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  • Majora's Mask is amazing too. I had been playing that a lot before I went vacationing.

    Oh and, I don't know if I should've mentioned this/whether you already knew, but I've become a pretty big Mother/Earthbound fan. Just adding that to the list.

    So, uh, what are you doing these days?
    Oh man...

    - Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max
    - Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness
    - Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D
    - Rayman 3D
    - Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
    - Metroid Prime Trilogy
    - Super Mario Galaxy 2
    - Super Castlevania IV
    - Mario Kart Wii
    - Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes
    - Ace Attorney Investigations
    - Star Ocean: First Departure
    - Super Paper Mario

    Yeah, basically, they're all games that I got while you were gone. That's what I meant by new.

    And I'm sure there's a few more. :p
    Well it's quite good to hear that you're doing well!

    I'm doing pretty fine myself, and I don't know whether you heard about this or not before you were gone, but I got into a different school. I've been doing way better since I transferred, so yay's!

    Just as a little fun-fact thing, I also have gotten like a bazillion new games, so I don't think I'll be bored ever again. :p
    Whoa. Like, I didn't know you were ONLINE that whole time! I would have said Hi is I saw your blue smash thing saying you are online.
    WOAH. DUDE. KAAARRRPPP!! I missed ya, man! (EDIT: I can't put into words how much I missed ya.)

    My green username? It means that Imma got premium membership.
    Hey man! Oh man your last activity was last yaer, holy crap. DUDE, just go to the FG thing in the group. YOU KNOW.

    Just go! : D
    Hello! How are you? Hmmm I'm planning something. To revive something. That something cannot be said. D:
    OK! Sulllllllllllllllllllllk. : [ CLASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. STARTING........ LESS ............ MELEE :[

    More.... Girls? NO.. MAIL HAY!
    So suspicious that it hasn't arrived yet. >_> Class starts tommorow. D:

    same here.
    A1 got pranked. That'll answer your question. Oh, I don't know how soon is soon. When I get a check... of money, of course.

    Back in the library. D:< Talk to you again! sometime!
    Yah. : < I'll be getting a laptop soon. Although, I exactly have 2 minutes left now. I'll be going home now! Enjoy Smashboards! *takes bus*

    I moved to philadelphia btw.
    Pretty good, actually. I haven't been active in much besides MYM, but I'm simply THRIVING there. Heck, I'm authority next contest! :bee:

    Sorry, but I have to laugh at the password fail. XD
    Anyways, glad that your friend issues are over, and I hope we'll see more of you in the future! *salutes*
    Hey Karp! Funny running into you on here, isn't it?

    Oh, and what question were you asking me in November? :3
    Out of nowhere, Ninjakarp makes his appearance! :bee:

    How's it been? *points at message below marked 1-30-09*

    Also, I finished Simirror! Except for extras. Stupid extras.
    Curse you and your ninja mode! XD

    Are you there? *knocks at window*
    Why must you be invisible? That just makes me wonder how long you've been gone...

    You were ninjawd too! xD We are characters in a game now, as if it was SSB, but instead SSFG. ;3
    It goes without saying you're have their epic battle music as an extra, right? :bee:
    Sounds pretty unique! Another key factor when it comes to projectiles is speed, on both ends. You say that Ninjakoop has lag upon the move's end, which is good. But now that he remains rooted to the cannon while the Bullet Bill is in motion, I think, personally, that the lag should come in once the Bill is fired, him trying to pack it up while it continues his journey.

    Good thing I didn't post this when I was going to, the Crashboards crashed.
    That depends...

    Is Ninjakoop controllable while the Bullet Bill is in motion? Or does he remain stationary, staying by the cannon like Snake's Side-B?
    Actually, it's his standard combo. Unless I absolutely cannot figure out a Standard Special... actually, I will make it his standard special, for reasons mentioned below.

    I'm trying to rip all of his specials directly from the game. I've used all of what was given to me... Mirror Cut/Reflect Force (B), Mirror Body (Side-B), and Reflect guard (Down B, NOT a rip off of Star Fox by any means), even using the enemy Simirror's "warp" move after being hit as a recovery special. Now, I have to think. (Oh, noes!)
    Simirror is doing well, I'm making some animations for him as we speak.

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