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SmashBoards Creates: A more fleshed-out SSBM (Job #22: Event Matches 1-10)

How much more dev time should Melee get?

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Smash Legend
Apr 8, 2018
The perpetual trash fire known as Planet Earth(tm)
Job #22: Event Matches 1-10

This time, I wanted to do an Event Match for each character with the occasional Trophy Tussle and All-Star Match thrown in for good measure.

  1. Mario: Trouble King
    • Mario vs. Bowser (2 stocks each)
    • Stage: Battlefield
  2. Donkey Kong: Lord of the Jungle
    • Giant Donkey Kong vs. Tiny Donkey Kong x30
    • Stage: Kongo Falls
  3. Link: Link’s Adventure
    • Link vs. Dark Link (200HP each)
    • Stage: Temple
  4. Samus: Bounty Hunters
    • Samus and Captain Falcon vs. Bowser
      • Samus must be the one to defeat Bowser
    • Stage: Brinstar
  5. Yoshi: Yoshi’s Egg
    • Yoshi vs. Bowser vs. Donkey Kong
      • Protect Yoshi’s egg for a minute
    • Stage: Yoshi’s Island
  6. Kirby: Puffballs Unite!
    • Defeat 11 Kirbies who each have a distinct copy ability based on the rest of the original 12
    • Stage: Green Greens
  7. Fox: Slippy’s Invention
    • Fox must use a Cloaking Device to defeat Bowser
    • Stage: Venom
  8. Pikachu: Pokémon Battle
    • Pikachu vs. Scizor (150HP each)
      • Only Poké Balls appear
    • Stage: Pokémon Stadium
  9. Trophies: Trophy Tussle 1
    • Any character vs. 3 random opponents for a Goomba Trophy
  10. All-Star: All-Star Match 1
    • Any character vs.
      • Mario
      • Donkey Kong
      • Link
      • Samus
      • Yoshi
      • Kirby
      • Fox
      • Pikachu
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Smash Lord
Mar 30, 2020
Do we have a list of secret fighters yet since this would affect my choices?

Event 1: Trouble King
The only difference is that it takes place in Rainbow Cruise
Event 2: Hungry, Hungry fighters
Player character: Kirby
This is a 1v1 on Green Greens against Yoshi
Event 3: Battle of the Pairs
Player character: Zelda
This is a 2v2 where your partner is Link, and you’re opponents are Mario and Peach. This takes place on Great Bay.
Event 4: Cosmic Battle
Player Character: Fox
This is an ffa against Falcon and Samus on Brinstar.
Event 5: Pokemon battle
Player character: Pikachu
It is an ffa against other Pikachus on Pokemon Stadium, and they can only be hurt by pokeballs.
Event 6: Giant Beasts attack
Player Character: Link
This is a 1v2 map on Kongo Falls against giant DK and Giant Bowser.
Event 7: Girl Power
Player character: Samus
This is a 1v3 event against Mario, Link, and Donkey Kong on Battlefield.
Event 8: It’s My Time for Revenge
Player Character: Bowser
This is a 1v2 against Mario and Peach on Princess Peach’s castle.
Event 9: Dodge Bomb
This is an ffa match where opponents can only be KO’ed bomb items on Corneria.
Event 10: All-Star Match, Mario and Friends/Rivals
This is like the one in Melee, and the order is Mario (Mushroom Kingdom), Bowser (Rainbow Cruise), Peach (Princess Peach’s Castle), Donkey Kong (Jungle Japes), Yoshi (Yoshi’s Island)


Smash Lord
Mar 30, 2020
Should we continue this thread since it’s been awhile?
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