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Smash t'ill you crash 3 Brawl Result


Smash Champion
May 21, 2007
Slowly dying in the void
Brawl result here, thanks everyone for coming. Hope you all had a good time :)

Brawl Singles

1: Holynightmare :rob: $150
2: Swordgard :fox: :popo: $75
3: Horo :popo: $25
4: stroumbert :falcon: :falco:
5: Oran :diddy:
5: Guard :fox: :marth:
7: Techiyo :marth: :falco:
7: Tarex :yoshi2:
9: Wakka :toonlink:
9: IKCT :wolf:
9: Pappy :lucario: :pit:
9: to joe :fox: :wario:
13: Doil :snake:
13: BBQ :dedede:
13: Eaon :snake: :marth: :falco:
13: Sgt noob ?
17: Matto :sonic:
17: Tjahi :marth:
17: timmy :ness2:
17: Tourneypro ?
17: Lupo :pikachu2:
17: Frr :zerosuitsamus:

Brawl Doubles

1: Holynightmare+Swordgard (Robotic furry)
2: Joe+sauce (Joe et sauce)
3: Guard+Techiyo (Pitty-pat)
4: Wakka+ BBQ (JDMBA)
5: Eaon+Tarektherex (Based Gods)
5: Frr+Agora (PROjectiles)
7: Horo+ouran (The free team)
7: Doil+funke (Saints of destruction)
9: Sgt noob+ SSMatt
9: Pappy+ Timmy (Team rocket)
9: Tjahi+TourneyPr0
13: IKCT+Rene



Smash Cadet
Aug 15, 2011
Montreal QC
You'll have to play me as well, best oli in canada! 'trollface'

Nice tourney everybody, had fun even though I scrubed :(
Also, I played Dedede for a single set, I played Pika, Falco, D3, Oli, Pkmns, Wario and ICs.
Doesn't matter though lol

1: Holynightmare $150 good **** proving me wrong, swordgard ain't better than you yet
2: Swordgard $75 prove me right next time you lovable cocky geek and beat that freenightmare
3: Horo $25 yo douche bag, you doing it right
4: stroumbert that falcon, 2 sideb spike against techio was sexy as ****
5: Oran best man in the tourney. t'as montré que la new gen peut kicker out le vieux stock
5: Guard next tourney 10$MM will you? and I'll kick you out of bracket you furry
7: Techiyo too bad we didn't played in dubs but hey nice tourney man
7: Tarex GGs man, next time I won't scrub and step up our rivalry!
9: Wakka Best dubs team eva, pis t'as presque eu doucheantoine. la prochaine fois y pourra pas t'avoir
9: IKCT spike, footstool nana... legit j'imagine :p nice tourney mon douche adoré
9: Pappy was nice seeing you having fun without that much raging :)
9: to joe JOE! Nice housing you, I want to play your MK more in the future!
13: Doil didn't see/talk
13: BBQ that would be me
13: Eaon Nice games! T'as vraiment improved :) Autant en single qu'en doubles. :)
13: Sgt noob (falcon/falco btw) T'as vraiment step it up dude :) Play more falco!
17: Matto you improved but need to continue doing so man. rock that sonic!
17: Tjahi You really weren't that bad for someone who don't really play the game for competition. You could play more :)
17: timmy First tourney huh? You'll step it up, we can see you potential, just need some time :)
17: Tourneypro Didn't see/play
17: Lupo oh yeah mig! rage moins, t'es legit quand t'es pas mad, bon tourney quand même!
17: Frr Niiiice doubles. sooo tight. J'ai hâte d'en refaire chez nous! :)


Smash Apprentice
Mar 1, 2009
Mtl, Qc
Fun tourney even though there was some choking and all. Btw I really think for future tourneys singles should be before doubles, the fact that they needed to be free to have more than three teams proves that no one cares about doubles and it's results that are even more stagnant than singles. This will make people a lot less tired during the main event, and leave time for side events/friendlies/mm AFTER the main event. Shoutouts:

1: Holynightmare: Gj on winning, nice seeing you
2: Swordgard : Gj on taking a set off Holy. Last time(and only time)we actually played in tourny was in that april 2011 tourney, your yoshi mu exp is annoying lol. Still, playing you/holy is always very learning, that positioning thing you mentionned to other people in the april smashfest made me more concious about my ground spacing
3: Horo : Great job on third, you're very good at getting/doing the chaingrab lol. Fact that I can't get any practice on dealing with this online is annoying but I still managed to do good until I got grabbed. Btw allowing gay stages still won't help much on beating this guy apex ruleset dabess imo
4: stroumbert : nice seeing you, actually got forward on playing you in bracket since I felt actually confident about playing your falcon, too bad it didn't happen. I might mm you next tourney if it dosen't happen/if we have time. Taking that game off Holy with Falcon was mad clutch, you might want to try back going falcon no matter what
5: Oran: nice placing, no offense but I wasn't really serious in those two friendlies we had but yeah still a nice diddy and you definitely have pr-ish level, looking forward to play you in bracket
5: Guard : we meet in bracket like 1/2 tourneys, fox is so annoying lol. still great games and nice seeing you, next time I'll win by doing it three times instead of two ;)
7: Techiyo : ggs in dubs, we very rarely get the occasion to play lol
9: Wakka: ggs and gj
9: IKCT: didn't play
9: Pappy : ggs you improved quite a bit actually good job this tourney you could prob go even further if you johned less and thought more about improving
9: to joe : ggs in dubs, was actually hoping that you would beat guard so I would face you in singles. too bad mk was banned, hope you still enjoyed yourself
13: Doil : ggs in pools, I know the samus mu too well. your secondaries seem about as good even though they are better characters, though they don't really cover her worst matchups. if you're truly dedicated to main her keep it up, she's bad but it's still actually possible to do work with her, for exemple ics mu is actually quite winnable
13: BBQ: no olimar? ggs in bracket, I actually wanted to yoshi ditto mm you but most of the tvs were running tourney matches all tourny long
13: Eaon : learn to deal with bull****, you're better than that. I just wanted to play my pool isn't a valid john, we coulda got free money. mon chou
13: Sgt noob: didn't play but you actually did a pretty good job with falcon/jiggs from what I've seen, keep it up
17: Matto: nice meeting you, hope you can make it to future events/otakuthon
17: Tjahi :didn't play
17: timmy : basically what I said on fb lol
17: Tourneypro: ggs, this is normal for a first tourney keep attending and asking tips and you'll get better
17: Lupo: this is perfectly normal for a first tourney, you have no reason to be salty. pappy is definitely better than you atm regardless of what you think or when you beat him in past friendlies or whatever. if you are truly confident of being able to do better just do it, raging will only make you look worse even if you don't place higher
17: Frr: nice seeing you

Toronto Joe

Smash Master
May 13, 2008
ggs everyone, i had a lot of fun in mtl! mainly outside of the tourney haha but it was still nice seeing you all, my friend kenny says ggs to all the people he played too! i have sooooooooooo many stories from this trip, mtl is ****in awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!111


Smash Master
Nov 8, 2010
St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada
ggs everyone, i had a lot of fun in mtl! mainly outside of the tourney haha but it was still nice seeing you all, my friend kenny says ggs to all the people he played too! i have sooooooooooo many stories from this trip, mtl is ****in awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Dude this trip outside the tourney was terrible for me! lmfao


Smash Journeyman
Sep 9, 2006
Any chance of replays popping up online? I was really hoping for my Doubles match with Holy and SG to get uploaded!


Smash Rookie
Sep 29, 2011
Montreal, Québec
1: Holynightmare: Amazing player, was fun hanging out with you.We played alot of friendlies and you gave me alot of tips. Thank you! Great Person/Player. Congrats!
2: Swordgard : Amazing player, didn't play you, but funny/good person.
3: Horo : I'm shocked. You really improved and I'm happy for you.
4: Stroumbert : You ***** me. Funny guy and thanks for the tips.
5: Oran: Did not play you, but you're a good person. I'll play you in the future my Diddy friend.
5: Guard : We played Doubles. Solid Fox and funny guy. If you're reading this can you give me a lift? lol
7: Techiyo : We played Doubles, but very nice Marth.
7. Tarextherex: My good Friend and the reason why I came to the tourney. We only played like 2 friendlies, but we did kinda did well in doubles. Good Yoshi.
9: Wakka: We played random friendlies and Doubles, but you're a nice player.
9: IKCT: Did not play each other.
9: Pappy : I had to go on our set, but Nice Falco.
9: To Joe : We played in doubles. Really funny person.
13: Doil : Did not play you.
13: BBQ: You improved alot. You took Holy to last stock and I was really impressed.
13: Eaon : You Suck, but you're really handsome. Nice Snake.
13: Sgt noob: You were my first bracket match. Nice Falcon and Falco.
17: Matto: Did not play you.
17: Tjahi : I played you in my Pool and we were recorded. Work that Marth
17: timmy : I know how you feel, but I hope you'll get good with Ness. I did not play you.
17: Tourneypro: You still have alot to learn, but GGs.
17: Lupo: You made my day when you called me: Le ptit Criss. GGs Pika.
17: Frr: Did not play you.
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