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Media Ultimate Siggy Icons, by N3ON


Smash Journeyman
Aug 10, 2018
N3ON N3ON still not tempted for a tetris99 stage sig?

Edit: Image for tetris stage https://images.app.goo.gl/jDSdDUYfccoT7zbC6
I...I actually would also like to unironically throw my hat into the "Tetromino for Smash" ring.

Honestly, you've already beautifully made all of my other most wanted characters with the exception of Kamek and Prince of All Cosmos, so...I'm suggesting Kamek and Prince of All Cosmos haha. Fortunately, in terms of decent Kamek renders, you have some options. The Prince is a lot more tricky. There's this odd-looking 3D-ish render from Bamco themselves, but maybe these renders of the First 4 statue would work better?

By the way, you're a real champ for making all of these for everyone. You're dishing out free samples of mini dopamine to a ton of people :4miibrawl:
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