So, You're a Player too...? Neku Sakuraba for Smash Switch! [FINAL REMIX FOR SWITCH UPCOMING!]


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Dec 18, 2018
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i think the KH3 secret ending definitely means they got big plans for Neku; they want to promote him more.
Duh. And they should've a long time ago. Nomura even said he had plans for a sequel that were never brought to fruition way back when, but now we actually have a shot. Don't let the hype die down!


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Jun 30, 2018
Neku needs an updated 3D model. You know, because the one in Dream Drop Distance looked weird.
Maybe it's because I was first introduced to TWEWY through Dream Drop Distance, but I thought his character model looked fine. I wouldn't mind if his character model in Smash looked similar.

Well, since other people were talking about it...
I was spoiled on KH3's epilogue, but I don't really mind. It's got me super hyped for the future of both Kingdom Hearts *and* The World Ends with You. I can't believe that Sora is actually in TWEWY's version of Shibuya. I didn't think they'd actually follow up on that "See you in Shibuya" line in Dream Drop Distance, and especially not this soon. It makes me hopeful that Square really does want to try to push TWEWY as a franchise under their belt, and hopefully that could also mean trying to get Neku into other games as well, including Smash.