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  • MAD FUN! I got so mad when I tried to do the DownB to DownB ftw combo and you ended up not getting spiked while I kicked to the death line, lol.

    Just let me know anytime you want to play.
    I've been talking about it all morning on the thread in General Discussion, and with my friend IRL. I can't wait! GO KEN!
    Well, you should still consider it.
    It's not for a year or so, so it gives you plenty of time to plan the trip >.<

    I can't confirm that I'll be going to it, but who knows.
    Yeah, I'll do that. I just go to Regional Forums -> Midwest. Everything is in there, you just browse around for a bit. Also, me and a few friends are planning on having a smashfest in the next few weeks. I'll give you the information once we have everything planned out in case you want in.
    nice job dude, good matches. I am still in denial about you breaking my shield twice during that same battlefield match haha.
    Nice. I'll add it as soon as I'm done with the chore of adding the Brawl codes of the rest of the reputable Marths. I only have Viet and Neo left.
    Okay, just let me know when you get yours, and send it to me, and I'll send you replays.
    On the Wii home menu, go to the section where you check your messages. Your Wii code should be in your address book.

    Mine in right by my Brawl Code, so I suggest copying that down first, so you can add me as you go to check your own code.
    Eh, I'll get around to it. Like I said, I never play WiFi. Perhaps today after he gets home from school.
    Not at all. You did very well. I like to think that I'm just as good as I say I am, and I had lots of fun, and was even able to laugh at WiFi (I really never go on WiFi, lol)

    I can give you feedback on any of the characters I played you with, so don't hesitate to ask questions. Finding out your mistakes and removing them is the key to getting better. Right off the bat I can tell you that your RDing is very predictable. So many times, you would predictably move to the far side of the board after a K.O. so some of my invincibility would wear off before I got to you. Then, as I approach, you RD to the other side of me to wear out the rest. Unfortunately, this is the obvious thing to do, and every n00b on the planet does it. That being said, vets like I simply wait for the RD, and hit you right there, usually resulting in the return stock. I saw a decent use of shield breaker, and a good use of counter, but sometimes instead of countering predictable attacks, you made predictable counters, which left you to get punished very easily. Be careful of that. I saw virtually no Nair, and your mixups were painfully absent. Look at my thread on Mix-ups, if you are having problems with coming up with your own mindgames.

    Of course, ask me any questions. I can tell you what you did wrong against what characters, etc. And don't feel bad. I did not use the random button, all of those were characters I know how to play/have practiced with, and I selected them all.

    Any questions, matchup concerns, etc?
    Good game! Your pretty good with Marth. It was very fun! Id like to fight you again sometime if it's OK with you!
    blaggh, ok I gotta go. We definitely shoulda...exchanged friend codes before we got online lol. I'll try reaching you later to set up a match.
    Really? I suspect it is because you haven't really played either extensively.

    I rarely play D3, and my ROB is decent, but neither of them are amazing. I would consider my Marth to be much better, but you fare quite well against marth. In fact, i would say we are pretty close to even in a marth ditto.

    Anyway, yep, it's always fun playing you. I'm probably going to get online pretty soon if you want to fight.
    hey, i MIGHT be able to make it, but I doubt it, im on vacation. tell me when you're on, but I might be away from my wii and internet by then.
    Haha, yea, fun games. I can't believe you actually broke my shield! 46% KO ftl...
    ggs, very fun :)

    sorry i left so early, but i have some summer projects i need to work on >_>
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