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Smashboards Creates: Kirby Air Ride 2


Smash Hero
Mar 23, 2019
Down Under
With Kirby and the Forgotten Land coming next year, I decided to come up with something where we create a sequel to a certain racing spin-off.

And that is Air Ride.

What is Air Ride?
air ride.jpg

Kirby's Air Ride was a racing game that was a spin-off and came out way back in 2003. Said game had you race on stars with each other as well using copy abilities.
There was 3 modes those being:
  • Air Ride - The one you race through many tracks
  • Top Ride - Top down view on smaller simple tracks
  • City Trial - Speeding around a city upgrading your star (Smash Run from Smash 4 was inspired by this.)
Said game had some mixed critics but it was successful.

A sequel to Air Ride is pretty requested by fans and Sakurai himself was asked about it:

So... There's not much. But, let's get on to the first Job.

Job 1: Suggest a new character
Right off the bat, you'll have to choose a new character to join the roster.
(Kirby's other colours return as well Meta Knight and Dedede who were playable.)

For me, my choice would be Bandana Dee himself.

Oracle Link

Smash Champion
Oct 9, 2020
I would have to go with Darkmatter!
The most important realizable kirby baddy! I would prefer his orb form but i think this render looks better!


Smash Ace
Oct 3, 2020
I will change my submission if it doesn’t count, my choice is Escargoon

Escargoon has technically appeared in a Kirby game, a few years later after the show. Escargoon made a cameo appearance in 2011 with Kirby: Mass Attack to help King Dedede.
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