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The Gen 2 Rep That Never Was: Scizor is here to trade blows!


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Apr 8, 2018
The perpetual trash fire known as Planet Earth(tm)
Debut: Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver (1999)

Scizor (ハッサム Hassam) is the evolution of Scyther. It's normally obtained by trading a Scyther with an item called the Metal Coat and letting it evolve.

In Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, it was one of many Pokémon to obtain a new form called Mega Evolution; with a special stone called the Scizorite, it could Mega Evolve into Mega Scizor.
Mega Scizor.png

Just one thing; Scizor is already playable in another fighting game, that being Bandai Namco's Pokkén Tournament (well, the arcade and DX versions anyway). So why am I so adamant about it being in Smash? Well, you see...
Since the development of Super Smash Bros. Melee only lasted 13 months, 6 of its 14 newcomers are clones of other characters, with Pichu from the same Johto region being one of them.
Scizor does make an active appearance, though...sadly, it's as a Poké Ball summon (a role it retains for its return in Ultimate, as well as being a Spirit).

I believe that if Melee had more time in the oven (like, maybe another year or so), Scizor would make a better Gen 2 rep than Pichu purely because the former feels like a natural fit for a fighting game.

(This is a sentiment I also hold for Ayumi Tachibana replacing Dr. Mario in this scenario, but that's another story).

It could also return in the 3DS and Wii U games for the sake of its Mega Evolution as its Final Smash (and Ultimate, for obvious reasons).

For visual clarity;
Intro: Scizor pops out of a Poké Ball

Stance/Idle 1: Its idle animation from Pokémon Stadium 2
Idle 2: Scizor does an X-pose with its pincers
Idle 3: Scizor stretches out and flutters its wings

Notable Palette Swaps:
  1. Scizor (default)
  2. Shiny Scizor (yellow-green)
  3. Scyther (green)
  4. Manga Scizor (grey/black)
  5. Orre Shiny Scizor (yellow/black)
  6. Pinsir (brown/white)
  7. Heracross (blue)
  8. Lugia (white/blue)
Walk: Scizor floats along the ground almost motionlessly
Dash: Scizor dashes as it flutters
Damage: Scizor will turn its head, barely fazed
Jump: Scizor jumps with its wings the second time, barely leaving the ground
Crouch: Scizor crouches like it's about to strike prey

Normal Attacks
Jab: Scizor slices twice (4%) then keeps slicing rapidly (1%-2%, small knockback), finishing with a snap of its pincer (5%, small knockback)
Forward+A: Scizor attacks with a pincer as it flutters along (3%, small knockback)
Down+A: Scizor kicks lightly along the ground (4%, small knockback)
Up+A: Scizor slashes in an upward 45 degree arc (6%, small knockback)

Aerial Attacks
Air+A: Scizor swiftly spins around and slashes four times (8%, small knockback)
Air Forward+A: Scizor slashes downward (7%, small knockback)
Air Back + A: Steel Wing; Scizor flashes it wings behind itself (8%, OK knockback)
Air Up+A: Double Hit; Scizor snaps its pincers twice (9%, OK knockback)
Air Down+A: Scizor falls downward, putting its legs together like a sword (11% with a meteor effect, OK knockback)

Dash Attack: Fury Swipes; Scizor rapidly slices the opponent five times with its pincers (10%, OK knockback)
Edge Attack: Wing Attack: Scizor slices the opponent with its wings as it climbs back up (6%, small knockback)
Get-Up Attack: U-Turn; Scizor hops back up with a backflip kick (7%, small knockback)

Smash Attacks
Forward+A: Bug Bite; Scizor violently snaps one of its pincers (22%, medium knockback), which can nearly break shields.
Up+A: Bug Buzz; Scizor uses its wings to emit a harsh noise above itself (19%, medium knockback)
Down+A: Low Sweep; Scizor does a 360 spin kick around the floor (17%, medium knockback)

Grab Game
Grab: Scizor grabs the opponent with one of its pincers
Pummel: Scizor squeezes the opponent with one of its pincers (2%)
Forwards+Throw: False Swipe; Scizor roundhouse kicks the opponent (9%, OK knockback)
Down+Throw: Take Down; Scizor flies up and slams the opponent on the ground with both of its pincers (13%, OK knockback)
Back+Throw: Reversal; Scizor throws the opponent behind itself and kicks them (10%, OK knockback)
Up+Throw: Iron Head; Scizor tosses the opponent up, then headbutts them (15%, OK knockback)

Special Moves
B : Bullet Punch
; Scizor rapidly punches the opponent multiple times when B is held (4%-5%), finishing with a powerful punch when B is let go of (10%, OK knockback); the attack weakens the longer B is held down
B + Forwards : X-Scissor; Scizor flashes forward and slashes in a horizontal X shape, which can hit up to four opponents at once (15%, OK knockback)
B + Up : Aerial Ace; Scizor jumps high up, then furiously slashes multiple times as it moves far in the direction it’s facing (18%, medium knockback)
B + Down : Swords Dance; by holding B, Scizor summons two swords spinning around behind itself, which hit multiple times (5% each hit, small knockback). It then slashes with both pincers when B is let go of (15% each, OK knockback).

Final Smash: Mega X-Scissor; Scizor Mega Evolves into Mega Scizor, slashing furiously (20%) and finishing with an X-Scissor that covers nearly the entire screen (38%, devastating knockback)

Gimmick: N/A

1: Scizor does an X-pose
2: Scizor puts its pincers next to its face, making it look like it has three heads
1+2: Scizor shuts its pincers and poses like it's intimidating an enemy

1: Scizor performs a Bullet Punch
2: Scizor hurls up a rock and breaks it
3: Scizor, floating a bit, comes down and raises one of its pincers in the air

Applause: Scizor folds its arms and disappointedly flaps its wings
Icon: The Pokémon series icon
Boxing Ring Title: Bug of Steel
Star K.O.: Scizor lets out a harsh noise from its wings
Victory Music: https://youtu.be/m9_ozzyG3uo
Kirby Hat: Scizor’s wings and claws
My idea for a Johto stage was Sprout Tower. It was considered to be a stage in Melee, but got cut for unknown reasons.

Another user on this site, TKOWL TKOWL , made a concept for this stage a while back for an old stage creation contest. Nothing more I can really add, except:
  • During both cycles, a Rattata can appear and steal any nearby items; fortunately, it can attacked and the item can be recovered
  • During the daytime, the Bellsprout will appear and shoot Poison Powder from its mouth
  • During the night, the Gastly will hurt any fighter that comes in contact with it
  • Only one wild Pokémon appears at a time, and none of them appear when the tower tilts
(fights characters from Game Boy games)
  • Round 1: :ultdaisy: on :mky: (Underground Theme - Super Mario Land)
  • Round 2: :ultkirby::ultkingdedede: (free-for-all) on Dream Land GB (Kirby Retro Medley)
  • Round 3: :ultpikachu: on Saffron City (Pokémon Center - Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue)
  • Round 4: :ultpokemontrainer: on Pokémon Stadium (Road to Viridian City - Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue)
  • Round 5: :ultjigglypuff: on :ps2: (Pokémon Gym / Evolution - Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue)
  • Round 6: Scizor (Color 2) on Sprout Tower (Pokémon Gold / Pokémon Silver Medley)
  • Final Round: :ultmewtwo: (Pokémon Red / Pokémon Blue Medley), then
    Master Hand.png
Credits: Pokémon Gold / Pokémon Silver Medley
Here's most of them
  1. Scizor (Fighter Spirit)
  2. Sidestepper (default, ★; Mario Bros.)
  3. Flies & Hand (Color 4 x4, ★★; Mario Paint Medley)
  4. Zinger (Color 5, ★; Stickerbush Symphony)
  5. Ninja Kong (Color 4, ★; Battle for Storm Hill)
  6. Zebesian (Color 7, ★★; Brinstar (Melee))
  7. Heavy Lobster (Color 5, ★★; Meta Knight's Revenge)
  8. Scyther (Color 3, ★; Pokémon Gym / Evolution)
  9. Mega Scizor (default, ★★★; Battle! (Champion) - Pokémon X and Pokémon Y)
  10. Pinsir (Color 6, ★★; Battle! (Trainer Battle) - Pokémon X and Pokémon Y)
  11. Hydreigon (Color 4, ★★; Route 23 - Pokémon Black 2 / Pokémon White 2)
  12. Sigurd (Color 8, ★★; Edge of Adversity)
  13. Peckish Aristocrab (Color 3, ★★; Garden of Hope)
  14. Piston Hondo (Color 4, ★★; Ryu Stage Type B)
  15. E. Honda (Color 8, ★★; E. Honda Stage Type A)
  16. Crusty Sean (default, ★★; Rip Entry)
  17. Bisk (Color 5, ★; Endolphin Surge)
  18. Buzzbomb (Color 5 x3, ★; Spiral Mountain)
  19. Old Man Lobber (default x3, ★★; Tortimer Island Medley)
  20. Clip & Snip (Colors 1 and 5, ★★; Noisy Notebook)
This is more of a "what-if" kind of deal, but you're free to support if you want!
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Mar 25, 2015
If I had the knowledge, I'd boot up M-Ex and try to do a Scizor mod for Melee.
He's such an underrated Generation 2 pick for Smash.

Put me on the support list btw.
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Apr 8, 2018
The perpetual trash fire known as Planet Earth(tm)
Legends Arceus just casually revealed a new Pokemon named Kleavor today.
It's Scyther's evolution for this game. I think it'd make a good Spirit Battle for Scizor if it was a character.


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Writing Team
May 17, 2020
Faraway Avalon
I accidentally cut my index finger really badly with a pair of scissors yesterday. Thus, I’ve been inspired to support Scizor for Smash.

that is not a joke it bled pretty badly and I had to get two band aids
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