The Charming Schemer of the Golden Deer: Claude Von Reigan

Apr 8, 2018
San Clemente, California
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Claude Von Riegan: The Verdant Wind of the Leicester Alliance

Who?: Claude von Riegan is the leader of the Golden Deer classroom in Garreg Mach Officer’s Academy. He is the heir to the noble family of the Leicester Alliance, a nation that needs neither king nor emperor. Discriminated against by both Almyra and Leicester (bearing heritage from both nations), Claude developed a desire to end Fódlan’s long-standing isolationism in favor of a world where all of its people are treated as equals

Importance to Nintendo: Speaking for a TH rep in general; despite being fairly recent, Three Houses is one of the most successful games in the series; so successful, in fact, there was even a limited-time tournament in Tetris 99 with a Three Houses theme. As well, characters from Three Houses eventually appeared in the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes. And despite this success, there's currently no Three Houses content in Smash Ultimate this far. This isn't a sure sign, but it's still rather suspicious.

Intro: Claude jumps off from his wyvern and gets into stance.

Stance/Idle 1: His pre-timeskip default stance from Three Houses.

Idle 2: Claude brushes back his hair with his left hand.

Idle 3: Claude puts his arrow in its holster and cracks his knuckles while yawning.

Notable Palette Swaps: Lorenz (pre-TS), Raphael (post-TS), Ignatz (post-TS), Lysithea (post-TS), Marianne (pre-TS), Hilda (pre-TS), Leonie (post-TS)

Walk: Claude walks with his hands behind his head, arrow in his pocket.

Dash: His running animation from Three Houses.

Damage: His damage animation from Three Houses.

Jump: A normal human jump, followed by a spinning double jump.

Crouch: Claude crouches down like a normal person, arrow in his right hand still.

Weapon of Choice: The Failnaught bow, a Hero’s Relic tied to Claude’s Crest of Reigan (refer to Byleth for energy consumption). When it runs out of energy, Claude will switch to an Iron Bow.

A,A,A: A jab with his arrow, another with his bow, and then an arrow shot (14% with Failnaught, OK knockback; 11% with Iron Bow, small knockback)

Forward+A: Claude thrusts his arrow forward (12% with Failnaught, OK knockback; 9% with Iron Bow, small knockback)

Down+A: Claude throws an arrow from the ground (8%, small knockback)

Up+A: Claude thrusts his arrow upward (9%, small knockback)

Air+A: Claude swings his bow in a 360o spin (15% with Failnaught, OK knockback; 11% with Iron Bow, OK knockback)

Air Forward+A: Claude swings his bow forward (16% with Failnaught, medium knockback; 12% with Iron Bow, OK knockback)

Air Back + A: Claude turns upside down and fires an arrow (15% with Failnaught, OK knockback; 9% with Iron Bow, small knockback)

Air Up+A: Claude twirls his arrow around (8%, small knockback)

Air Down+A: Claude fires an arrow, which slightly pushes him back (14% with Failnaught, OK knockback; 9% with Iron Bow, small knockback)

Dash Attack: Claude hops into the air and does a brief knee jab with his right knee (13%, OK knockback)

Edge Attack: Claude does a low sweep with his left foot (9%, small knockback)

Smash Moves

Back+A: Claude fires a powerful arrow shot (24% with Failnaught, medium knockback; 16% with Iron Bow, OK knockback). You can slightly angle the shot with the control stick.

Forward+A: Claude slams his bow down on the ground (21%, with Failnaught, medium knockback; 15% with Iron Bow, OK knockback)

Up+A: Claude fires three arrows at once (9% per hit with Failnaught, medium knockback; 5% per hit with Iron Bow, OK knockback)

Down+A: Claude swings his bow in a downward 360o spin (21% with Failnaught, medium knockback; 17% with Iron Bow, OK knockback)

Grab: Claude grabs the opponent with his bow.

Pummel: Claude butts the opponent with the rear end of his arrow (5%)

Forwards+Throw: Claude shoots his opponent out of his arrow like a bow (17% with Failnaught, OK knockback; 14% with Iron Bow, OK knockback)

Down+Throw: Claude simply pushes down the opponent (14%, OK knockback)

Back+Throw: Claude kicks the opponent behind him (10%, small knockback)

Up+Throw: Claude spins around twice and chucks the opponent out of his bow (13%, OK knockback)

Special Moves

B : Gambit Battalion; Starting off with around 40 Battalion Endurance, Claude may choose between one of three battalion formations: Disturbance, Fusillade, and Group Magic.

Disturbance (4 EP): A group of soldiers charges forward and rams into the opponent, briefly stunning them afterwards (19%, medium knockback)

Fusillade (7 EP): A rain of arrows diagonally downwards in whatever direction Claude is facing. It has a moderate chance of a meteor effect (16%, medium knockback)

Group Magic (8 EP): Claude commands their mages to perform a cycled magic attack. In this order, the spells are:

>Group Fire: A fiery tornado (22%, medium knockback)

>Group Fimbulvetr: A row of icy stalagmites that freezes opponents (21%, medium knockback)

>Group Thunder: A row of five thunderbolts that has a slight chance of a meteor effect (23%, medium knockback)

>Group Aura: A pillar of light that last for 3 seconds (32%, far knockback)

B + Forwards : Encloser; Claude prepares a shot with a purple aura, and a successful hit will briefly stun the opponent (22% with Failnaught, medium knockback after 3 seconds; 17% with Iron Bow, OK knockback after 2 seconds)

B + Up : Curved Shot; Claude aims his bow behind himself that sends him flying at a 90o angle (21% with Failnaught, medium knockback; 15% with Iron Bow, OK knockback)

B + Down : Charming Bouquet; Claude tosses a bouquet of flowers in front of him, lowering the enemy’s defense by a quarter (half with female fighters), and raising his allies’ attack by a quarter (double with female fighters).

Final Smash: Fallen Star; Claude fires an arrow with a red aura, and opponents hit will be sent into a cutscene where Claude’s battalion uses Ashes and Dust (29%), and then Claude finishes off with a final arrow blast (33%; 62% total, far knockback)

Gimmick: Crest of Riegan; restores damage equal to 30% damage dealt when using special moves.


1: Claude puts his bow on his back and blows a kiss with his left hand.

2: “You guys done yet?” Claude sticks out his arrow hand and lifts up his head.

1+2: Claude puts his hand on his hip and laughs nonchalantly.


1: “That’s the Golden Deer for ya!” His victory animation from Three Houses.

2: “First time?” Claude drinks a cup of tea sitting at a fancy snack table.

3: “Not ‘luck’. Just fate.” Claude stretches out his right arm and faces the camera.

Icon: The Falchion

Boxing Ring Title: The Charming Schemer

Victory Music:

Kirby Hat: Claude’s hair

Arguments in favor of Claude
Loved by a good number of fans
+Unique moveset inherently, much like Byleth
+Charismatic personality
+One of three unique main characters you can choose for your journey through the game.

Arguments against Claude
Another FE character
-Not the central character
-Has competition against Edelgard, Dimitri, and Byleth
-Mostly generic design for an FE character

Neutral Points
Currently unknown if TH will be supported at all in Ultimate, be it music, Spirits or a full-fledged fighter.
>Currently unknown if future DLC will support new characters from franchises already represented

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Aug 24, 2018
I think Claude has the most potential for a unique moveset. He could utilize wyverns, bows, axes, swordplay, and maybe have a batallion as a final Smash (god forbid a comeback mechanic)

Nonno Umby

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Jun 30, 2014
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I'm more an Edelgard fan, but Claude is my second favourite character in 3H and probably in the whole series. Count me in!
Apr 8, 2018
San Clemente, California
The wave 3 DLC came out, and it includes the Sauna, finally.

And how fitting that Claude is in it, lol.
Jun 26, 2011
I do not believe the "color of his skin" should be a factor for a character to be elegible for Smash. As Sakurai said, the important thing is that they are good characters as they are.

Main positive factors should be that he is not a sword users and that he is the most charismatic of the "main lords" whom you may chose to side on in the game.

Diddy Kong

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Dec 8, 2004
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Hard time picturing him in his canon classes on a Wyvern in Smash. Doesn't help that he also doesn't ride wyverns in any of the cutscenes. Unless you want to make him a bow user only? Which would be fine with me honestly. Claude is a cool character. But still I like Dimitri better.