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  • Yeah, I really like how Sheik plays. A lot of my Marth transferred over into my Sheik. I mained Ike until I realized he just wasn't for me. Then I found Marth :p Anyway, I added your FC.
    My new secondary is Shiek. There isn't as many useful threads in the Shiek boards as there are in the Marth boards though...So now I'm just developing my own playstyle according to different videos of "respectable" Shieks.
    7:30 is good for me. I'm actually just going to move around a few things in my house first. I need to move the mini TV I play on to another room. I'll add you as soon as I finish moving stuff.
    Finished with today's reading. I can play any time tonight. I'll be awake till probably 2 or 3am, so just message me whenever.
    I'm back now, but I can't play right now. I have to do summer reading for school. I'm only going to read another 40 or 50 pages. I'll tell you when I'm finished.
    Well I didn't really see any improvement. Not that I expected much in two days.

    You still overuse counter. You overuse smashes. You still don't use tilts enough. You have recovering problems, especially if i try to ledge guard you. You will get scared and DI backwards and just gimp yourself.

    I also think you're move choices sometimes just aren't the best and I can easily punish. I can't really go too in depth because I don't have any vids to look over but thats the gist of it. and your spacing needs help too. A lot of this will come with experience, but just work on the basics for now and it will come together eventually.
    .. hey,, my bad. i saw ur mssg yesterday, and wrote down ur fc. RIght after thn, i heard a knock on my door. it was ultimate ninja 3. i cant play brawl cuz ultimate ninja 3 is SO AWESOME! XDXDXD

    i will play brawl this weekend, ps, skool started. 0_o
    thanx lol but yea tommorows a good time to play at like 3 30... so r u from the east coast
    Yeah, sure. I'm out of town right now, so I can't do it today. When I get back on Tuesday, I'll add you.
    I'll give it to you later, I'm a little lazy to go check, since my sister restarted her file to get Lugh back.

    And now I have to do my speed run of Chapter 13 over again, to get lazy Percival early. <_<

    AT&T o_O

    We should play sometime. xD

    Maybe after school when I'm free. I'm very busy right now, but I'm so tempted to visit these forums. xD
    Yeah, I'll do it later tonight. I should probably get all the other Marth mains that we talk to as well.
    Of course you're better offline. But i saw a lot of mistakes that you need to fix and I will point out in these vids. I'll let you know when they are uploaded.
    GG's. The lag wasn't too bad so I managed to record a few of them and I will upload them for you. I will critique them for you afterwards.
    ISP = Internet Service Provider

    Racing games are usually best on Wi-Fi since the game predicts wherer the other cars are moving, meaning for the most part, even running Mario Kart on dial-up will be smooth.

    ^ That's also why if someone snakes on Mario Kart DS, the car goes out of whack since the computer cannot display the actions to you fast enough.
    Oh, well then it wouldn't be worth it. Wifi will screw you up so bad nobody will be able to see your real skill. We can try if you want, but I won't record if i think the lag has any impact at all.

    Yes, it's the same on here. I'm on wifi now if you want to play, i can't play later so now is a good time.
    What's your ISP? If it's the same I'd like to see how well it handles latency.

    Do you play other fighting games online? If so, how good are those in terms of handling lag?

    Because I think Brawl gets a lot of crap because most of the complainers don't play other fighters online.
    Not really. I play "With Anyone" every now and then, but my connection sucks too much to play a serious online game. I'm really nit-picky with lag, as I complain a lot at Play N Trade tournaments.

    So yeah, I just mess around on Wi-Fi.
    Do you have an AIM or MSN so we can talk during it? It's much easier. And if I'm available I can do that for you. I probably won't record marth dittos though as they are teh lame. Ill use my other horrible characters.

    Btw if you don't have an aim it takes like 5 minutes to set up, my screenname is steel2nd.
    No idea. My sister is playing Fire Emblem now.

    Not that I'd do anything on Wi-Fi except see how long I can pull off "D.I.C.K."
    Okay I'll be on all day since I got some sleep last night, you let me know when and if you will be available anytime today.
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