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  • This is pretty funny being that we just talked about it the other day.. my mom's on her way now to williamsburg pottery hahaha
    I've known him for like 7 years lol since we were in the 7th grade. He's a good friend, tell him I said 'hi' when you get the chance.
    I just saw your post, lol. Blaz is not really the Brawl of Guilty Gear, lol. It IS more simplified than Guilty, but it's moreso a love child of Guilty Gear and Melty Blood. The game will probably grow in difficulty as the versions come out. (seeing as how they increased it when CS came out.) Plus, it remains in depth and difficult to master. The only reason people caught onto the style so quick is because Aksys release an instructional video along with the game, xD.
    I am very sneaky haha. Sheik vs space animals is my strongest matchups I think. I have RaynEX and Unknown522 practice. It's really bad if you can't keep up with them in damage, though, so tech chase is a must-have.

    I had a lot of fun playing you too ^.^
    It's me, CT, Keith, and Paii. Keith is working on getting a Melee setup that'll work in my car.

    I don't really know how much gas will cost in total. Just bring like... money in general and we can work out how much it is once we get there? We're splitting it 5 ways so I can't see it being an overwhelming amount.

    So yeah, I'd be mad appreciative if you could just PM me an address to mapquest and I guess we can just call when we're there to pick you up. Don't forget sleeping bag.
    Yo, am I still driving you to Pound? Haha, I totally forgot to ask until now. If so, you can PM me whatever location you'd like to be picked up from (assuming you're at Duke).
    Here's your pool.

    1. Wife
    1. Ben-Teezee
    1. KirbyKaze
    1. Crystal Nite
    1. Everlasting Yahuzz
    Yeahhhhh...... I caught it early.....

    Don't worry I'm getting Shaden back later on.....
    $6000 money match
    99 stock
    big blue
    bunny ears on high

    you man enough?
    To reply to your comment on Ken's profile, Gabon was filmed a LONG time ago. Like Feb or something.
    hey I am a junior at WM and my roommate is a senior, we are pretty much smash fanatics and we've officially ostracized all our friends by actually becoming decent and they refuse to play with us anymore. I just found that WM smash thread on here and saw you pretty much ran it. If you are still at WM it would be awesome if you or whoever else plays could teach us a thing or two. I main olimar (and marth, falco, zss sec.) and falcon in melee, and my roommate mains snake and dk
    Of course. Me and my brother is coming. Myabe even Dominque and Kyle but Im not sure on them yet. When was it again?
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