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Meta [Smash WiiU] Regional Power Rankings


Nov 5, 2006
Bottom of the tier list.
NSW PR Q1 2016

This Power Ranking is based on results from the last three and a half months of Sydney tournaments. To be considered for a placement, a player must have attended at least 4 Sydney tournaments in this PR period. For this reason, we were unable to place Scott, Shaya and Patv (the real honourable mentions, amirite), who each lack attendance in different parts of the period, even though they could have very likely made it on by simply maintaining their performances. Baker has also been absent for the entirety of the period. As a result there were a lot of players left in close contention for the tail end of the ranking, with the two honourable mentions on the image being those closest but still just barely outdone, and also barely outdoing the rest. The slightly less honourable but still largely mentionable include (in alphabetical order): Bjay, Fruit, Invisi, Lanatra, Pogo and Zedi.

  1. Killy – Killy has proven time and time again, why he is the number one player in this state, with his quick adaptive play and the ability to always bring something new to a match. His mastery over Sonic’s movement options has steadily improved and ability to pull out multiple different characters in tournament to secure wins cements this.
  2. RandySavage (+2)– Someone who used to be revered as this state’s dark horse has become one of its strongest competitors. What Randy lacks in strong character choices, he makes up for in his insane pressure and reads. It’s extremely rare to see Randy drop sets or even games to anyone outside the top 5, and with Charizard buffs rolling out every patch this isn’t expected to change.
  3. Kira – Kira maintains her number 3 position on this PR with extremely strong performances in and out of her home state. Never one to let victory slip easily to anyone who isn’t already a strong force in the scene, she has now picked up Bayonetta and is now starting to dominate what used to be her weaker matchups.
  4. MM (-2)– He has dropped a couple of places on this list over an experimental period, but still presents an iron wall to anyone he faces. His Mario has been a focus for many recent tournaments, but his Palutena and Mii Brawler (Kount K.K.) mainstays are still capable of beating anyone.
  5. Scarpian – Scarpian has seen a few rough losses this period, but when on point his Ryu is still as fearsome as ever, and very much able to take down people often rated above him. Never count out this man when the momentum shifts.
  6. SaucyDancer (+3)– Do you like Mewtwo? Well, you should, or you could end up on the receiving end of Saucy’s tricky plays. Saucy has only had brief showings this period but has proven himself well, also managing to take a tournament win and slaying some of the scene’s giants.
  7. Luco (NEW)– A lot of doubt was on Luco during his return to the scene after a 1 year hiatus. This all changed when he took 1st place at his first tournament, with a big loser’s run and defeating MM and Killy along the way. Since then he has been slowly becoming inactive again but his few performances were deemed worthy enough to include him here.
  8. Boundaries (NEW)– Once a player who didn’t pose much of a threat, this young up and comer has been applying himself well to becoming the best Bayonetta around and has very quickly been snatching up some strong tournament results and crazy upsets.
  9. NINjA (NEW)– NINjA has been quietly climbing the ranks of late. Her Marth play is improving rapidly and she has taken a few names in the process. She hasn’t been losing to anyone beneath her as of late and has become a staple of top 8 at Sydney events.
  10. Lunacy (NEW)– Much like the two before her, Lunacy is a new addition to the rankings after some really impressive performances and proving herself capable of beating some of Sydney’s best. While not as consistent, her Cloud and Lucas are never to be taken lightly as she has had some of the most clutch moments this period.

    Panel: MM, Randy, Killy, Scarpian, Shaya


Smash Master
Sep 20, 2010

Text Form:

1. Ghost
2. Con
3. Nikes
4. Chromeboy
5. Andre
6. Sans
7. Empire
8. Flowrats
Honorable mentions: Llama, Bruh, Spewis, Taicho, King, DI Joe.
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hoo hah
Jan 4, 2009
Canberra, Australia
ACT Smash for Wii U Power Ranking - v2.0, May 2016

Text Version:
1. Waveguider :4wiifit::4greninja: (±0)
2. Atyeo :4fox: (NEW)
3. Maplemage :4mario::4falcon: (±0)
4. Pazx :4diddy: (+1)
5. PhoenixRave :4megaman::4duckhunt:(NEW)
Honourable Mention: Skry :4wario::4marth::4lucina:
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Smash Cadet
Jan 3, 2015
Sydney, Australia
NSW PR Q2 2016

This power ranking is based on results from NSW tournaments dating back to 27/3/16. The power ranking for Q1 was used as a starting guideline, and adjustments were made based on both tournament placings as well as individual takedowns against other top players in tournament sets.

The top 7 of the Q1 PR were very hard to place. With the notable exception of Kira, whose enthusiasm for the game and subsequent tournament placings slipped after the ZSS nerfs of patch 1.1.5, it was just as difficult to separate the top players this time around. Killy and MM have clearly cemented themselves as the top two players in the region this quarter, but spots 3-6 were highly contested between the four remaining players.

This PR saw the rise of two neighbouring cities, with two new faces on the PR - Dr. Ainuss from Newcastle, and Kristoph from Wollongong. Both of these players have had numerous takedowns on those above them, but aren't quite at the same level of consistency just yet. These two, alongside Enn, have edged Kira, NINjA and Lunacy off the PR for now, but the women of the Sydney Smash scene will certainly be looking to return with a vengeance.

1. Killy (±0)
Killy has been dominating NSW since November 2015, and this dominance shows no sign of slowing down. Although he has fallen victim to a few more upsets this quarter than last, when he is in his zone and trying his hardest he is virtually unstoppable.

2. MM (+2)
After an impressive showing this quarter, MM has risen back into 2nd place. He consistently places top 2 at home in Sydney, and his performance at BAM inside the top 8 AU players with Palutena had the whole world talking. MM has taken Killy to game 10 in grand finals multiple times this quarter and the gap between them shrinks every time they face.

3. Luco (+4)
Luco arrived back in Australia at the beginning of 2016 after a year abroad, and immediately made a splash towards the end of the Q1 period. It was hard to evaluate him back then, but now that he's been around for a while he's made a huge impact, with a positive win-loss ratio against every player except Killy, MM and Jeese. Luco's Lucas and Ness are equally fearsome, and being able to pick between the two for the matchup is a great asset for him.

4. SaucyDancer (+2)
SaucyDancer's new placing may come as no surprise if you have already seen his claim to be the best solo Mewtwo main in Australia. Fortunately, his claims have been backed up by consistently strong performances throughout this period. Developing a more calm and passive approach to playing his character, he has well defined his high placement with wins over all but a select few players. With a newfound determination to travel and further hone his abilities, Saucy will no doubt continue to remain a threat.

5. Jeese (-3)
Previously known as Randy Savage, Jeese has always been known for his Luigi. His Charizard has slowly been seeing more play as it receives gradual buffs, and in this quarter was responsible for a majority of Jeese's tournament wins – more so than his Luigi. He may have fallen somewhat since last quarter, but is still very relevant in NSW with a monthly tournament win over Luco under his belt.

6. Scarpian (-1)
In this quarter Scarpian has shown dominance at our weekly events, placing 1st more often than not. While in the previous quarter he had been focussing solely on his Ryu, this quarter Scarpian has been much more experimental with his character choices, including a notable return to his Captain Falcon roots. Although Scarpian has wins in the weekly brackets, he has recently dropped sets to many players below him and his placings have slipped at the larger SGT and YSB tournaments. While these lower placings have lead to a drop for this PR he is still a very strong contender who will be looking to reclaim this lost ground next quarter.

7. Dr.Ainuss (NEW)
Hailing from Newcastle, the mere fact that Dr. Ainuss regularly commutes to Sydney (a 2 hour journey each way), sometimes multiple times a week, is evidence of his dedication to smash. A regular since October 2015, and the progenitor of ‘dark tech’, Dr. Ainuss has made a big showing the past couple of months with takedowns on Killy, SaucyDancer, Jeese and Scarpian, as well as the second best BAM finish of any NSW player at 25th. If he manages to keep up these results, Dr. Ainuss has nowhere to go but up next quarter.

8. Kristoph (NEW)
The ‘state’ of Wollongong has a somewhat established smash scene, where Kristoph has been an undisputed #1 for some time. Recently, he has set his sights on statewide recognition, turning up more regularly at Sydney tournaments and not going unnoticed either. His result data may be somewhat limited, but he already has a few takedowns to his name in Killy and Jeese. He also won Final Fight 3, the third of a Wollongong tournament series held every few months that attracts strong attendees from Sydney and Canberra.

9. Boundaries (-1)
Boundaries really made a name for himself after switching to Bayonetta in February. As expected, he had strong placings at the beginning of this quarter, but when patch 1.1.6 hit, there was some concern as to whether he would be able to continue to do so. He was unphased by this and stuck with Bayonetta, silencing his critics by continuing to place well despite the nerfs.

10. Enn (OLD)
Enn has always been on the cusp of the power ranking, placing at #10 at the end of 2015 and only just missing out on Q1 2016. Once again, the 10th spot for Q2 was hotly contested, but Enn managed to narrow out the competition thanks to his recent strong placings.

Text version:
1. Killy (Sonic)
2. MM (Palutena)
3. Luco (Lucas, Ness)
4. SaucyDancer (Mewtwo)
5. Jeese (Charizard, Luigi)
6. Scarpian (Ryu, Captain Falcon)
7. Dr.Ainuss (Fox)
8. Kristoph (Captain Falcon, Sonic)
9. Boundaries (Bayonetta)
10. Enn (Ness)


hoo hah
Jan 4, 2009
Canberra, Australia

ACT Smash for Wii U Power Ranking - v2.5, July 2016

Text Version:
  1. Waveguider :4wiifit::4greninja: (±0) - All hail our lord Wavegod, Australia's first sponsored Smash 4 player! Recognised around the world for his trademark Wii Fit Trainer and combo-oriented Greninja, Waveguider displays pure domination over ACT and impressive results at majors including being the second placed Australian at BAM 8. The top spot going to Waveguider should come as a surprise to nobody as he remains a contender for the title of best player in the country.
  2. Maplemage :4falcon::4mario: (+1) - Maplemage always places highly in the ACT with a host of different characters, including first place finishes at Capital Smash 12, Andrometa and RotA 7. He boasts recent wins over everyone below him on this PR as well as the at-the-time #2 player in Sydney Jeese. As such, Maple has moved up to the #2 spot.
  3. Atyeo :4fox: (-1) - Despite being on the receiving end of a few upsets Atyeo is still a top player in his own right, with notable wins against Maplemage, Sriks and interstate talent. Only time will tell if he is able to hold onto his #3 spot following his recent character switch.
  4. Pazx :4diddy: (±0) - A player who screams consistency, as despite a poor record against the top 2 ACT players Pazx simply does not lose to any of the players ranked below him. He has finished in the top 3 in five of his past six tournament outings including first place at RotA 5, with the one exception being a respectable 4th place at Capital Smash 13.
  5. PhoenixRave :4megaman::4duckhunt:(±0) - A player known for counterpicking characters such as Duck Hunt Duo and Peach in tournament, Phoenixrave comes in at a solid 5th place. Aside from trading sets (1-1) with Skylar his only losses in this period have been to Maplemage and Pazx while at the same time boasting wins over Atyeo, Sriks, Skylar and Saucydancer.
  6. Sriks :4shulk:(NEW!) - Despite a shaky start immediately after his return from Singapore, Sriks has still managed to accumulate an impressive number of wins including Scarpian, Kristoph, Atyeo, Maplemage and Groose, as well as destroying several players on the Wollongong PR. Strong out of region results including a phenomenal second place finish at Final Fight 3 means that this player is a force to be reckoned with.
  7. SJ Groose :4fox::4dk: (OLD) - Groose is a player of very high peaks both in and out of Canberra, with impressive wins against players including ****ashi, Atyeo, Skylar, Sriks and Enny. Despite this, he is a player of much inconsistency, oftentimes drowning in pools when he has a poor performance.
  8. Wiiman :4zelda: (OLD) - After a short hiatus from the game and a brief transitional period as he got used to Zelda, Wiiman's results have been steadily climbing with this bottom tier character. He has notable wins over various strong players both at home and out of state, including taking sets from Luco, Dr. Ainuss, Quen, Skylar, Groose and Bogo.
  9. Bogo :4samus: (OLD) - The 9th and final player on the ACT PR v2.5, Bogoron is a fearsome competitor. One of Canberra's few remaining Brawl veterans, Bogo has recently adopted a new approach to the game as well as retiring his top tier Mario to return to characters he finds much more enjoyable to play including Game and Watch and most prominently Samus. He has wins over Wiiman and positive records against many of the unranked Canberra players.


Jun 5, 2015
New Zealand
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Our newest national PR:
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