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SmashBoards Creates: A Revised Brawl


Smash Lord
Mar 30, 2020
Here are the votes

Toadies 3
Psycho Mantis 3
Tails 1
Villager 13
King K Rool 10

Villager and King K. Rool will be some of our final assists, and a poll will be used to determine if Toadies or Psycho Mantis should be the last assist.

I’ll leave the remaining jobs up for another day.


Smash Lord
Mar 30, 2020
From the poll, Toadies are our last assist trophy.

We’ll take TheLastMaverickHunter TheLastMaverickHunter ’s suggestions for Subspace roles, and I’ll make the suggestion to have Sami on Marth’s team, and Wario will be on Link/Midna’s.

Here is the poll to choose between mine and TheLastMaverickHunter TheLastMaverickHunter ’s unlock requirements.

The only jobs left are to complete the alts, so each fighter has five alts and to add any other trophies/music.

Here are the fighters without five alts
Diddy Kong (4)
Zelda/Sheik (4)
Ganondorf (4)
Midna (4)
Ridley (1)
Dark Samus (1)
Marth (3)
Meta Knight (4)
Falco (1)
Wolf (3)
Wario (4)
Ness (4)
Lucas (1)
Mewtwo (4)
Pokemon Trainer (2)
Lucario (1)
Jigglypuff (2)
Sami (3)
Olimar (3)

While submitting last minute alts/trophies/music, feel free to write what you liked about this thread, and what you would’ve liked seeing.
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Smash Lord
Mar 30, 2020
I had fun making this thread, and it’s cool to see some of the content that we were able to come up with. While I’d still like to keep Ike, Midna and Sami would’ve been cool additions, and it would’ve been cool to see how Mewtwo and Ridley played if they were in Brawl. The boss fights and Smash Party seem like fun ideas, and I like the stage selection a lot.

From the poll, my unlock methods will be used for fighters. I’ll nominate some alts for a few fighters at the moment (feel free to add more).

Zelda/Sheik: Green (alts complete)
Marth: Green
Ness: Mr. Saturn Shirt (alts complete)
Pokemon Trainer: Leaf
Lucario: Red/Purple alt
Jigglypuff: Bow

Some Quick Trophy Submissions:
Koopa Troopa
Skull Kid
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