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Uh-Oh! Dirk The Daring for Super Smash Bros!


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May 17, 2020
Faraway Avalon

Yoo-hoo! It's the knight who does his best to put up a fight for a princess in his sights. Dirk The Daring debuted in the 1983 arcade game Dragon's Lair, which used the new technologies of the LaserDisc to produce movie like animation, also largely thanks to ex-Disney animator who worked on it, Don Bluth. Dragon's Lair is pretty unique in the way it controls as well-using QTE's that influence the movement and actions of Dirk rather than giving full control of the character. While clunky, it certainly was revolutionary at the time, and quite charming today. The plot followed Dirk as he journeyed to save the princess Daphne from an evil dragon. Dirk himself is quite the quirky protagonist-while he is thin and cowardly, he holds his own and has conquered numerous powerful beasts, all thanks to his quick reaction time in dire situations and his trusty sword.

So, how would Dirk play? Well, as stated, he's a tall and thin boi, so I expect him to be a little lighter than Sephiroth and about as tall. To preserve the magic of the original game, I think he would either have to be fully 2D like Mr. Game and Watch, or heavily cel-shaded like Rick in Fortnite (yes, that's a real thing). He would use his sword, lanky proportions, environmental obstacles from his games, and I've also heard he uses throwing knives, an axe, and a crossbow, so those could be implemented as well. (As you can probably tell, I haven't played Dragon's Lair myself yet, but I have read quite a bit about it. Fascinating stuff.)

Now, for alternate costumes. I could see us getting one based on Princess Daphne, a few on the enemies of the three games, and maybe one based on the protagonist of Space Ace, Dexter. And as for Spirits-actaully, I'll get back to this thread on that one. I'm at a loss-I'll get the trilogy on Switch here soon, then I'll probably have more to share on the topic of Dragon's Lair.

But why? The why, my friend, is that Dragon's Quest was an extremely popular and influential arcade game that deserves a spot in gaming's most popular hall of fame-Super Smash Bros!

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