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Super Smash Blog Weekly Roundup: Worlds Collide Edition (7/8 - 7/12)


Welcome back to the Super Smash Blog Weekly Roundup. While a chunk of the week continued to recap much of what we have seen already, it certainly wasn't without a new treat or two. Let's get started.

  • Fighter: Marth

The Hero-King himself, Marth. With his new, faster Dancing Blade and the option to angle his Shield Breaker, he'll no doubt be a force to be reckoned with in Ultimate. He now also has his english voice actor, Yuri Lowenthal, reprising his role as Marth for the first time in a Super Smash Bros. title.


Sorry Marth, but I don't think your Falchion's bonus damage applies to dragons from space.
  • Fighter: Kirby

Sakurai's baby boy may seem like his "usual puffy self", but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a few tweaks of his own. His dash attack has been reverted back to its burning/fireball state from Super Smash Bros. Melee, though it doesn't seem to allow him to dash attack off of ledges like it did before. Add that on top of his plethora of new and old copy abilities and his fancy new stone transformation, and he's sure to continue to be a favorite in the hearts of many.


Can you believe this is barely even half of all the abilities he can get now? Crazy, right?
  • Music: Mega Man 4 Melody
  • Item: Alolan Raichu

Wednesday hit us with a double dosage of new content, in the form of a new remix melody for Mega Man 4, and the pancake-loving Alolan Raichu as a new Pokémon.

What makes this particular Mega Man remix extra special is that it is composed by Jun Senoue, who is most well known for his many compositions from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The Blue Bomber and the Blue Blur just can't seem to get enough of each other these days!


Alolan Raichu, meanwhile, will freely surf around the stage on his tail while producing electricity. Shocking!

  • Fighter: Mega Man

Mega Man continues to use his slew of weapons from various robot masters to be a mid-range menace. On top of his leaf shield operating differently than it did in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Proto Man and Bass now join him and his fellow Mega Men in his Final Smash.


As if this Final Smash wasn't already stuffed to the brim with fan service before.

  • Fighter: Pit

Pit seems to remain largely the same, but he does have a fancy new dash attack. In addition, he now uses Phos and Lux, the Lightning Charriot's faithful steeds, to crash head-first into fighters for his Final Smash.

Didn't Dark Pit and Viridi say they had the Lightning Chariot back in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, though? I wonder how Pit got it back. A possible new Palutena's Guidance, maybe?
That's it for this Super Smash Blog Roundup. See you all next week!

Author's Note: Fenriraga is still freaking out about how Jun Senoue remixed Mega Man music. Are there any other composers you'd like to see tackle a series they don't normally work on? Let us know in the comments below!
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Kyle "Fenriraga" Hurley


Well I am glad you are enjoying the Mega Man remix!
Also nice blog! I loved it! When will you make another one? :p
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Marth seems to be more similar to his Brawl incarnation (in which he is ranked 5th out of 38), but with Melee dash-dancing in the game... he is going to be scary.

Something to be noted about Kirby is that he got one of the biggest speed buffs at the demo. Mobility has always been one of Kirby's biggest issues, so lets see how this will pan out. His new dash attack seems to be a buffed version of his Melee dash attack. The fact that it no longer goes off ledges is negligible, considering the move's lack of power and terrible hitboxes at Melee.

Pit has quite a cool things working for him. His moveset appears identical to SSB4 (which it is), but he has better power and hitboxes with him this time around. His arrows, while not Brawl good, seems to have considerably improved.
Pit stole back the Lightning Chariot that he rightfully earned the ownership of...the better question is why Viridi and Pittoo took them from their new master

Also Pit shouting out “I NEVER LEARNED HOW TO READ” is still the biggest buff in Smash history
Woah... that Kirby image has kind of a 3D effect as you scroll past it with a mouse wheel...
-“Megaman 4 remix”
Well i wish they put music from Megaman X or Zero.
-“By Jun Senoue”
Awww yeaaaaahh boyyyyy!!!
Why did it took me this long to realize the reference in the title of this article?

Man, that comic book series was good.
alolan raichu is adorable.
Why did it took me this long to realize the reference in the title of this article?

Man, that comic book series was good.
i didn't even know it was a comic reference and i'm the content manager of the writing team.

(tbf i've been moving but still)
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