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  • And congrats on being my wall's first commenter of the new decade. =P
    O yaays congrats :), o i didn`t realize that i beat heartz xD. Anyways i haven`t been on here that much (reason that i have a strider hiryu picture up :) ) i`m amazed some people are still on here, anything new?
    I'm not really a fan of emotes. I have been using them lately, but it makes me feel so overexcited. I dont know. Im weird like that
    That? Yea you worry to much. What kinda bad tone can you get out of THAT?

    ANyway, I dont even go on AIM as much either, but feel free
    I swear you guys worry too much.

    I dont remember that case, and if I said anything that may have sounded stern or anything, I didnt mean it to, because I'm not some angry, short-fused person. You dont have to worry about that.

    Yet, I seriously do not know when that happened
    Im trying my hardest to answer all of your questions, Rew. I told you I do not remember
    Oh I see lol. I'll be coming back at the end of this month, around the 25th most likely, still working out all the details and stuff. Haven't had very much time for gaming lately.
    Lol that's cool, I've just been busy with getting ready to move back to the states, can't wait!
    It's a long story. I came back only shortly, as a visit. I was still going through the issues and what not. I mean as far as being back for good this time. I cant remember anything
    Nothing much. I havent even been on the site for months untila few days ago. Was trying to get things straight in real life, and now they are. So ive been ok. :D
    Only for a couple of days, and gee, I couldnt respond to EVERYONE. There were alot of NeW members, and I didnt even think you still came to this site.

    How have you been, though?
    RooRew is a stinky poo. :<

    (Heyyy Andrew, I forget you lot are on here too. :3)
    Rewrew seriously needs to answer my question on whether or not he will answer my question. >:U
    Next "Wonder" Gaming. The site was deleted. KZF's host account was suspended, and the site along with it. So, NeW is done for. I cant see us using that social group anyway.
    Me too.

    I would like to apologize on behalf of my clan for generating such a ****storm. While we may have kept some invayders out, we also banished you, and you're pretty much part of our community. I think more bad than good came of this.

    So yeah, since Dinnies were pretty much the ringleaders in this, I apologize on their behalf.
    Hey Rew. ^^

    I'm doing well. And it's too bad the thread got closed. -.-

    Too hard to communicate unless you're in the chat thingy.
    Well, my parents showed up today, we hung out and caught up on old times, then we all went to Applebee's for dinner. They left me at home right now so they can all go shopping for my presents. O_o I'm aaaaaaaaaaaaaall alone. heh
    I would ask Kirby King, he'd help. And hmmm... did you check all your settings to make sure its enabled, like the whole friendship stuff?

    And I'm getting so sick of ZU. :(
    Yeah that is waaay weird... but perhaps its because you are a new member and haven't reached a certain post limit or something....

    And in the fall I can still take classes. I'm due in December, after finals and everything. I'm sure it'll be a bit weird walking around, but I'll be fine and all my teachers are willing to work with me.

    In the Winter semester I'm taking a leave, so I can be stay at home mommy. ^_^ Plus, Buzz has a job that lets him work at home, so we'll both be home with the baby! We are so excited!!!! :D :D :D
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