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Forum Rules Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Forum Rules and Guidelines [Read this first]

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Aug 4, 2009
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Hello everyone and welcome to the Smash Ultimate forums. As with all other areas on site, this forum follows the SWF Global Rules (no flaming, no trolling, no double posting {use the edit function}, no censor dodging, etc.)

Since much of this forum is still based on speculation, all character support and game speculation threads are not only ok, they are encouraged!! Of course there are some exceptions (see below). We only ask that discussions stay civil and respectful.

Please report any posts or users that violate the rules. Do not reprimand other users or engage in a flame/troll war or you will be reprimanded as well.

Global Forum Rules:

1. Smashboards Global Rules

2. Spoiler tag or quote large images.

3. No media-only posts. Large images should be spoilered ( [spoiler][/spoiler] )

4. When creating a new thread, please search the forum to avoid making a duplicate thread. There may already be a thread for the topic you wish to discuss. When posting a new character support thread, check the Support Thread Directory to see if it has already been made. Also, please try and make high quality OPs. One or two lines is a bit on the short side and isn't great for creating discussion.
4.5 In addition, a moveset alone is not a proper opening post for a Character Support Thread. Please include many details, like where they're from, and why people should be interested. Going all out is preferable.

5. Be respectful of other users and their opinions.

6. Posts must have some substance. Don't make posts that only consist of "yeah ok" or "good night" or "hello" or any other single word responses that violate the 10char rule...etc. These are considered spam.

7. Try to stay on topic. It's ok to veer off subject now and again, but these are not social threads. There is nearly no reason to be talking about Sonic in a DK thread, or politics in any thread.

8. Lastly, to reiterate, be respectful of other users.

Regarding Character Support threads:
1. Character threads must be for characters who originated from a video game.
  • 3rd parties can have franchise threads, but it's still recommended to have a focus or examples of who you think would be interesting.
  • Nintendo-owned characters don't necessarily have to originate in a video game, but must still have a video game appearance.
  • All character threads are subject to staff approval
  • 3rd party characters must also be from a game franchise first
2. Detracting is a touchy subject. It is absolutely okay to want or not want a specific character. It is okay to express that opinion. It is not okay to be rude about it. Know that going into a character's support thread and making negative comments will have different consequences than posting it in a general thread or for an unrelated character. If you do this, try to be courteous and polite and open to ideas.

If someone insults a character you like, that does not give you the right to be rude back to them. Be courteous and polite and try to convince the other user to change their opinion to be more positive if you like. Do not try to force anything or be rude in return. If need be, contact a staff member to deal with the situation.

3. Please do not make a character-specific Discord thread for a character. If there is a discord made for a particular character, please post in either that character section’s Social Thread, Information Thread, or Discussion Thread or contact a character moderator and/or Smash Ultimate General Moderator.

Please do not make leak threads for remaining DLC. All in-depth discussion of DLC leaks can be discussed in the Newcomer Speculation Thread.

Please do not make fake leak posts or threads here on Smashboards. There are proper websites to post them. Posting fake leaks will lead to a warning depending on the situation and circumstances. Posting fake leaks from websites is permissible as long as they are treated as such.

If you have any questions regarding the rules, if a new thread is acceptable, or anything else, please feel free to contact one of the Smash Ultimate forum moderators:

Smash Ultimate General Mods

AEMehr AEMehr
Megadoomer Megadoomer
NonSpecificGuy NonSpecificGuy
Venus of the Desert Bloom Venus of the Desert Bloom

Smash Ultimate Character Mods

@ぱみゅ - Bayonetta
@BJN39 - Zelda
@Camalange - Sonic
@UltimaLuminaire - Bowser
Ffamran Ffamran - Falco
Big O Big O - DK
TheBuzzSaw TheBuzzSaw - Link, Toon Link, and Young Link.
Myran Myran - Olimar
BKupa666 BKupa666 - King K. Rool
Sinister Slush Sinister Slush - Yoshi and Banjo Kazooie
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