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  • hey man, i'm just wondering if you still have the data you used to make the all firefox angles image, specifically which X/Y control stick coordinates you used to get each angle.
    ajp, I was wondering, what do you use to encode files to matroska mkv? I want to find a way to compress videos since each set I have is anywhere from 200MB to 2GB encoded in MPEG-2
    wow lossless encodes. whenever I record a set in vdub it's like 10-15 GB -_-

    alright thanks. i'll undoubtedly have to talk to you on MSN at some point when I'm encoding vids from a tourney tho haha
    Americans are ****ing stupid. Please don't judge us all based on the idiocy of the few who are too stupid to hire you to stream American tournaments when you're OBVIOUSLY more capable than they are with your hands tied behind your back and blindfolded. Genesis 2 was SUCH a disappointment to anyone who couldn't afford to go.
    update on your situation with the other swedes? I'd like to know ASAP for obv reasons
    well, it should be the same deal you'd be getting now as what im offering except that you would pay less with 1 more person to make 6 in your room. and i got double queens, which aren't available anymore :)
    ay dog, i think your housing with me and dr pp + nc. aniolas pmed me like a few days ago $50/person for three nights. should be max 6 people in the room
    HOLY CRAP @ your post about recording setups...please...tell me your setup? I only have one capture device with splitters for the TV and recording software on my laptop...so I can't even stream while recording :(
    Hi, I'm sending you this message because I have identified some freeplay matches (during the SR4)

    I haven't watched them all but I can tell you that :
    From the video named " A-081229-023147-(CFalcon)-(Sheik).mp4" to
    It's me (Salepâte) and Kriz doing some freeplay.

    For now I've only watched :
    A-081229-023147-(CFalcon)-(Sheik) (that features Kriz as Grey C.falcon and me as Red Sheik)

    A-081229-025058-(Marth)-(Fox) (that features Kriz as Normal Fox and me as the White marth)

    I'll keep you informed of other freeplay matches I can identify,

    See you!
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