Top 10 Most Wanted Newcomers for Smash Switch!

Jul 4, 2018
If it's still open, here goes:
  1. Lip: Love Panel de Pon, it's a series I would love to see the big N acknowledge, and her unique aesthetics, role, and powerset could make for a very interesting character. Hope the stick doesn't stop her from making it.
  2. Ray: Custom Robos have such a varied powerset, they'd make for an incredibly interesting character with proper use of their myriad pods, bombs and guns, in tandem with the dashes and strikes.
  3. Neku: Incredible style, exceedingly varied powerset, and a crazy good soundtrack to bring in. Neku and his game embody the DS era better than anything else out there, add him in and you can call it a day for the console.
  4. Isaac: How he isn't here already is slightly confusing, to be honest. His summons and geomancy could make for an interesting moveset, and his games can provide interesting locales and music. Hope Camelot's stand up job on MTAces nets them another shot at the franchise.
  5. Terry Bogard: Now the face of SNK in crossovers, he'd be a good addition to the cast, considering the legacy of King of Fighters has now offically reached Smash thanks to the Squad Strikes. Also, Sakurai did play those games quite a bit back in the day!
  6. Geno: Good representative of the more unique part of the Mario RPGs, and a pretty crazy character, being an angel posessing a pupet with guns and canons.
  7. Ayumi Tachibana: A Nintendo VN protagonist, from a contemporary setting, that got considered for Melee already. In a world of dogs with Sniper support, ESP children, giant penguin royalty, and gravity defying futuristic anthropomorphic foxes, normal is the new strange. She's be insane to see, and I'd love her for it.
  8. Vaati: The closest thing to a recurring Zelda villain that isn't Ganon, having an interesting skillset with wind, darkness, and eye funnels laser beams.
  9. Akuma: Has the potential to play off quite nicely from Ryu's moveset, and has a long legacy of being a loved variation upon another character.
  10. Rex + Blades: Give him more than just Pyra, and he's a top 5 contender, could do a lot of unique stuff with changing properties on his moves. Would actually prefer him as DLC, that way they've got more time in the oven to get him up to shape.

Turn out, my one sentence summaries are all the same! Oh well.
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Jun 8, 2016
1. Dark Samus (Confirmed)
2. Amy Rose
3. Isabelle
4. Ashley (Sadly an AT)
5. Blaze
6. Amaterasu
7. Saki Amamiya
8. Ninten
9. Kat & Ana
10. Ken Masters


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Feb 16, 2014
01) King K. Rool
02) Geno
03) Ridley
04) Giegue
05) Impa
06) Paper Mario
07) Bomberman
08) Zeraora
09) Agumon
10) Crash Bandicoot
I guesss I'll update this, removing the confirmed and deconfirmed, as well as a few preference changes.

01) Geno
02) Giegue/ Giygas
03) Impa
04) Agumon
05) Paper Mario
06) Viridi
07) Zeraora
08) Black Shadow
09) Linkle
10) Ryu Hayabusa
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Jul 4, 2007
My top 10 has changed now so I'll try a new one

Skull Kid


Ok, it's a top 5 6
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Mar 23, 2018
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I have no idea where my original list is on the thread, but some have been deconfirmed so let's try another one.

10. Geno
9. Travis Touchdown
8. Hat Kid (A Hat In Time)
7. Professor Layton
6. Joker (Persona 5)
5. Karate Joe
4. Paper Mario
3. Marx
2. Phoenix Wright
1. Shantae


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Aug 21, 2014
New York
Ok, so I've been mentally rearranging this for a while now, but after all of the good news from E3 (:ultpokemontrainer:!:ultridley:!:ultdaisy:!), I decided it was time to try again.

10. Ghirahim

Universe: Zelda
First Game: Skyward Sword (Wii, 2011)

The Demon Lord has dropped a few places since last time, and he's been seen back as an assist for now. Still, a disconfirmation doesn't exclude him from being wanted.

I've never played Skyward Sword, so most of what I know of Ghirahim is from his fantastic Hyrule Warriors incarnation. His character takes the creepy campiness and plays with it, and more villainous characters is always a good thing. He's definitely one of the most memorable characters in the Zelda series because of his personality - I'd love to see him clapping for someone who beat him in a Smash game.

While Skyward Sword was his only main-line appearance, the same can be said for most Zelda characters who have interesting quirks. Hyrule Warriors has been released three separate times though, so he's definitely visible. Still, the Assist he currently has seems like a good representation and I'm happy with it.

9. Gardevoir

Universe: Pokémon
First Game: Ruby and Sapphire (GBA, 2002)

While I'm still not big on Gen 3, she's by far my favorite of the set. Her appearance so far has been as a Pokéball summon and then walking around with a barrier, but as a fairy-type, she has so much more potential. As yet, her Pokéball has not been seen, but it's most likely on the way.

Pokémon is pretty heavily represented in Smash, now that my absolute most hype veteran has returned with his team. While we sit and argue over a new Gen 7 mon, I still look back to the only mon from Gen 3 that kept my interest.

Still, she has sunk a few places from back in March, but I would still be happy to see her join.

8. Ivy Valentine

Universe: Soul Calibur (Namco)
First game: Soul Calibur (Arcade, 1998)
First Nintendo game: Soul Calibur II (GCN, 2003)

Now Ivy's actually moved up a few places.

I'm a bit more accepting to third parties now that every one has been confirmed to return, so I'll allow my ten-year-younger self to dream once again of an incredible whip-sword moveset. Soul Calibur was one of my favorite fighting games in college - my roommate and I would spend hours fighting each other - but the games have been going downhill. After the disappointment that was 4 and the disaster that was 5, it looked like Soul Calibur was done. But Soul Calibur 6 is rebooting the series and coming out early next year. Of course Ivy will be back to show herself off in battle in the new game.

While she's not the main character of the franchise (Siegfried/Nightmare) or even the main female character (Sophitia), Ivy's got the most unique possible moveset, and I'd love to be able to see her rematch Link after 15 years. I'm still wishing that fake leak about a SCVI Switch Port with Link returning was true.

7. Azura

Universe: Fire Emblem
First Game: Fates (3DS, 2015)

The first complete newcomer on my list.

Fates was...divisive, to say the least, and Corrin's inclusion as DLC for Smash didn't help things at all. Still, Azura was the major character that all of the marketing focused on.

But her greatest asset would be her moveset potential. Fire Emblem is more than just blue-haired swordsmen, they also have blue-haired axemen and lancers as well. A spear-based moveset would be fantastic to use, and her abilities as a dancer, aquamancer, and healer could all come in handy.

Aside from Fates, she also made an appearance in Fire Emblem Heroes as a DLC character, even further showing off her moveset potential.

But for me, one of the best things about her is her name. Any character who shares a name with the Daedric Prince of Dusk and Dawn is bound to be awesome, right?

6. Revali

Universe: Zelda
First Game: Breath of the Wild (Switch, 2017)

Revali's jumped up quite a few places since the last run here.

Again, his personality was unquestionably memorable throughout the game. True, Smash does have that personality on lock in the character of Falco, but his moveset potential could allow us to have both birds fight it out.

I'd love to see all of his arrow types used in Smash, particularly as the Rito are shown using the bomb arrows frequently in cutscenes. The Rito in general are a relatively newer Zelda race, and it could be fun to get a non-human Zelda character.

He can also easily draw parallels to fan-favorite Decidueye, another archer bird. Still, as Pokémon's 7th generation did not interest me much while BotW was incredible, it's easy to pick a side here.

It would feel wrong if only one or two of the champions got in rather than all four, but I would be okay with it as long as the ones I wanted got in first.
With as acclaimed as Breath of the Wild was, it definitely needs some representation in Smash, and changing the movesets of established characters could put off Link or Zelda mains.

5. Miles 'Tails' Prower

Universe: Sonic (Sega)
First game: Sonic 2 (Game Gear, 1992)
First Nintendo game: Sonic Advance (GBA, 2001)

Honestly, I can't believe I left him off of my first list.

Sonic 2 was my first video game, when I had it for the Genesis. I would always choose to play Tails since I liked him a bit better than Sonic. Most of me liking him simply comes from the fact that he was my first video game character.

Now that echo characters are accepted, I'd actually like to see Tails as a Sonic clone or semi-clone. In Sonic 2, Tails was able to do everything Sonic could - he also had the ability to fly by spinning his tails, which could easily be adapted into his moveset. Also, later games have given him a more technical-based personality, so he could also pull some of that. I'd prefer he be to Sonic as Wolf was - similar enough that development time is reduced, but still with unique aspects.

Of all of the third party characters in Smash, I feel that the Sonic series has the most history with Nintendo, first as bitter rivals and now joining up in Sports games. I would have no problem with Sonic taking a second character, and Tails would be a great choice.

4. Midna

Universe: Zelda
First Game: Twilight Princess (GCN, 2006)

I loved Twilight Princess.

Each Zelda game has given their characters more and more personality, and with Midna it shows. Despite her game being 12 years old at this point, she's still an incredibly popular character. This can be seen in Smash - her game was freshest in Brawl, where she got a trophy and a few stickers. By Sm4sh, eight years after her game, she had been upgraded to assist. The only thing that brought her back into relevance was an appearance as a playable character in Hyrule Warriors, which released too soon to affect Smash in any way. Since then, she got two remakes of Hyrule Warriors and a Twilight Princess remake, which have excellently kept her in the spotlight for being a one-off.

Her likelihood is rather low since she was shown to remain as an assist trophy in Ultimate. Still, she is one of my favorite Zelda characters, and I would love to see a DLC patch which removes her assist for a playable version.

3. Urbosa

Universe: Zelda
First Game: Breath of the Wild (Switch, 2017)

If we only get one champion, I want this one.

Urbosa's an incredible character, and her cutscenes are nothing short of awesome. I would love to see her using weapons from Gerudo in the whole series - twin scimitars or pulling a naginata out - to give some variety to her attacks, but it would be great to see. Her cutscene in the Champions' Ballad DLC also shows her to be proficient with the shield parries, which Link did not get of his new moveset but is a very important move in the game itself.

She's also make a great counterbalance to Ganondorf, especially as he has the Ocarina of Time design (and nose). As a heroic Gerudo, she'd be able to counter his evilness and show that not all Gerudo are bad. The return of the Gerudo Valley stage would only help her look at home.

Also, the new designs for Link and Zelda do not make use of the Divive Beasts, so her Final Smash would be perfectly set with Vah Naboris.

When I played through BotW, she was the last champion I encountered, but she quickly became my favorite. I'd love to see her join the fray.

2. King K. Rool

Universe: Donkey Kong
First Game: Donkey Kong Country (SNES, 1994)

Now that Ridley's in the game, he needs his partner in crime.

It's become a thing on the boards that Ridley and K.Rool go hand in hand. Possibly because they share a large portion of their respective fanbases, or because they are both reptilian villains from underrepresented western-focused series, there seems to be a natural rapport between the two.

With his massive worldwide popularity during the ballot, at least so far as anyone can surmise, he seems like a shoo-in, but I'll believe it when I see it. If Ultimate is really as fanservice-focused as it seems, we may finally get the villains we've been dreaming of for so long.

True, K.Rool has been out of the spotlight for ten years now, but it is interesting to consider that his Mii costume during the DLC era came out of nowhere - he wasn't a third party, or a character referenced by name, or a character who has graduated to series mascot. The only explanation is that his popularity during the ballot got him the costume, and hopefully it can carry him into the game.

Now, as Ridley is getting a Meta-Ridley alt costume, it stands to reason that K.Rool should also be getting his iconic Kaptain outfit from DKC2 as an alt.

1. Dovahkiin

Universe: The Elder Scrolls (Bethesda Softworks)
First Game: Skyrim (PC/XBOX/PS3, 2011)
First Nintendo Game: Skyrim (Switch, 2018)

Here's the problem with this game - it hypes me up for impossible characters.

Since I made this list the first time, I haven't been able to shake the idea of a playable Dragonborn. I wish that the Skyrim Switch port had been announced earlier, since I hadn't been considering him by the time that ballot ended in 2015, and there weren't a lot of third-parties at that point which also would have turned me away, so his chances are pretty negligible. Here's hoping that we can get another way to show support for DLC characters.

Still, I want to see Kirby with the Iron Helmet "Fus Ro Dah"ing enemies off of Battlefield. I want to see this guy fight Ridley and Charizard when both are under the effects of a Mushroom. I want to see Link and Dovahkiin finally cross blades after BotW took so much inspiration and Skyrim referenced Link's new look.

Honestly, if I got Dovahkiin in smash, I would accept literally anyone else. Including Shrek.

...Well, another round of good news, but I think my wishlist may be spent. It'll take a miracle to get my other favorites in. Still, :ultkrool:!
I've also done quite a bit of rearranging of my top 10. Most I wouldn't minds getting in as assists - except #1, he needs to be playable SO BAD!

Universe: Pokémon
First Game: Sun/Moon (3DS, 2016)

Not gonna lie, he looks pretty cool. I like the archer motif, and Revali's not my first choice for a Zelda newcomer, so Robin Hoot's been getting cooler in my eyes. With his partial ghost typing, it also leaves him open for some interesting special moves, while the projectile-based archery is not that common in the current cast. He's definitely my favorite from the new starter trio, but Incineroar's pretty close behind.

Universe: Fire Emblem
First Game: Fates (3DS, 2015)

Now that Chrom's in, Fire Emblem's definitely looking bloated. Still, the songstress of Nohr would be a cool addition for the simple fact that she doesn't use a sword - she's a waterbending spearman, which is unquestionably unique. Still, she'd have a decent amount of thematic overlap with Palutena. Again, I would not at all be disappointed by an Azura assist, particularly since Fire Emblem doesn't have many assist characters, and she'd make an excellent counterpart to Meloetta.

Universe: Pokémon
First Game: Sun/Moon (3DS, 2016)

Now this was a cool Pokémon. A giant bodybuilding mosquito who sucks the life out of others? What is not to like there (unless it's staring you down in real life, then you may want to get out of the way)!

Most of the Ultra Beast designs are meh at best, but Buzzwole and Pheromosa definitely made being a bug look awesome. Buzz looks like he was born to fight, and it'd be interesting to see him join the battle.

Universe: Pokémon
First Game: Red/Green/Blue (GB, 1996)

Lol wut?

Yeah, I don't need him playable. But there's no Pokéball summon I'd like to see more than Arcanine. With a signature move (only in Gen II) of Extremespeed and his fire typing, it's easy enough to consider he'd dash around the stage and bite characters with Fire Fang. Also, the trailers for Let's Go have shown that he can be ridden, which would also be a cool thing to add.

Universe: Soul Calibur (Namco)
First game: Soul Calibur (Arcade, 1998)
First Nintendo game: Soul Calibur II (GCN, 2003)

She does keep jumping up on my list.

Namco's working on the game as well, so seeing some Soul Calibur in Smash would be awesome. Now, if any character ended up playable, it'd probably be Siegfired/Nightmare, but Ivy is undoubtedly one of the most well known stars of the franchise as well. Simon and Richter do have the concept of a whip on lock but fortunately for her, her whip can interconvert between a sword and whip at will. It all depends on how much Namco wants to try to push Soul Calibur after the last few games crashed and burned.

Plus, she was my main most wanted back in the Brawl timeframe, so I'd really be interested to see her after all these years.

Universe: Legend of Zelda
First game: Majora's Mask (N64, 2000)

...but Skull Kids are also in OoT and TP...? Let's face it - the cool one was the MM one, and the only confirmed connection is that that may be the one Link taught Saria's song to in OoT. There is no confirmed connection to the TP one or any of the other OoT ones.

Anyway, Majora's Mask was a great game that really shook up the franchise by imposing a time limit. Not to mention that it's unquestionably one of the darkest and most disturbing Zelda games. While it's pretty old by now, we're still posting "Dawn of the Final Day" memes 18 years later, so it's not like it's out of everyone's mind. Plus that new Moon assist trophy is amazing beyond reason.

Skull Kid/Majora was also an incredibly memorable villain and showed up in Hyrule Warriors. His assist from Sm4sh was more of a nuisance to everyone, but a playable Skull Kid could be really fun to see.

Universe: Legend of Zelda
First Game: Twilight Princess (GCN, 2006)

Yep, she's still an assist...but she does have a second form...

Someone mentioned the potential of Midna as a Zelda echo, and it really sounds great. She could replace the fire/lightning/magic effects with darkness, and then it's a matter of giving her the twilight-themed effects on the specials. Phantom Slash could simply be replaced with twilight creatures like her wolf in Hyrule Warriors.

Midna does still have a fanbase, and the Twili form was used as playable in Hyrule Warriors - she even factored into Linkle's story mode. With the Zelda franchise representing several games, Twilight Princess is now missing from the set, so it'd be another great way to represent Twilight Princess without spending too too much development time.

Universe: Legend of Zelda
First Game: Breath of the Wild (Switch, 2017)

Competition is getting fiercer. As amazing as it would be to get all four champions, there's only one I really want.

Urbosa's got an incredible personality. She proves she can be a strong character without the need of a silly romance arc. She also plays a role not often seen in video games - that of a maternal character.

Urbosa'd be very similar to our current swordsman cast with her basic moves, but she could nicely represent BotW's new parry mechanic as she did in her DLC memory cutscene. Plus, her lightning gives her a lot of special potential. And as a Gerudo, she could also draw from other weaponry in OoT, MM, or the various Gerudo Weapons in BotW.

Universe: Sonic (Sega)
First game: Sonic 2 (Game Gear, 1992)
First Nintendo game: Sonic Advance (GBA, 2001)

Chrom changed the game. Echoes can now get different moves, giving them the potential of being Melee-esque clones. And with all of his popularity, Shadow seems to be the lock for a Sonic echo. Still, it'd be a major disappointment for Sonic's answer to Luigi to be forgotten if both Shadow and Knuckles get promotions.

Tails was Sonic's first partner, and it's not like he's unpopular. First playable in Sonic 2, he's since become Sonic's tech guy, but I still remember him best when he was basically an alternate sprite for Sonic. And that's exactly how I'd want him to play as well. Give him Sonic's spin dashes, maybe add Peach's float, and call it a day. Since echoes can get alternate animations, it'd be easy enough to switch out Sonic's spine moves (like his up-throw) for a tail spin instead, and be done with it.

Universe: The Elder Scrolls (Bethesda Softworks)
First Game: Skyrim (PC/XBOX/PS3, 2011)
First Nintendo Game: Skyrim (Switch, 2018)

Nope, he's not going anywhere.

As I said before, this is the character I want more than anyone else. I feel that there's so much potential for the dragon shouts, and now with several dragons in the cast (and Rathalos as a boss), it'd be so perfect to see him in.

I love the company, I love the genre, I love the artstyle - I love everything about the dragonborn. True, he's an avatar character, so there's not a canon personality, but the marketing has generally focused on one look for the dragonborn, which almost makes it tough to play as anything but a Nord.

I'm not sure what else there is to say about him. I've got an entire moveset here with costumes, in case anyone's interested. Come by and check it out!

-Dovahkin, despite having a meager 4 votes total, sits at 80th place in terms of points (11), and 21st in terms of #1 votes (3).
Woo! :awesome:


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Jun 18, 2018
10. Chibi-Robo- Like Golden Sun, Chibi-Robo is a franchise that has yet to be represented in Smash. Chibi would be a cool addition, but seems unlikely for this new game due to it being based mostly on long time fan favorites. It's not that Chibi doesn't have supporters, it's just that he's not on the level as Waluigi or Geno or Ashley.

9. Rayman- This 3rd party character kind of went under the radar after the Smash 4 leak turned out to be false. I think he still has a shot though, as I feel at least one or two more third parties will come into Smash Ultimate. Rayman fits the game perfectly, would be super unique, and bring something new to the table with his floating limbs.

8. Waluigi- I have this crazy theory that I can't get out of my head that Waluigi is gonna be playable, and Sakurai is just trolling us. It's not the fact that he was deconfirmed, but the manner in which he was, as it was kind of rubbed in, which Masahiro wouldn't do unless there was higher intentions behind it. That aside, I'm not Waluigi's biggest supporter, but if the community's on board, so am I, as I want what will satisfy the most fans.

7. Isabelle- Like Skull Kid, I had the idea of Isabelle being a fighter long before the recent leaks. However, I never envisioned her as an Echo, but rather her own unique fighter. I feel that parts of Villager's moveset wouldn't really make sense with Isabelle. Like I can't picture her using his recovery and some of his other ones. Plus, I feel Villager kind of represents pre-New Leaf Animal Crossing, and I feel New Leaf has some of the series best and most unique content, which is why I feel Isabelle would be the perfect character to capitalize the charm of the game.

6. Banjo-Kazooie- I'm a bit bias when it comes to Kazooie, because his game was the second video game I ever played. I remember watching my brothers play the original Banjo Kazooie and Super Mario 64 on the N64, mesmerized by them. Of course, I was never allowed to play until I was older, because of seniority. Not only would seeing Banjo in Smash bring back so many memories, but it would also mean his journey has came full circle, being brough back into the Nintendo family. This idea alone is enough for me to support him in Smash.

5. Isaac- Part of me wants Isaac in just to see the Youtuber Billybo10k's reaction. But also, Golden Sun is the biggest Nintendo franchise not in Smash in my opinion. And Isaac would for sure have one of the coolest and most innovative movesets yet. He's also the last "big name" character requested during the Brawl era that's still not in the game. Wolf, Mega Man, and Pac-Man got in in Brawl, Villager and Little Mac joined in 4, Ridley and K. Rool have followed in Ultimate, now it's Isaac's turn to come on in.

4. Bandana Dee- Kirby deserves more representation desperately. It's probably Nintendo's most notable franchise nowadays aside from Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon. It's also arguably the most consistent, as it's constantly pumping out fun titles. Bandana Dee is basically one of the staples of the series along with Dedede, Meta Knight, and Kirby. And according to numbers I've collected from a variety of Smash Bros polls, he's the most requested character not in the game.

3. Captain Toad- I wouldn't call Toad forgotten, but I feel the fan support for him as simmered down since the announcement of Ultimate. With the game seeming to be directed towards classic/neglected video game characters such as Ridley, King K. Rool, and Simon Belmont, someone like Toad doesn't seem to stand a huge chance anymore. In all honesty, out of everyone not in Smash, this Mario series mainstay is the most deserving. Not only has the original Toad been in basically every Mario game ever, but the Captain version even had his own game.

2. Skull Kid- Even before all of these crazy rumors and leaks, I was a Skull Kid supporter. It seams unreal that the stars are finally aligning for him, as I've been supporting him since Brawl and his fanbase has just started to grow. He could be a great representative of Majoras Mask, which is a game that is sometimes overshadowed by its predecessor Ocarina of Time. His moveset would be incredible and his inclusion alone would be epic.

1. Dixie Kong- Donkey Kong deserves 4 reps, Smash always needs more females. I love that K. Rool got in, but I'm rooting for Dixie first and foremost, she's my girl. I don't want her in as a Diddy echo, as his moveset really wouldn't make sense on her. She doesn't have a peanut gun or tail, and should have moves that incorporate her hair. Her chances as a unique fighter seem slimmer now that K. Rool's here, but I'm still holding at hope for Dixie!
Jul 9, 2018
10: Simon Belmont
9: Lloyd Irving
8: decidueye
7: Shovel Knight
6: Shantae
5: Elma
4: Blaziken
3: Banjo Kazooie
2: King K. Rool
1: Dixie Kong

Bomberman, Knuckles, Raichu, and Meowth sadly are already assist characters.
Update time!

10. Joanna Dark
9. Rayman
8. Cranky Kong
7. Lloyd Irving
6. decidueye
5. Shantae
4. Elma
3. Blaziken
2. Banjo Kazooie
1. Dixie Kong
Feb 13, 2010
Me first update:

1. Puffles (or any Club Penguin rep)
2. Sandbag
3. Geno
4. Boshi (Echo)
5. Marx
6. Rayman
7. Neptune
8. Funky Kong (Echo)
9. Ken (Echo)
10. Shantae

H.M.: Paper Mario, Bubsy, Kao, Shadow, Wurmple, Sensei, Bandana Dee.
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Jul 4, 2014
My Top 10 Newcomers that I would like to see in the game (This has changed since E3 and the Smash Bros. direct coming out as King K Rool and Knuckles were in my Top 3):

10. Shadow (Echo of Sonic)
9. An Earthbound/Mother Villain (Giygas, Pokey/Porky, or Masked Man)
8. Dixie Kong (Echo of Diddy Kong)
7. Ninten (Echo of Ness)
6. Bandana Dee
5. Demise (Echo of Ganondorf) or Impa (Echo of Sheik)
4. Skull Kid
3. Isaac
2. Black Shadow (Echo of Captain Falcon)
1. Banjo & Kazooie
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Sep 6, 2014
Old thread and many confirmed newcomers but my top 10 for this game is something like...

1. Rex/Pyra (ideally also with Mythra)
2. Isaac
3. Lyn (deconfirmed)
4. Sora OR Neku (since I see Sora as extremely unlikely)
5. Impa
6. Celica
7. Elma
8. Castlevania rep (confirmed)
9. Ridley (confirmed)
10. A Zelda champion or sage
Mar 15, 2010
After everything that happened at E3 with getting all the Smash Vets, Ridley, and Daisy.. RIP Bomberman and Waluigi.. Made a revised list including Echo Fighters as newcomers.

10. Shovel Knight - Would be nice to finally have an Indie game rep.

9. Isaac - Anything other than Pokemon at this point. Squirtle and Ivysaur (fav) are back, so please no more.

8. Shadow Echo - If this happens, I'd flip out.

7. Funky Kong Echo - Would be nice to have more DK content, regardless of what it is.

6. Dark Samus Echo - This would be awesome! Not only would Samus get her main villain Ridley, but she would get a second in the form of her badass doppelganger.

5. Rayman - Nintendo and Ubisoft have been so close for awhile now and seeing that Rayman trophy in the previous game makes me feel like something may come of it. I sure hope so! He is the only renowned "MAN" character that is not in Smash now. I'll never count the trophy...unless it levels up to Assist Trophy.

4. Crash Bandicoot - If Crash somehow makes it into Smash without having appeared in Playstation All Stars instead, the internet will implode.

3. Dixie Kong Unique/Echo - Either of her future outcomes is fine with me as long as we get her and someone else..

2. Geno - Seeing Sora be more unlikely by the day, Geno is who I feel deserves it more anyway, especially if Nintendo is still gladly getting along with Square Enix.

1. King K. RoOl - Has been my #1 since Diddy was shown off in Brawl. This Kroc needs to be in for this game to be rightfully called "Ultimate". I can see them holding off his reveal til mid-later in the year or maybe even being a secret fighter. Actually, the hype would be just as great if not greater than Ridley the closer it gets to launch, and when people see the last one of the BIG 3 actually make it in, minds will be blown!

P.S. Oh and Donkey Kong is the only OG character to not have his nemesis in the game.... Come on.. We need the *HE'S IRRELEVANT* to be included now that we got the *HE'S TOO BIG* (Ridley)..

Honorable Mentions include: Chibi-Robo, Isabelle Echo, Bandana Dee, Skull Kid, Banjo & Kazooie, and Simon Belmont< was leaked and seems likely, so figured I'd just leave him here.
Oh boy! Time to edit the hell out of this. The 8/8/2018 Nintendo Direct was truly one of the best we ever got and has forced me to really reconsider who my new Top 10 are. Stoked that my most wanted made it in! Hail to the KING! Moving on..

*R.I.P. Section*

Ashley - confirmed AT (I am curious if she was becoming more popular than Waluigi. If she was and still didn't make it, Waluigi is really screwed.)

Shovel Knight - confirmed AT (Shovel Knight being knocked out seems like the nail in the coffin for playable Indie reps imo. So R.I.P. Shantae, Prof Layton, and Sans.)

Simon Belmont - Confirmed (Cool. I Love Super Castlevania IV, and the Alucard AT is beautiful.)

New Top 10 Most Wanted

Random extra unnecessary out-of-left-field pick - Agumon. Uhm, Bandai Namco? One of my friends won't shut up about it and it would be "neat" I guess.

10. Bandanna Dee - If the Richter leak is true then we will be getting another 2 Pokemon. I love Pokemon as much as the next person, but I'd much rather have a character like Dee. His fans have been clamoring for him quite awhile as well. I don't know too much about him besides he is a Waddle Dee that has his own unique personality. Sounds cool, right?

9. Crash Bandicoot - This would be a dream come true for me. I was hoping we'd get at least one of the following: Crash, King K. Rool, or Banjo. Now that we have one of them. One of the other 2 has GOT to be DLC.. It'd be foolish to not get even more gaming representation in Smash if they have the chance. I'm sure Activision would be happy to see their beloved mascot in Smash... And *Crash for Smash* just has a nice ring to it.

8. Funky Kong Echo - I personally would love to see this happen. If we can't get Dixie then give us Funky. The fact that DK has 2 different characters who could easily be implemented as Echoes just makes it all the more reasonable.

7. Banjo & Kazooie - If there is one 3rd party character that would blow minds besides Crash, its Banjo. He is a one of the biggest 3D platforming icons in game history. I see him as more likely now than ever. King K. Rool being put in really hit me hard in a great way. Rare is now represented in more than just Diddy and the Krystal AT. Why not toss in Banjo as DLC? Phil Spencer even said he'd be down for it.

6. Shadow Echo - Seeing Dark Samus reignited my want for Shadow. One of the best games of my childhood was Sonic Adventure 2. With Shadow and Sonic together again, as well as a massive soundtrack library. It will feel like the old days renewed. Shadow is another character who has more fans than people assume. I would also argue that he easily over-*Shadows* the other possible Sonic Echo, Tails in terms of overall popularity.

5. Rayman - Still want him. We have Megaman, Pacman, and a Bomberman AT. There is no reason we can't get the final "MAN" in this game in some form. Make it happen Nintendo/Ubisoft! You'd think they were hinting at this with the Rabbids crossover.

4. Isaac - Moving him up on the list. I have always liked the idea of Isaac and his fans are some of the nicest in all of character speculation. If there is one newcomer who also deserves to be in beside K. Rool due to fan demand...its got to be Isaac. A lot of people underestimate how popular he actually is.

3. Dixie Kong Echo - I don't see her being a unique newcomer anymore. I love Dixie, but when I really look at what she could do, I am stopped in my tracks by how similar she is to Diddy. I can see her being a Chrom-ish Echo. Where she has most of Diddy's moves, but new animations and a different UP- B and/or Neutral B.

2. Geno - Same as before. Sora is the star of my favorite game of all time, but if Square Enix gives Sakurai what he wants, I have no doubt he would pick Geno. I'm a huge fan of his design as well. He just looks badass.

1. Skull Kid - With King K. Rool finally making his debut, its time for my 2nd favorite pick from back in the Brawl days to get in. I took him off of the list ever since he was revealed to be an AT in Smash 4. Now there are actually rumors escalating that he may very well be a playable character and his AT is still MIA?! I am ALL FOR this happening!!!

P.S. My personal preference is leaning towards no more Pokemon or Fire Emblem, especially after we just got Chrom. If we do end up getting Gardevoir and Gothitelle, I'll get over it. It would most assuredly mean that Sakurai just wanted to represent each Pokemon Gen with at least 1 playable fighter. I wouldn't mind in the long run, due to the Richter leak also saying that we are getting Skull Kid. That is still a win in my book. Come what may.

I am also clueless as to why people think Phoenix Wright/Amaterasu would EVER be in Smash? I doubt any character added to Marvel vs Capcom (minus Megaman cuz he is a given) will ever be "playable" in Smash. The Zero AT is as close as we are getting to something like that. Sakurai seemingly avoids things that have been done before. Heihachi in PSAS, and Monster Hunter in MvCI. I hope he never rehashes an already used idea, except for Pokken Tournament. That's okay. :)
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Mona Pizza

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Aug 15, 2018
I've been mentally reshuffling my list for some time now, hoping that any remaining choices would make a most wanted list easier to compile but nope! I actually think that as huge fan favourites like Ridley, King K. Rool and the Belmonts have been confirmed, the pool of playable characters people would like to see on the roster (however plausible or not) has skyrocketed rather than diminish. Acceding to long held fan requests definitely seems to be the theme Sakurai's tackling for Ultimate (as the E3 and most recent Directs have shown), so it makes sense that the hype train for every remaining character imaginable has hit peak levels. Anyway, for what it's worth, here is my list:

1. Banjo-Kazooie
2. Dixie Kong
3. Rayman
4. Skull Kid
5. Geno
6. Isacc
7. Elma
8. Black Shadow
9. Chibi-Robo
10. Karate Joe


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Jun 18, 2018
There is not much left I'm really rooting for, my biggest wishes were King K. Rool and Ridley and I got them...

1. Dixie Kong (I would actually be sad, if she didn't get added)

2. Bandana Dee (I'm growing increasingly fond of him, would round out the Kirby reps quite nicely imo)

3. Geno (for the fans that rooted for him for years)
4. Isaac (for the fans that rooted for him for years)

5. Banjo & Kazooie
6. Crash Bandicoot
7. Rayman
8. Spyro

9. (Binding of) Isaac (not happening, but one can dream)
10. Reyn for Xenoblade Chronicles (see above)


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Mar 16, 2018
Switch FC
1: Shadow The Hedgehog (Sonic Echo Fighter)
2: Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
3: Skull Kid
4: Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)
5: Monster Hunter
6: Funky Kong
7: Joker (Persona 5)
8: Excitebike
9: Ken (Ryu Echo Fighter)
10: James Bond


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Jan 26, 2014
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Switch FC
Well, I got Ridley and Inklings, so....

1. King K. Rool (Donkey Kong)
2. Azura (Fire Emblem)
3. Decidueye/any Ultra Beast (Pokemon)
4. Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong)
5. Banjo-Kazooie (Banjo-Kazooie)
6. Geno (Super Mario)
7. Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight)
8. Spring Man (ARMS)
9. Rex w/ Pyra & Mythra (Xenoblade)
10. Simon Belmont (Castlevania)

Got the KING and Mr. Belmont, while SK becomes an AT. So...

1. Azura (Fire Emblem)
2. Nihilego/any Ultra Beast (Pokemon)
3. Banjo-Kazooie (Banjo-Kazooie)
4. Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong)
5. Geno (Super Mario)
6. Spring Man (ARMS)
7. Celica (Fire Emblem) (possible Robin Echo)
8. Rex w/ Pyra & Mythra (Xenoblade)
9. Shadow (Sonic the Hedgehog) (possible Sonic Echo)
10. Isaac (Golden Sun)


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Aug 18, 2018
Trying to Falcon Punch successfully in doubles
Really, i just have a list of pokemon I want in.
And finally...

Can't say I really want anything else but Bill Nye the science guy

EDIT: we didn't get nearly enough pokemon, or characters in general, so I want better DLC.
Also pirannha plant! Woo!
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Jul 23, 2014
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Don't know if I'll come back to edit my reasons for wanting these characters at any point in the future, so I'll just give names.
1: Isaac
2: Skull Kid
3: Bandanna Dee
4: Octolings (as Inkling Echo Fighters)
5: Phoenix Wright
6: Doomguy
7: Decidueye
8: Spring Man
9: Rex and Pyra
10: Dixie Kong

Honourable but quite unrealistic shout-out to Joker/Akira Kurusu of Persona 5
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John Dylan Smith

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May 1, 2018
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My Updated Wishlist for Super Smash Bros Ultimate (In case I haven't posted anything on here before)!

#1. A New Earthbound/Mother Character- Either The Masked Man/Claus (From Mother 3) Or Porky Minch (From Earthbound/Mother 2)

#2. Another New Donkey Kong Character- Either Dixie Kong Or Stanley The Bugman (From Donkey Kong 3)

#3. Travis Touchdown (From The No More Heroes Series) (Owned By Grasshopper Manufacture)

#4. Another New Metroid Character- Either Sylux (From Metroid Prime Hunters) Or Anthony Higgs (From Metroid: Other M)

#5. Sub-Zero (From The Mortal Kombat Series) (Owned By Nether Realm Studios)

#6. A New Kirby Character- Either Prince Fluff (From Kirby's Epic Yarn) Or Adeleine (From Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards)

#7. Ryu Hayabusa (From The Ninja Gaiden Series) (Owned By Koei Tecmo)

#8. A New Kid Icarus Character- Either Medusa Or Hades (Both Are From Kid Icarus: Uprising)

#9. The Mach Rider (From Mach Rider On NES)

#10. A New Punch-Out Character- Either King Hippo Or Mr. Sandman (Both Are From Punch-Out On The Wii)
Aug 18, 2018
United States
Not including anyone who has been deconfirmed at the time of this posting...

1: Primarina - My favorite Pokemon.

2: Geno - I've been a fan of his for 20 years now, and I've supported his inclusion in Smash since Brawl.

3: Shantae - I voted for her on the Smash 4 ballot. She's one of my favorite indie characters.

4: Style Savvy/Boutique rep - Half so I can see a bunch of people go WTF, and half because I genuinely want to play as a girly-girl fashionista in Smash.

5: Lucius (Fire Emblem) - Doubtful because so far this series has been lords-only, but I adore him, and think he could work as a Palutena echo if need be.

6: Elma - I haven't finished Xenoblade Chronicles X yet, but she's definitely my favorite character.

7: KOS-MOS - If I had to choose another Namco rep, it'd be her. The Xenosaga trilogy has a special place in my heart.

8: Lilac - I love Freedom Planet, and Lilac is my third-favorite character in all of gaming. She will never be playable in Smash, but I can dream.

9: Shadow the Hedgehog - It is certainly seeming more likely every day that he will be in Smash Ultimate as a Sonic Echo, and I'm okay with that!

10: Tidus - I just want him to troll. I will take him as a Cloud echo if it means his infamous fake laugh can be a taunt. Imagine doing that after someone SDs.
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Aug 16, 2018
10. Lip from Panel de Pon. Now this one is almost impossible, but it would be neat to have a female retro character added in. Of course one of the biggest things she has against is that she is Japan Only and the game hasn't been relevant in years (Intelligent Systems got focused on Fire Emblem). It would be neat but I don't think she would make the leap, so probably just Trophy or maximum AT status. My second option for retro character is Prince of Sablé making the leap but he is also Japan only.

9. Snake echo. Highly unlikely specially because of the relationship between Konami and Kojima (Konami probably doesn't want to push Metal gear any further into the spotlight and probably only accepted on Snake as a card to make Castlevania into the roster). But it would still be cool and there are plenty of options to choose from. Naked Snake/Big Boss, Venom Snake or even Liquid Snake (literal clone from the series).

8.Fire Emblem Three Houses Rep. We don't need more Fire Emblem reps, but Smash has always been about being a great publicity tool for Nintendo and Fire Emblem is now one of their most beloved and best sold franchises. Points against: too many FE reps (3 for awakening) and the game coming out next year (with the roster supposedly being decided in 2015.)

7. Spring Arm/Ribbon Girl/ Twintelle from Arms. I don't know if this is plausible with things going around the roster being decided in 2015. I do believe developers let know their projects beforehand for something as big as Smash and ARMS is a new IP and also Switch exclusive. But maybe they will get in as DLC.

6. New Pokémon rep. This could either be a gen 7, a gen 3 or a gen 8 representative, assuming the 8 Generation is to be announced soon. It could be Decidueye, Lycanroc or an Ultra beast from gen 7 or it could be someone to rep the missing gen. It could even be Eevee if they want to further market the Let's Go games (not sure if we have seen the Eevee pokeball already).

5. New Xenoblade rep. This could be either Elma or Rex&Pyra, I feel the latter would make for a more original character but if the time constraint for the roster is true, Elma could still be a neat rep and also add another female character to the roster.

4. Banjo-Kazooie. We have already gotten a glimpse of how Nintendo could make the character work, it is a very popular and desired character and with Nintendo making all these amazing things with third parties and Rare saying they would be fine with the inclusion, there is a good chance he will make it in this time around.

3. Hunter from Monster Hunter series. Hunter could have a varied moveset if they implement their varieties of weapons, it could also be done by choosing one weapon and its distinct abilities in game (as long as it isn't the sword, I guess.) It has now Rathalos and the stage in its favor, though these are the same factors hurting its chances since it wasn't introduced in the past direct. Relationship between Capcom and Nintendo has been good and most of the latest MH games (except for World) have been for Nintendo consoles, also, MH Generations Ultimate is coming to Switch.

2. Skull Kid from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. If done correctly, Skull Kid could make for a great addition to the roster with an original moveset, he would also be another villain to a game that needs more villain rep, Majora's Mask is one of the games "left" unrepresented in Smash (if we take Young Link as OOT's Young Link due to the Deku Shield, if not, he would be the villain for Young Link) he is memorable, his AT is missing while the Moon got AT treatment, he is also one of the few Zelda known characters left that could rep (with Midna out of because AT treatment, Impa or Hilda as echo being the other ones and Vaati or Tetra as another Toon series rep).

1. Isaac from Golden Sun. He deserves this, he has deserved it for a while, getting playable status in Ultimate could mean a big deal for the Golden Sun franchise, maybe it would let Camelot know people still have GS in their hearts and continue the series or reboot/remake it. He is also one of the characters that has been highly requested since Brawl, he would be the first GBA era playable that actually made it worldwide, he could make for an amazingly unique moveset and was also treated unfairly in the last Smash when his AT and every other trace of GS except for two music tracks got MIA.
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Mar 20, 2018
I've revamped my list since the reveal of Ultimate and the latest direct! Some didn't change, but others I know aren't in the realm of possibility anymore.

10: Marshal from Rhythm Heaven. While I've not played a Rhythm Heaven game, I've seen tidbits of it and I love the adorable art style and the charm the characters bring. I've also been very interested in seeing a rep from this series since the Gematsu leak of Sm4sh, and while Chorus Kids is a cute idea, I think simplifying things and going with Marshal is a great idea. He could use many different skills and trinkets from the various minigames of the Rhythm Heaven games.

9. Medusa from Kid Icarus We seem to be receiving a LOT of villain representation this time around with Ridley, K. Rool, and Dark Samus. Medusa would be a great echo of Palutena and I'm really hoping she makes the cut, as Kid Icarus could really use extra representation, even if it means receiving another echo fighter. I'm not really expecting her, because I bet Hades would get in over her, but I think she deserves it more due to seniority alone.

8. Petey Piranha from Super Mario Bros. I'm probably the one person that wants Petey playable. He's just sooo unique and has a very great design. His moveset could take from Sunshine primarily with sludge attacks and his up special could be him flying upwards like he does in his second boss battle. He could also summon a sludge piranha plant as a minion for one of his specials. I know it won't happen, but I would love for him to be playable in Smash, especially since he's being ignored in Mario Kart. He's only up so high because I know he's not going to happen any time soon.

7. Dillon from Dillon's Rolling Western I think he has a better chance in Ultimate of being playable, but I still think his chances are very low. I'd love to see him playable though, he has such a unique look and he'd represent tower defense games very well. He's got a lot to work with from his games to fit into his moveset and I'm always for new IPs receiving playable representation in Smash if they deserve it.

6. Azura from Fire Emblem: Fates I know everyone is sick of Fire Emblem, but it's one of my favorites, so you can't blame me for wanting more! Azura herself would be SUPER unique to the roster. She could utilize her singing/dancing and her naginata/lance to fight, which is a very needed weapon type for the roster. I feel like she would've represented Fates better than Corrin, but I love both characters, so I can't complain either way!

5. Spyro from Spyro the Dragon I know this one is mostly a pipe dream, but if we were to get any third party character, I would choose Spyro over anything else. He'd be a unique addition to the cast as he's a literal dragon, and they could have him use his different breath types, his charge, and if they were desperate they could borrow abilities from the Skylanders series.(please don't) Regardless, if we get another Smash ballot this game, I am definitely voting for him.

4. Shadow from Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm going to be real here, I've not been much of a fan of third parties in Smash, but I have a soft spot for certain characters. Shadow is one of them, just like Spyro. I've always loved his design and his personality in the Sonic series since I played Shadow the Hedgehog on Gamecube. I will take him as an echo fighter of Sonic or not, I'd just love to see him playable. I put him above Spyro simply because he's more in the realm of possibility and he's appearing to be extremely likely to be playable as an echo.

3. Isabelle from Animal Crossing She's essentially become the face of Animal Crossing at this point, so I'm certain she'll make the cut whether it's as an echo of Villager or not. As a huge fan of Animal Crossing, this really makes me excited! Especially considering how long it took for Villager to actually become playable. It'll be nice to see two reps for one of the best games Nintendo has published.(Now if only we could get Animal Crossing for Switch...)

2. Gen 7 Pokemon I love Pokemon, so naturally I want a Gen 7 Pokemon playable in this game. According to a leaker Incineroar is going to be in, buuuut we can't really take that as legitimate, the leaker said he's not sure about it either.(As he questions the source) I'm hoping for Silvally, Golisopod, or Lycanroc personally. They're all important to Gen 7 and recognizable. Just imagine a Silvally reveal with Gladion's theme remixed, or Golisopod with a Team Skull remix!

1. Skull Kid from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask I've been wanting Skull Kid playable for a LOOOONG time now. I'm hoping he finally sees his chance in Ultimate, and with all the hints towards his inclusion, I am extremely stoked and excited for a reveal in the future!


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Jun 27, 2014
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10. Ninten (Ness Echo)
9. Ayumi Tachibana
8. Ashley (WarioWare)
7. Isaac (Golden Sun)
6. Bandana Waddle Dee
5. Octoling (Inkling Echo)
4. Celica (Fire Emblem Echoes)
3. Dark Samus (as a unique character)
2. Crash Bandicoot
1. Joker (Persona 5) (technically hasn't appeared on a Nintendo console yet, but he's 99.999999% to appear in Persona Q2 on 3DS)
Update Time

10. KOS-MOS (Xenosaga/Xenoblade Chronicles 2)
9. Aigis (Persona 3/Persona Q)
8. Isaac (Golden Sun)
7. Ayumi Tachibana (Famicom Detective Club)
6. Bandana Waddle Dee (Kirby)
5. Geno (Super Mario RPG)
4. Octoling (Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion; as an Inkling echo)
3. Celica (Fire Emblem Gaiden/Fire Emblem Echoes)
2. Crash Bandicoot
1. Joker (Persona 5/Persona Q2)

Lynn Eslie

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Jul 11, 2018
So I may have been neglecting to update results here in favor of observing some trends. However, it's been more than long enough, so let us get to the new totals!


Votes Cast

Characters Named

Highest Point Totals
21. Bomberman - 68 (-3)
20. Shantae - 69 (+4)
19. Chibi Robo - 71
18. Ashley - 77 (-4)
17. Impa - 84 (+6)
16. Spring Man/Ribbon Girl - 87 (+8)

14. Elma - 91 (+14)
14. Shovel Knight - 91 (-6)
13. Paper Mario - 93 (+11)
12. Skull Kid - 111 (+34)
11. Captain Toad - 114 (±0)

10. Waluigi - 120 (±0)
9. Rex/Pyra - 129 (+14)
8. Rayman - 130 (+15)
7. Crash Bandicoot - 131 (+2)
6. Decidueye - 152 (+7)
5. Geno - 168 (+33)
4. Banjo & Kazooie - 187 (+36)

3. Dixie Kong - 212 (+36)
2. Bandanna Dee - 221 (+25)

1. Isaac - 224 (+41)

Highest Vote Totals
20. Bomberman - 41
20. Shantae - 41
18. Paper Mario - 45
18. Ashley - 45
17. Chibi Robo - 47
16. Elma - 49

15. Impa - 51
14. Shovel Knight - 52
13. Spring Man/Ribbon Girl - 58
11. Waluigi - 63
11. Skull Kid - 63

10. Captain Toad - 66
9. Rayman - 71
8. Crash Bandicoot - 74
7. Rex/Pyra - 76
6. Geno - 87
5. Decidueye - 88
4. Banjo & Kazooie - 101

3. Dixie Kong - 108
2. Isaac - 113

1. Bandanna Dee - 126

You Light My Fire
(Most #1 Votes)

Ashley, Chibi Robo, Shontae - ***** (5)
Impa, Krystal, Shovel Knight, Sora - ****** (6)
Decidueye, Paper Mario - ******* (7)
Captain Toad, Skull Kid - ******** (8)
Elma, Rex/Pyra - ********* (9)
Crash Bandicoot, Rayman - ************ (12)
Waluigi - ************** (14)
Banjo & Kazooie - *************** (15)
Bandanna Dee - ******************** (20)
Geno - ********************** (22)
Dixie Kong - *********************** (23)
Isaac - ******************************* (31)


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Aug 20, 2018
1. Bandana Dee
2. Bandana Dee
3. Bandana Dee
4. Bandana Dee
5. Bandana Dee
6. Bandana Dee
7. Bandana Dee
8. Bandana Dee
9. Bandana Dee
10. Waluigi
Aug 12, 2012
I haven't made a new list in a while, so I figured it'd make a new one now. Many of the characters I put on my first list way back when have since been disconfirmed (Krystal, Lyn, Shovel Knight, Bomberman), so I'm definitely due for a new one if I vow not to include any characters that are already disconfirmed.

10) Sakura Kasugano || This is the character that got me into being a Street Fighter fan in the first place. If they could somehow work Sakura into Ryu's Echo character, I'd be all for it. As far as Smash Bros goes, she'd be a perfect fit.

9) Gardevoir || I've always appreciated Gardevoir. I think she's become one of the quintessential faces of the Pokemon series overtime, and I think she'd be a great fit for Smash. So as far as Pokemon go, I think I'm rooting for Gardevoir the most.

8) Geno || I've never played Super Mario RPG before and I can still tell that Geno would be a great addition to Super Smash Bros. Something about the design really strikes me.

7) Elma || Not only would Elma be a perfect 2nd representative for the Xenoblade franchise; she would also be a win for diversity among human characters in Smash brothers.

6) Chibi-Robo || I really appreciated the Chibi-Robo games that I've played in the past. I think the little guy has achieved iconic status by now, and I think it's a shame he's had to wait this long to get the Olimar treatment.

5) Dixie Kong || I search primarily for characters with either realized iconic status or potential iconic status; Dixie Kong is the former. She's an easy and appealing semi-clone, and it's baffling that she hasn't appeared yet.

4) Bandana Dee || The guy would be the first one to have a spear based moveset; I think that's fairly significant for sure.

3) Spring Man || I really like ARMS, and I really want it to have a representative in Smash. Who better than the face of the series? (Though Helix comes in a close second for me.)

2) Skull Kid || There is absolutely no other potential Legend of Zelda newcomer that I want more than Skull Kid. The guy would have one of the most unique movesets in the game; he could easily feel like the Elena / Eddy Gordo of the Smash series.

1) Dillon || I haven't even played any Dillon's Rolling Western games all the way through, and I am still adamant in saying that Dillon would fit the Smash mold perfectly. Plus, his inclusion would validify his series as a tangible, honest-to-goodness franchise. Smash is in need of more characters like Dillon.

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May 10, 2017
1. Skull Kid
2. Travis Touchdown
3. Mimikyu
4. Ghirahim
5. Cranky Kong
6. Spyro The Dragon
7. Doc Louis
8. Dragonborn
9. Paper Mario
10. Lyn


Marquess Ostia | Other Trap Butler ★
Feb 7, 2015
Switch FC
It appears that I have not visited this thread.

My top 10 would probably be:
10. Bandanna Waddle Dee
9. Skull Kid
8. Neku Sakuraba
7. Fawful
6. Crash Bandicoot
5. Rex
4. Amaterasu
3. Hector
2. Impa
1. Sora

Foxy Alopex

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Sep 2, 2008
Alberta, Canada
My top 10
1. Geno
2. Sidon
3. Funky
4. Incineroar
5. Gardevoir
6. Klonoa
7. Jon Talbain
8. Dillion
9. Spring Man
10. Red Savarin
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Sheng Long

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Jul 28, 2014
Hyper Zone
I'm gonna go at this again:

10. Dark Meta Knight
9. Gooey
8. Geno
7. Skull Kid
6. Qbby
5. Ninten
4. Bandana Dee
3. Marx
2. Lloyd Irving
1. Crash Bandicoot
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