The 949 Smash Thread: RIP PacWest


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Jan 17, 2010
Irvine, CA
Irvine's scene isn't that active anymore and even if you are active, you definitely should be on facebook as opposed to smashboards.

Depends on the game you play too. Melee's probably still the favorite here.


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Feb 24, 2015
If this thread is still alive, I'm looking for a smash scene in the Newport/Laguna Beach area? Me and a lot of my friends from this area think we're pretty good, but we want to test our skills against people other than ourselves. We'll play any version of the game.


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Aug 31, 2012
Glendale, AZ (rip Irvine, CA)
If this thread is still alive, I'm looking for a smash scene in the Newport/Laguna Beach area? Me and a lot of my friends from this area think we're pretty good, but we want to test our skills against people other than ourselves. We'll play any version of the game.
Hi! I'm from Newport Beach/Costa Mesa. Come fight me.


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Apr 22, 2015
Irvine, CA
The S.I.R. Smashfest #1 -- KotH, Salty sets, tourney @Irvine

Hey PM Smashboards!

Upcoming socal player here hosting a closed invitation Smashfest today (May 22nd) in the city of Irvine. We will be having potluck bbq, beer, and a lot of fun -- and I got a stream running!

GAMES: SSB Project M, SSB Melee (most of the streaming will be dedicated to PM)
(Hopefully) will be running mid-high level gameplay.

Doors open @ 1PM
Event officially starts @ 5PM

Come check us out!
Here is the link --

S.I.R. Ruleset:
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Jan 21, 2010
well if any of the admins are reading add me to the group: I'm Nik A

rejections for days
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Jan 7, 2009
Irvine, SoCal
I'm feeling really nostalgic, and it has been over 10 years since I joined the 949 community, so I'm just gonna leave a little post here for you guys to see whenever one of you decide to reminisce about this thread. I'm gonna keep it short and simple but first and foremost I want all of you to know that, even if we don't see each other much anymore, you're the dearest friends I have, and have changed my life in a beautiful way. The majority of you probably won't ever see this post, but y'know, it's a little embarrassing so maybe it's better that way!...except you Anto, because I know for a fact you read this thread like twice a year or some ****

JDM - the first smasher I ever met, I haven't seen you in like 5 years (I wish you used social media but being silent is kind of your thing after all), always gonna be grateful for letting us come over to your house to hang-out Anthony, even past the time where you basically stopped caring about Melee.
Connor - The shaved head is a good look. I haven't heard about you entering anything melee related for a while so I hold out hope that you finally managed to quit melee straight up! I still think dropping social media cold turkey would do wonders for your health bro
Dave - I'm glad I had you as a sort of role model for a lot of my formative years as a young adult. You're a great story-teller and a real funny dude. I held a grudge for quite sometime because you disliked being around me when I played melee even though you were 1000% justified in that opinion. Some of my deepest regrets really
Signia - Ryan, the times you came over or I went to your house and then we played melee/watched anime was awesome. There's something so funny about the way you get consistently and systematically destroyed at melee. Also please stop supporting Trump
Combofest - Paul, I think you would react the least to some sappy post out of anyone, but I do wanna say you were somehow one of my absolute favorite people on planet to hang out with, which is why I tried to get you to go to so many tournaments despite knowing you were the worlds biggest flakes. That anime expo with you, me, and sung is unforgettable, along with maybe 1000 other memories. It's a shame I don't see you more despite you still living in Irvine
Cam & Jenny - I said paul would be the least likely person to be moved by some sappy post, but actually that title belongs to you Cameron. I feel like going to hang out at your guys house is a time capsule; like we're all just gonna be hanging out at Cam's house in 2029. Jenny thank u for being the mom of the group, a thank-less job really
MacD -
Kyle - I always thought you were too cool and well adjusted to be a melee player honestly.
Anto - Bro you're gonna be trying to drop Samus in 2025, and telling me how good your pocket ____ is. Despite that, I love you man. I think the first few months I met you I thought you were really annoying, but then all those idiosyncrasies would eventually just form the person I know as my dear friend Anto Park.
Travis T - Thank you for being the Earth's single greatest YesMan, you are just always down for everything, and when trying to get a group together to hang out you're the mother ****ing building block and the single person I know I can rely on.
Rei - Ernie I have so many awesome memories hanging around UCI while I was in high school because of you, and those memories I wouldn't trade for the world. Thank you for always offering up your over-priced VDC apartment for us to hang out at, even if all you wanted to do was watch anime and play footbol manager
Spencer - There are some relationships that I blame myself for not keeping in touch...but this is not one of them. Spenser, you're one of the most impossible people to contact on the planet LMAO, love u though brother
Shoumei - Definitely never gonna read this, but thank you for always showing me the dopest **** when I go to Japan and I love when we just ****ing talk about the future of where our careers are going. I view you as a serious intellectual with big dreams
Kangix - Marcos I wish you stayed in the scene longer. Not to actually play melee but just to hang out with us because every memory I have of spending with you was dope as hell.
Squid - Remember that summer you were staying at UCI and we just played a **** ton? That was hella fun. It's 100% on me, but it just felt so weird to me when our social positions flipped and you really became a much better melee player than me. Btw, having someone that laughs at EVERYTHING actually is dope, it makes you feel funny at all times and is a real tension diffuser. Also, I'll never forget going to your UCI apartment at night to try to give the cellphone you forgot at a tournament and probably interrupting you getting that pooty tang
Mike - This is something I should discuss with you personally, but I'm not quite personally strong enough to. I've long since stopped caring about that money thing that happened. At the time, after it happened I didn't really care about the amount, instead I was kind of hurt that someone i had known for so long would do me like that. I got over that, but then heard you had spread the story to others in a way that I thought painted me in a very bad light. I made mistakes at that time but to paint me in that light among others that were also my friends... that really hurt mike. You very dear to me so I wish we could that about it, but I'm not great at that sort of thing.
Gsub - Cameron, you taught me so much about the world to me when I realllly ****ing needed to learn about it. I always considered you the worldly dude who knew way more than me about life. I know you went through some hard times in the past, and I hope everything has recovered since then and that you're doing great. I'm sorry, I wasn't a great friend. I really should have tried to do my best to help you out during those times. I was, and still am, a wide-eyed kid. Also, I remember you telling me that Sex >>> Melee, which I disagreed with at the time, then I later very much agreed with, but now I disagree with again.
Hyprid - I don't think I appreciated you as much as I should have Kevin. A wonderful teams partner but even better person. Always remained calm even when I raged about marth when we practiced. A fantastic musician with equally good posture. Kevin, you better having a ****ing girlfriend man, you're too well-behaved and well-kempt to not be slaying those chello girls
Jkun - Jason, I feel you haven't changed a bit. Still the sweet goofball that talks too much, isn't a great story-teller, names drops famous players a lot, but is one of the kindest and most well-intentioned mother****ers a guy can meet. You're one of the most unique people I have ever met Jason, and I wouldn't want you to change even one bit. I'm glad you're part of my life
Okami - Rob you're one of the few people that get as heated about losing as I do, which is why we bonded so much but also had such an icy relationship at times. For the most part, you were awesome to hang out with and I loved all the little weird nerdy **** you do. You always struck me as this really interesting person, because you seemed to have the hobbies of a total degenerate but your career path, healthy lifestyle and manner of speech was that of someone who was completely normal and well adjusted. I'm not a great writer so I want you to know that was all supposed to come off as positive, and I respect you a lot.
Fly - Jeremy I never could gauge how you felt about us all, because it seemed like you had a higher IQ than everyone else in the room at times, but yet you never seemed bothered by it and were this really kind dude who was awesome to hang out it. You somehow pulled off being the biggest hipster I've ever met in my entire life without ever exuding the classic aura of a hipster that makes them so pretentious. Every odd idiosyncratic decision you made had me thinking "Oh yeah, of course, that makes sense", even though looking back maybe it didn't make a lot of sense. I wish you were easier to contact though. Maybe we weren't as close friends as I believed, because you seemed to have pretty easily shut us out of your life when you decided you were done with melee. We just wanna hang out with you Fly!

It's getting late and I KNOW I've definitely left someone out that I'm gonna regret, but hey, that's what happens when you're lucky enough to have been around such wonderful people. This is specifically for the people who used smashboards back in the day so my formal apologies to Kellen and all the other great homies I met past 2013. Additional shoutouts to homies I've hung out with that maybe weren't in my life as long but were dear friends all the same. Shoutouts to Zhu, Anthony Zhu, Chris, Matt Martin, Dany, Eric Erik, Ghad, Charles and honestly probably 20-30 others as well.

I'll see you all when I see you!
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Nov 18, 2008
in Makai
bruh it's been almost 10 years since i've used smashboards so it must be like a 6th sense or something that i got to see this post

suddenly i'm flooded with all the 949 memories and the good times with everybody. i'm really bad at keeping in touch but i definitely haven't forgotten any of it. the smashfests, the random going places, the trips to SD. idk why everybody put up with my bull**** lmao and i miss y'all. you guys are definitely the only reason i could keep it together during college and actually manage to finish.

matt you dork

sorry for being flaky as ****

the legend of slayers_boner420 lives on tho
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