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Smashboards Creates: Pop Culture Clash [Rebooted Thread]

Qwerty UIOP

Smash Lord
Feb 19, 2022
Theme for Vulture - SpiderMan: Homecoming
Brain Eater - Kurzgesagt
Main Theme - Sequinox
My Angel Put the Devil in Me - Doctor Who(Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks)
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life - Monty Python: Life of Brian
My Enemy - The Amazing SpiderMan 2/Pharrel Williams
U.N. Owen was her? - Touhou


Smash Hero
May 27, 2019
Waiting for Latias and Latios to get a theme
Switch FC
Uh...hello,this thread is dead?,anybody here?
AlteredBeast was the main one handling the thread, and last I talked with them about this, they were very busy with irl stuff. I'm not exactly privy to the full contents of whatever plans we had, so I couldn't continue it solo. We could probably restart it if we wanted, but I'd have to talk to AlteredBeast about it. I'm uncertain if their schedule allows for it or not.


Smash Lord
Oct 2, 2019
New Jersey
blows massive dust off of this thread

Hello everyone! Sorry about the very, VERY, long hiatus but I am considering reviving Pop Culture Clash now for a little and upkeeping with it for as long as I can. I just do not want this very fun idea by AlRex AlRex to die down at all again.

Anywho, the long awaited stage voting count.

The Invincible II: 3
Tetris: 21
Jurassic Park: 21

Six Flags: 15

I have decided to add both Tetris and Jurassic Park into this game so congrats to DragonRobotKing26 DragonRobotKing26 and Tankman from Newgrounds Tankman from Newgrounds !

Now, onto the next job after forever being a newcomer job to kick things off! This one is a fun idea from AlRex.

Job 77:

Submit a newcomer that is a rival to a character on the current Pop Culture Clash roster. Think rivalries like Nintendo/SEGA, Mac/PC, Coke/Pepsi, etc. Submit your newcomer by including an image of them, give a bit of background and why they are worthy to join the fight! Also, be sure to say who is their rival in terms of branding. Get submitting!

Rivalry Character Submission:

Clifford the Big Red Dog


Ok, this comes at a stretch but...Clifford's rival is The Cat in The Hat since Scholastic's big competitor is Random House. Random House publishes the Dr. Seuss books while Scholastic publishes the Clifford books. Anyway, this big red canine needs no introduction. Being introduced in 1963 by Norman Bridwell, getting 2 mainline PBS Kids series, a spin-off prequel series focusing on his puppy days, a movie, and a good amount of tie-in merch such as video games, shirts, etc., Clifford has been everywhere. We don't really have a preschool rep yet on this roster or in this game in general (even though a character from Sesame Street or even Arthur can work too) but Clifford himself can be fun. We need more quadrupedal in his game. His big size may have to be tinkered with a little but I can imagine his moveset consisting of dog toys, references to the books, etc.

He's an out-there submission but works as your unlikely rival. It's funny because both mascots of Scholastic and Random House are house pets as well.

This is tie-in content for PBS Kids: Brawltime! since Clifford was not a fighter in the game but he can be here.

Deleted member


Captain Kirk
You may think I'm submitting him for a Vader rival, and that could definitely work. But I'm actually submitting him against the Doctor. Both are from 60s TV sci-fi shows that have reinvented themselves multiple times, both gave been played by different actors, Spock may be a slightly better fit here but Kirk is more of a fighter

Qwerty UIOP

Smash Lord
Feb 19, 2022
Sun Wukong | Overly Sarcastic Productions Wiki | Fandom

(Image is Overly Sarcastic Prodcutions ver. of Charcter which is the ver i'm submitting for character design)

Job 77: Sun Wukong(Journey to the West)

Rival: Hercules

Reasons: Both are popular mythological figures who have been adapted in media many times(He's the inspiration for Goku)


Smash Champion
Apr 11, 2022
Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony G4)

Rival: Optimus Prime
Franchises are different in terms of audiences and have multiple generations
She would use magic and her body to fight.
She would add more female and Hasbro characters to the game.


Smash Champion
Sep 26, 2021
images (2).jpeg

Pop Culture Clash is Back!

Job 77:Jason Voorhees (Friday The 13th)


Rival:Freddy Krueger

Jason Voorhees is the main villain from Friday The 13th series,he is a zombie serial killer from Crystal Lake.

Well,Jason's rival is Freddy Krueger,it's because there is a crossover movie with them and both Freddy and Jason are in Mortal Kombat
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Smash Champion
Apr 10, 2018
Lima, Peru
Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Rival: Goku
Reason: Both Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha) and Weekly Shonen Magazine (Kodansha) had an historical relationship in manga sales. Also because we need a secondary character for more variety, not everything needs to have only heroes and villains.

Editor's Note: i was going for Juvia because bias, but i can't see her functioning well as a playable character.
Last edited:
Aug 14, 2021
Bloodsauce Dungeon, Pizza Tower, ???
Rival fighter:
Barbie Roberts (Barbie - Mattel)
Rival: Optimus Prime (Due to being both flagship characters for their companies, "human vs robot" theme rivalry and "dolls for girls vs action figure for boys" theme rivalry)

Barbie Roberts is a fictional character from eponymous series made by Mattel and she is a blonde young woman that likes to dress up in various costumes.

Barbie is considered as one of most popular toys of all time and she became a huge pop culture icon that many people know about her in the world.
Heck, Barbie became a flagship character or mascot of Mattel company.

Speaking of her moveset, I imagine her moveset as mix of Peach's and Villager due to using "feminine" attacks like Peach (you know, slaps) and even using inconventional things. like Villager.

I think she would totally make sense for the game since we haven't got a female fighter for while. Plus Mattel hasn't got any reps and she is an overdue for the roster.
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Smash Journeyman
Jul 23, 2022
Job 77: Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob is one of the most widely popular cartoon characters in pop culture history. With his show going on for almost 25 years along with least 3 movies and spin-off shows. He is basically the reason why Nickelodeon is still relevent today along with being the mascot.

Rival: Mickey Mouse. This is because Spongebob is considered the next big popular cartoon mascot that is up there with Mickey and Bugs Bunny. Some would say Spongebob is more relevant then Mickey ever could be nowadays. Both are also cheerful and will do anything to help their friends as well. It makes sense to me least.
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