VGBC Xanadu Results, Baltimore, MD, 11/27/2010, D3 in the Building!


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Apr 8, 2009
College Park, MD
Coney - Wish I could have faced your D3 in singles instead of Takeover really. I'm more comfortable with that matchup. I never thought I'd have as much trouble playing a Ness, really lol. I'm banning brinstar if we ever meet in bracket again. Good **** winning singles.

Takeover - Really good **** getting 2nd all the way from basically the start of losers. I feel good just for getting close to winning in our matches. You have an amazing Snake. I'll come to more tournies and get better just to rematch you.

Kingtoon - Nice job getting 4th. Beastly TL, I couldn't get in, lol.

Logic - Should've stayed Pit vs Coney in mid tiers ;)

Speed - Consistency ftw! Great job vs Logic, we need to play again sometime, you were really fun to play at Bio's house during MLG DC

Lie - I want to MM or at least friendly your Diddy again sometime. That one game at Sassy's where we went to last stock last hit and then you switched to MK next round was unsatisfying.

Deez - Never played you, but your Diddy looked amazing whenever I saw you play.

Poyo- Don't let this be your last tourney, lol. I never got to talk to you, but I did want to MM you again. Good **** beating Takeover.

Chibo - Only played you in doubles bracket, but good ROB.

Lobos/Slik - That doubles match on brinstar was funny as hell. Bio: It was worth it! *buckets immediately and misses* Me: IT WAS NOT WORTH IT! I want to play you sometime lobos and Slik I'll hit you up sometime after finals are over, I need to get better lol.

SSR - Keep training with that Diddy dude. Honestly, I think you should just stick with Peach because you are so beast with her.

Wango - Was cool meeting you in person, fellow gfaqs member. We had some lulzy friendlies, but I ***** your jiggz in mid tier bracket. :cool:

Tiger - Nice meeting you. You have a really good marth. Arrow looping on that big custom stage was so fun. We should play again sometime.

Lol. - I swear I played too many jigglypuffs at this thing, lol. Yours is good too.

Luckay - Step it up

2fast/ Smokey the Bear - Legit Mario and Yoshi. Sorry I had to take you out in bracket and prevent you from facing Boss, 2fast. I got ***** anyway, lol. At least you got to friendly him!

Bionic Sonic - Thanks for the ride there and back. Come to College Park so we can play more!

$up@ N0v@

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Sep 26, 2010
Speed went harder den a paint @ coney lol. Annnnnd why is it that his name is speed again? lol he was taking forever to beat that one guy and had to time him out hahaha. He also talks slowly and has a low pitch voice so um yea.. lol.
Goods stuff nevertheless but i didnt have my controller with me so i had to use novas ultra broken one ugh. I had a much better time playing super street fighter 4 with the dude that worked there tho so that was fun.

Bring your own stuff then nxt time.

Nova-Thanks just for picking me up. I'm telling you Double ROB is **** in teams!
No prob. And I need to work on that double ROB team. Well, teamwork in general.

So i herd 2Fast is a legit Mario...

Join the Mario coalition??
2Fast is legit. Every match we had was clutch. I'd like to see the two of you play each other.

1. C.M. Punk- 1st? Dat DDD 2gud.
2. Takeover- Man, from that loss to 2nd? Im impressed bro.
5. Omni- Man, I'm gonna beat you eventually. :bee:
7. Logic- C'mon sawn. Gotta step it up bro.
7. GIMR- Great tourney.
9. Speed- I guess you were right all along in the car...good stuff.
17. Poyo- I didn't get the chance to at this tourney, but I wanna play you next time.
17. Noid- Dat Samus is good man. We gotta play more.
17. Supa Nov@- Bout time you stepped it up some. But U still need to get better. :yeahboi:
25. XLR8- Gotta work on tht Sonic bro.
25. Tiger- GGs. I'd like to play you more nxt tourney.
33. Zanna- Ur snake is getting impressive. Lookin forward to more games nxt tourney.
33. 313- Man, you gotta rep 4 us ROBS better bro. But good to put a face w/ a friend finally.
33. Snak Attack- I wanna play you nxt tourney. I could use some tips.
33. 2fast- Ur Mario is great. Keep it up and GGs.
49. Vato- U need to stop making excuses for yourself and actually try to get better.


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Jun 19, 2010
My fourth tourney so far and I think it was a great tourney for me, though I killed myself a lot in the actual tourney matches.


Logic - I failed to take your second stock once again :urg: I feel I got it next time though.

GIMR - Close matches with your Ness in the mid tier tourney.

Speed - It was fun battling your Sonic. No matter how close I got though I just couldn't take your last stock in any of our matches.

Lie - LMAO fighting your Olimar was hilarious. That stage spike at 7% I got on you in our last match was just to funny. I gotta fight your diddy next time. Though me and Smokey got killed in that doubles match we had with you and logic, I think that's pretty sad actually considering the characters you two were playing :facepalm:.

Deez - The first pro diddy I ever fought. I've got a bit to learn on the MU but I think fairly well. Good **** though.

Poyo - We have to get that money match next time.

Supa Nov@ - I killed myself :( I'm not gonna lie, I was a little bummed when I lost but looking back on it now, those were some intense and great matches.

Taj - When me and Smokey battled you and Sova, it was hilarious when I caped D3 into you when he was in the middle of his recovery and it spiked you :laugh: .

Lol. - Killing myself in the tourney against you was not fun :( though I did that in a lot of my matches there.

Luckay - Your the second really good Pit I've ever fought. Funny friendlies we had, that backair lol. Its a shame we fought so early on in the mid tier tourney.

Zyth - In the mid tier tourney it was pretty bad with that toon link match. That just wasn't your match. Your weegee was alright, keep workin at it and and your G&W beat me.

Twisted Steel - Glad to see you at another tourney man, keep workin that link and I can tell you'll be pro with it eventually.

Boss - I got to fight your Mario again. Last tourney I got 2 stocked so I think this was a huge step up. Matches were kinda close but not really xP you had the upper hand most of the time. Once again, good **** from your Mario, I still need to practice a bit more before I can defeat it.

Smokey/Zanna/U.A. - Newcomers unite!

So i herd 2Fast is a legit Mario...

Join the Mario coalition??
I feel so proud to hear this from one of the top mario's in the mario boards. Mario will stay my main for life. I've played him for two years and I'm not about to stop lol. Though I have recently started to play a little bit of Diddy. I shall join the Mario coalition though :bee:

And Vato? The pikachu I fought was the Vato_Break? If I'd known that was you I would have asked you to play as mario. You should have played him man.


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Jun 26, 2010
Zanna- awesome to see you again dude those friendlies were fun. Thanks for the heads up on the tourney.

Smokey da bear- Smokey those were some intense friendlies. Ggs. Also you know I think Im learning something new everytime I go to a tourney too.

2fast- Danng youre marios gotten good. It sucked that you got all those sds but Im sure you can get over that you wont let something like that get you down.

No idea- Thanks for the matches man. You definitely gave me a lot of match up practice lol. I feel like I got better from those friendlies.

XLR8- ggs that ike is too good. Looking back it was kinda funny how you just randomly fsmashed at some points in that tourney set. I almost got hit by them at some point haha.

risE- You ***** me in that tourney set lol. Awesome spacing and everything. Those platform cancels are too good. I need to learn how to do that.

All in all I think the tourney was pretty fun. I was kinda dissappointed that I didnt do as well as I wanted to but at least I learned how to focus better and got alot of good practice. Ill get it next time.


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Aug 13, 2008
Sleepin on the clouds.
2 Fast n Lucky... I'm not good, or even close to a pro level. I jus have flashy tricks.. that is all. If u need help on Diddy match up exp. jus let me know I'll try my best to get Esoj contact info.. O_O


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May 23, 2008
coney da bess!

actually, i really bothered to post here to ask: what that awesome song is that plays for every match between coney and chu though? i must have it for my own wii.


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Feb 10, 2009
^^ lol @ Chibo saying the only threats for mid tiers were chu and boss.

then u get 7th.

see what happens when u underestimate us. lol

CT Chia

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Sep 4, 2007
w.e my set with coney was hilarious

i also said kingtoon

and it still stands, by threats i meant that i didnt think i would beat them. i did fine vs seagull but he got the win in the end


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Sep 3, 2009
Badkid Land
1. C.M. Punk $275- Congrats on winning. I believe that you go SOFT in the paint, however.
2. Takeover $137- Yup
3. Chu $50- Yup
4. Kingtoon $25-Yup
5. Omni $12.50- Digimon World LP plz
5. Junebug $12.50- Yup
7. Logic -Yup
7. GIMR -Nice Tourney, can i plz be president?
9. Candy- Yup
9. Meep -Yup
9. Speed -Plz continue
9. Lie -Yup
13. Sin- Yup
13. Deez - Yup
13. Kaffei -Wario takes in in the *** from DDD, so he doesn't ****, he gets *****
13. Tantalus -Thanks a lot for the controller, it's a good one.
17. Poyo -Plz secondary Wario
17. Chibo -I went back in time, bought you a puppy, and killed it yesterday. Ice Cream at CoT5?
17. Noid -Yup
17. HAT - Thanks a lot for the help.
17. Supa Nov@ -Thanks for the ride to Taco Bell and ****, I'm glad to see more Wario representation
17. Philly Rider -Yup
17. Lobos -You're bad at CoD.
not really
17. SSR- Thank you for your help
25. XLR8 - yup
25. Wango -Good games
25. Rise -yup
25. Taj -Good games almighty former lord of gamepad
25. Tiger - Lightly Salted Nutz?????
25. Aposl -Thanks for hosting the tournament! Sponsors?
25. Lol. -Yup
25. Luckay -Yup
33. Zanna-Yup
33. Ryan-Yup
33. Relaxed Exorcist-Yup
33. Zyth- I think we friendlied some... good games
33. Twisted Steel-Yup
33. 313-Yup
33. Snack Attack-You're garbage; step it up fggt
33. The Legendary Chun Li-Yup
33. 2fast- reallt good Mario.. i hope you come to more stuff
33. Stanley-yup
33. Prodigy X-yup
33. Smokey the Bear-Really good yoshi
33. PM J3-yup
33. Bionic Sonic- Nice seeing you again Bio
33. U A-Yup
33. Ebo-Yup
49. Eric-Yup
49. Vato-stay in Socal fggt you can't handle us
49. D Man Famous- See ya around d00d

Slikvik: Thanks a lot for the help. Those doubles matches were pretty fun.

Seagull Joe

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Sep 14, 2008
if meep wanted to stay longer for mid tiers u woulda seen an ike and two more foxes in those results
Would've brought out my Sheik for the Fox's :awesome:.
w.e my set with coney was hilarious

i also said kingtoon

and it still stands, by threats i meant that i didnt think i would beat them. i did fine vs seagull but he got the win in the end
You did good Chibo. I haven't played many super campy Robs in a long time.

You gotta learn how to DI Wolf's moves better though. You shouldn't die from Fair till around 120 (Though it was Halberd and you were in the air) and Dsmash around 140 with good DI.

And halberd is my favorite counter pick so I smiled when you Cp'd it:awesome:.


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May 25, 2008
Rapture Farms
processing and uploading the last bit of vids from this saturday tonight

way to spend a saturday night, right?

also, md/va LOVES smashville