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  • You missed an episode...THIS IS THE TRUE EPISODE 5!!

    This is the first episode of TYATM on it's new channel. Due to the creative restrictions, the legend is as follows: red: TITLE, GREY: STRIKETHROUGH, BLACK: SPOILER Different channel, same show AMIRITE?!

    OK, NAO ON TO DA MEAT (sickos) OF DIS POST!!!!!!

    As you remember, TH has been working in PKSkyler's plant. TH is truly a hard worker and gets paid accordingly. Now, a tired TH relaxes at home watchin da telly when he done hears a knock on his door. Th gets up and answers it. It is none other than...PKSKYLER!! PKSkyler has come brining da good newz. TH IS NOW THE ASSISTANT MANAGER OF THE PLANT!!!! =O!!! TH is overcome with joy and shakes PKS's hand in acceptance. That is not ALL PkSkyler brings though...he then pulls out a CELEBRETORY SIX- PACK O'BEER! (OH NO!!) AS YOU MAY REMEMBER (lolredundancy) TH WAS A PILOT WITH AN ALCOHOL PROBLEM!! TH looks at the six pack and sniffs a bit (NO WAI IZ IT HAPENIN). HIS MIND IS FLOODED WITH MEMORIES OF GETTING WASTED AND SLEEPING IN DA SNOW, PLAYING A GOOD OL' GAME OF DRINK THE BEER, AND NUMEROUS OTHER ACCOUNTS. This then happens (Kumar is TH and the Bag is a Big can of Beer. The song plays and everything. Ignore the last part. PLESE WATCH!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-hKoBtTCZc.
    *waits for you to finish vid* TH NAO REMEMBERS WHO HE BE! He yells out his name and runs outside, much to the shock of PKSKYLER. He runs to the nearest bus stop and begins to head home....
    It's ok...

    THE YOUNG AND THE MOVESETS!! =O!! That's right, for the first time in dayz....TYATM IS BACK ON THE AIR!! We last left Agi at home with Shirlena discussing the case with StB. Let's see how dat goez...

    Agi talks to Shirlena while makes some coffee. Agi is depressed. The trail on StB has run cold. He feels that he has missed something though. Shirlena hands him a cup of coffee and Agi takes it. He drinks-THEN SUDDENLY SPITS IT OUT scalding Shirlena. He thinks about the fatefull day in the alley. StB WAS IN THE TRASHCAN =O!!! Agi grabs his coat and heads out the door while a dark sky looms overhead...

    Meanwhile StB wanders the city streets. He is in a bad neighborhood and looks at his surroundings. Around him are numerous sights: A body outline near the sidewalk, a man fighting a lion, and a naked man arguing with a wall. StB shivers with cold as night falls. He has no shelter, his box was taken from him by the Repo Man. IT SUDDENLY STARTS RAINING!! =O!!! StB thinks of where to go...when he remembers MARTH TRINITY, HIS OLD FRIEND!!
    I didn't google that, Agi. So I guess that means I KEEP TEH BROWNIES! YAY!

    I have no idea why I remembered that, though, I disliked the Sammer Guy fights.
    Maybe I just payed a lot of attention to what was happening. :D
    ...and maybe I played a lot of SPM. >_>

    Oh when you post them...if anything is black put a spoiler tag around it.
    If it's gray use strike through....
    Don't be stupid, Agi! XD, of course you can't upload it to photobucket...IT'S TWO AWESOME =O!! I'm imageshack it or something. I'll also Pm you the episode...
    Um...not that one.

    Have you seen the pic of Shirlena? That's the one I'm talking about.
    Btw, can you see my avi?
    Has your avy really be chosen to be one of the default avys now?
    *too lazy to check himself*
    Well done Agi! :D
    How's mah Agi? :D

    Oh yeah, Agi has not chosen a payment method for his Weegee Dolly.
    White themes are gone!
    *ahem* I'm not forced any longer to use Revolution. It hurts my eyes, all that darkness. Try out the Smash and Classic Blue themes, you may like some change. :)
    Which comment, the one just now, or the one before?
    Oh, and I will PM you the forum game I thought up, as I don't anyone who's reading these to LOOKIE LOOKIE and then PINCHY PINCHY.
    Nah, I'd never do that.
    Anyway, may I share with you my idea for a forum game later?
    I'd like your opinion on it, before I post it.
    The Smash Ball game is rather fun.
    I need to finish up my forum game soon. >_<
    Quick question, though, can I use Luigi more than once to steal the smash ball?
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