-air and glise tossing.
    Wolf Huh?

    I saw couple videos and u got alot better.

    U quited spamming F air. ( HORRIBLE LAG INCLUDED ) btw if u fair RIGHT AFTER SH, there wont be any lag.

    ONLY use D smash to kill.

    i use to main wolf. now i main marth and fox xD

    c u at WaBa Soon, and we shall BRAWL
    Sorry then. After I heard about your shop, I went to the Allstar House of Sigs. and ordered one from Jeebus. It's pretty nice.

    Wait, I saw some of your sigs. They were actually good. Or, did a mass of random people sign on say they sucked for no reason? Either way, I think your not half bad.
    hm, ur SPECIAL. so i will make you one. if you havnt requested a sig YET that is. after that, i will CLOSE MY SHOP :D sounds kool? *btw, i suks at making Sigs*
    Hey dude, how ya doin'?

    Say, when (and why) did you close your ship shop? When I got an account I was going to go to you for one.
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