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  • I was recomended to possibly message you about some Sheik mixups I have found to be workable. One or two are not really valid. Also, excuse my "game breaking" term lol as I believe I was just excited about having even more options with Sheik.
    You're really good with Sheik, and so fun to play against!
    I play random characters but you may recall me as a red Greninja.
    I look forward to playing with you again! :)
    You're pretty damn good dude.
    I'm Marcus. The guy that usually plays Mewtwo. But to be honest I don't know who to pick as a main. I used to play melee :'(
    Hey! Always love it when I play tons with someone on FG then they find me :D
    You're pretty good too. Mewtwo's pretty good, just play who feels natural to play.
    Hey, I believe I fought you today on 3DS FG? I think you were using Ganondorf and Zero Suit? I was switching characters every game. Anyways, if that was you, thanks for the matches~ It was pretty fun, and that mid-game mutual taunt was hype~
    Hey, yeah we played for quite a while :D
    Was trying out Ganon for the first time, I main Sheik, and so she kinda carries my neutral. Playing Ganon for fundamentals.
    Thanks for the games, I'd love to play you again sometime.
    nice sheik and ZSS. I saw you on for glory on 3DS, i was the blue bowser with the Japanese name. I hope I could rematch you once again. You should really get a WiiU, you're too good on the 3DS :)
    Hey, thanks :D
    I'm glad you found me, because I had tons of fun playing you and I thought I wouldn't be able to again because I thought you were japanese :p
    And I plan to get one, but probably wont have one for a while. If you want I'll send you my FC and we can play again sometime!
    Thanks for helping out with notifying people on what threads should or shouldn't be made. Makes it easier for me to lock them.
    Yo dude. Dunno if you will see this. I 'm glad you're the only Simikins on the net! I am the ZSS you sometimes come across on 3DS (kevolusean). By far the most fun person I've played against. I usually save our replays, because you really test my ZSS. If you wanna **** around on 'real' stages at any point, I'm more than happy to give you my 3DS code. Cheers.
    Thanks for the games I think your Q is too strong and should be nerfed. You are also such a noob your buy-order is ****ed up.
    Thanks for the games against my Ganondorf on for glory, my name was sexybeast. Your falcon is pretty damn scary. I hope we run across eachother again, fancy us getting a rematch. Cute ganon clone ;)
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