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  • For the few that know of my side activity with inside stuff: pertaining to what has happened to NewWabiSabi and my discovery for it, I am finally no longer affialated with the person.
    However, I DID give him one final advice before he decided to dissapear: is to never return to the communities as is and reevaluate the negatives trailing back to him.

    That said, I only volunteer with certain insiders circle to corborrate, make notice, advise and sleuth rumors they need to search around for, without causing any disrepcency like paranoia and beef; think of an extra hand with a lot of trust. I do no wish to be dragged into potiental drama especially with all the Twitter "cancellings" happening as of late, it's why i do my work in behind-the-scenes while asking people not to treat me as another major "leaker" if i had to put out something for somebody.

    and please do not bug me about rumors too, i did not start posting on Smashboards again for that stuff. I am solely a specualator like everybody else, and inside stuff should stay inside and not out of reliables' mouth. Give me air.
    I'm on discord often, so if you need me find me there, I guess find me at SFGHQ, SourceGaming server, and several Smash modding servers.
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