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Jun 20, 2013
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Skyrim isn't a multiplayer game with a competitive scene. There's also a huge difference between asethitcs and whole new thinhs or changes to mechanics. Big hwads and light sabers in Skyrim are, by far and large, just asethitics. Story changes or major mechanic cjanges and yes the argumwnt could be made it is no longer Skyrim.

But none of that matters because Skyrim is a single player game people play for themselves so they can do w/e they want.

PM on the other hand is a multiplayer game with a competitive scene. Casually and by themselves and with friends they can do w/e they want with PM, and more power to em. But when it comes to the competitive scene its a whole different story.

3.6 is the final released build by the PMDT and therefore is the final official build of PM regardless of any future goals they had with it. Just like any other game. Add onto yhe fact that creating a universal ruleset with external stuff just isn't feasible, we have a hard enough time as is with just doing that with in game assets.

And sure adding in Knuckles might npt seem like a big change but then where does it end? Why not include that Riddley mod someone else made? Why not make further changes to characters? Why not make more legal stages? The list goes on. Add in one thing like Knuckles and it just becomes one big slippery slope.


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Aug 29, 2016
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At the end of the day, this game is a hack made by fans for fans. The definition of a Project M player shouldn't include which version one's playing. What does it matter what the PMDT intended when it's their players who play the game and have the power to pick what they like and don't like about it.
Knuckles will never be accepted by the Project M competitive community. There will always be a couple of people in each region going "Knuckles, Lyn, Isaac" with the other 99% opposing them. The realistic truth is that Knuckles will never make it into the game and be accepted worldwide on the competitive scene.


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Mar 5, 2014
Back to discussing 3.6 tier lists folks. Discussion of that other stuff isn't allowed here on Smashboards.
Excuse me but, it seems a little strange to me that the rules of discussion on a thread that seems so dead, are so strict. I have a deep respect for you as a game designer, but calling the possibility of Knuckles coming in PM, an "other stuff", while :
- he was lovingly developed for months or years by the PMDT which you were in ;
- I honestly don’t see how Nintendo or Sega would care at that point.
With that in mind it doesn’t seem a simple “other stuff” to me. I certainly do not understand how you feel about Knuckles in PM, and yet your opinion is clearly more valuable than mine, but if I may say one last thing on that matter, I still don’t see why you wouldn’t be optimistic of the outcomes on the PM community if you were to say that you encourages PM players to play with him or against him.
It may be naive of me, but I see only good outcomes, coming from such a declaration. Good outcomes for PM in every way.

That’s all I wanted to say, sorry to have been out of the subject of the thread.
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Feb 27, 2008
The rules of the forum are not designed to spark the most amount of discussion, they are to establish what is appropriate to discuss. The activity or inactivity that follows is simply an organic result of what people are interested in discussing.
Hey, Strong Bad. What's your current tier list?
I haven't really sat down and made one in a long time. TBH, I have been pretty unplugged from the scene since I moved to California, so maybe I'm not the best one to ask. It seems like people are coming around to a few of the things I've been saying about character strength for a while, and in some other cases they've gone in the opposite direction of what I think. Which is OK.

here's a 5 minute tier list

SSS Tier, absolutely must be banned immediately: Charizard

MK Wolf Mewtwo

Diddy Fox Sonic Sheik

G&W Wario ZSS Falcon Snake Lucas Peach

Marth DK ICs Lucario ROB Falco Ness Mario Toon Link Pikachu Ike Charizard

Luigi Samus Ivysaur Roy Link Squirtle Pit Zelda Olimar

Puff Ganon Yoshi DDD Kirby Bowser

Not really interested in discussing or defending the list, since I didn't put much time into it, but enjoy.


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Sep 23, 2014
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Eh. Lots of people wouldn't have, for example, Peach and Pikachu so high, but like... lots of different opinions exist still. The opinions have converged towards an established group of viable and less viable characters, with specific placements being relatively unsure, and some characters being contentious (is Fox one of the best, or just pretty good?). Stuff like that.

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