ROM6 Results Thread


Smash Hero
Jan 16, 2007
Revival of Melee 6 Results
November 16-17, 2013
Nanuet, New York
Melee Singles (118 Entrants)

Top 16 Bracket

1: CT EMP Mew2King :sheikmelee::foxmelee::marthmelee:
2: CT Hungrybox :jigglypuffmelee:
3: The Moon :marthmelee:
4: Chillindude829 :foxmelee:
5: Darc :jigglypuffmelee:
5: CTRL DJ Nintendo :foxmelee: :marthmelee:
7: Tope :sheikmelee:
7: Darrell :samusmelee:
9: MGFC StriCNYN3 :falcomelee:
9: Toph :foxmelee:
9: C!Z :marthmelee:
9: Kage :ganondorfmelee:
13: Knut :samusmelee:
13: Teczero :sheikmelee:
13: G$ :falcomelee: :marthmelee:
13: Nando :falconmelee:
--------End Top 16
17: Cactuar
17: Zanguzen
17: MattdotZeb
17: Ben Grimm
17: The Depths
17: Codi
17: SwiftBass
17: Animal
25: Phish-it
25: Beta
25: Mafia
25: Sol
25: Andrewajt62
25: Slox
25: Spawn
25: Reno
33: MGFC Chain-Ace
33: T.Webb
33: Coley
33: Warrior Knight
33: Rice
33: GK
33: Pyro
33: Gunblade
33: Toxic
33: Tian
33: SSF
33: Captain Smuckers
33: Sir Rocko
33: Soup
33: Fatuik
33: UltimaScout
49: SpicerMooMoo
49: Budai
49: Clonehat
49: Smokey Bluntz
49: Vino
49: Spaceman
49: KC
49: Hurley
49: Bro-dafet
49: Velocity
49: Loki
49: Cory
49: EmuKiller
49: Ryobeat
49: Papa Dav3
49: Sensei (Make it Rain)
65: K-lit
65: Blubbers
65: Haus
65: GCS Chris
65: Señor Testa
65: Pug
65: Julian
65: Sled
65: Cemo
65: Fitz
65: Luke
65: GGB
65: SS | Flow
65: Mark
65: DcScribz
65: Swanized
65: Vehk
65: Blue
65: D$
65: Dirty Deeds
65: DizzKiddBoogie
65: Bluelightning
65: Sabz
65: White Mike
65: Toon
65: Snoo
65: HectoHertz
65: Erk
65: Ron-A-Roni
65: Firefox
95: Inty
95: MCK
95: Egul
95: Tubs
95: Vino
95: Benteezy
95: Himes
95: Schoronos
95: Wards
95: SS | zydin
95: Vrud
95: Fubar
95: Juan
95: Obi-Wan Jabroni
95: Joero
95: Young
95: Bgul
95: Zebra
95: GGB
95: Steven
95: Nightrogen
95: Fish
95: DwD
95: Future

Bracket Pools
Pool 1 Results

1: CT EMP Mew2King
2: C!Z
3: Zanguzen
4: Phish-it
5: Coley
5: Warrior Knight
7: SpicerMooMoo
7: Budai
9: K-lit
9: Blubbers
9: Haus
9: GCS Chris
13: Nightrogen
13: Fish
13: DwD
13: Future

Pool 2 Results

1: Kage
2: Knut
3: MattdotZeb
4: Beta
5: Pyro
5: Gunblade
7: Clonehat
7: Smokey Bluntz
9: Se?or Testa
9: Pug
9: Julian
13: Juan

Pool 3 Results

1: The Moon
2: G$
3: Cactuar
4: Sol
5: Rice
5: GK
7: KC
7: Hurley
9: Swanized
9: Vehk
9: Blue
13: Vrud
13: Fubar

Pool 4 Results

1: CTRL DJ Nintendo
2: Teczero
3: Ben Grimm
4: Mafia
5: Toxic
5: Tian
7: Vino
7: Spaceman
9: GGB
9: SS | Flow
9: Mark
9: DcScribz
13: Obi wan Jabroni
13: Joero
13: Young

Pool 5 Results

2: Toph
3: Swift
4: Andrewajt62
5: SSF
5: Captain Smuckers
7: Bro-dafet
7: Velocity
9: Sled
9: Cemo
9: Fitz
9: Luke
13: Bgul
13: Zebra
13: GGB
13: Steven

Pool 6 Results

1: Chillindude829
2: Darc
3: The Depths
4: Slox
5: Sir Rocko
5: MGFC Chain-Ace
7: Papa Dav3
7: Sensei (Make it Rain)
9: D$
9: Dirty Deeds
9: DizzKiddBoogie
9: Bluelightning
13: Wards
13: SS | zydin

Pool 7 Results

1: CT Hungrybox
2: Darrell
3: Animal
4: Spawn
5: Soup
5: T.Webb
7: EmuKiller
7: Ryobeat
9: HectoHertz
9: Erk
9: Ron-A-Roni
9: Firefox
13: Inty
13: MCK
13: Egul
13: Tubs

Pool 8 Results

1: Tope
2: Nando
3: Codi
4: Reno
5: Fatuik
5: UltimaScout
7: Loki
7: Cory
9: Sabz
9: White Mike
9: Toon
9: Snoo
13: Vino
13: Benteezy
13: Himes
13: Schoronos

Melee Doubles (31 Teams)


1: CT EMP Mew2King + CT Hungrybox
2: Darc + Darrell
3: CTRL|Alukard + CTRL|DJ Nintendo
4: Toph + Kage
5: Cactuar + Reno
5: Chillindude + Tope
7: CTRL|Benteezy + WarriorKnight
7: Mafia + C!Z
9: K-Lit + Spawn
9: Phish-it + Sol
9: The Moon + Slox
9: Animal + G$
13: Codi + Obi Wan Jabroni
13: Jsex + Ryobeat
13: T.Webb + SwiftBass
13: HectoHertz + MDZ
17: SSF + Fautik
17: Ben Grimm + Soup
17: Bro-Dafet + Sled
17: Papa John + Tian
17: Zanguzen + Papa Dav3
17: UltimaScout + Velocity
17: GK + KillaBOX
17: ERK + Beta
25: DizzkidBoogie + Julian
25: Future + Vino
25: Vrud + Sabz
25: DCScribz + Teczero
25: SS|Zydin + SS|Flow
25: Wards + Tubs
25: Blubbers + Haus


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Jan 16, 2007
I would like to say thank you to everyone that attended! Next year is already being worked on so it can be an even better event! I can guarantee you trophies for top 3 and a WristBands or badges instead of Name Tags and thats confirmed in only two days after rom6! I Hope to see even more of you next year! THANKS AGAIN!


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Aug 17, 2004
North Jersey
Best tournament I've been to since I returned to the scene. Can't thank the TO'ing staff + Alucard enough for hosting the event. It was great seeing so many old-school players and meeting a bunch of newer players as well. Too many shout-outs to give this time lol so I'll just say it was a pleasure hanging and playing with so many people. Also thanks to the VG Bootcamp team as always. Hope to see most of you at APEX or sooner.


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May 2, 2011
Omg RoM6 was soooooooo good. Srsly thnx to everyone who came out and supported. I slept all through monday after that.

Ima do shoutouts cuz I havent done them in 3 years.

1: CT EMP Mew2King - Jason so nice to see you having fun! the first tournament ever that im a TO and i didnt have to yell at you once! youre the best! grats on winning #1 m2k fan so hype for you!

2: CT Hungrybox - Hbox thnx for coming out! always a pleasure bro youre so chill and awesome dude thnx again!
3: The Moon :marthmelee: - RYANNNNNNNNNNNN good **** bro! so proud of you lets get you prepped for APEX!
4: Chillindude829 - Chillin you always surprise me how far you get. Those old school smarts are freaking awesome to watch. Thnx for coming out bro!
5: Darc - Dude you were amazing in teams and singles! thnx for coming out!
5: CTRL DJ Nintendo - My brother! lets talk more in the future! CTRL doing work!
7: Tope - Tope you always so negative :/ thnx for coming out dude! why you hate the stream tho! your mustache was perfect for it!
7: Darrell - the west coast homie! dam cant believe its been so long since I seen you! you gotta stay with WK again so we can body you for the whole weekend like last time!
9: Toph - Dude you are the friendliest person Ive ever met! instantly new best friend! awesome doing commentary wit you I learned so much! cant wait to visit ya in cali!
9:Kage : THE WARRIOR!!!! thnx for coming down bro! Love chillin wit you gotta get some games in next time!
13: Knut - im going to body your samus at next no johns!
13: Teczero - underground godlike! those derivatives looking like 2s tho
13: G$ - good looks on everything over the weekend bro. I wanna join the training sessions so i can body you guys!
13: Nando- those matches were so insane bro! love watching that falcon
--------End Top 16

17: Zanguzen- a pleasure playing and learning with you bro!~ it was soooo much fun. prob the most fun ive had playing friendlies!
17: MattdotZeb - thnx for bring the hype to RoM bro!
17: Codi - Omg your sets were soooo good! even tho i was rooting against you outloud, i was rooting for you in my heart! good job bro!
17: SwiftBass - swift we never get to chill! :(
25: Phish-it- Sry about the tvs during doubles :(
25: Mafia - bodied you in marvel :)
25: Sol - nice run in singles bro!
25: Andrewajt62 - awesome friendlies on day2, lets play again soon!
25: Reno - 25th with TO johns?!!? better than me! good **** bro!
33: MGFC Chain-Ace - thnx for all the help brosef! sry about your car :(
33: Warrior Knight - we got teams at apex bro <3
33: Rice - Thanks for coming down guys! sry about the pools :( but nice run through!
33: GK - random ass name Dani lmao
33: Gunblade - thnx for holding down the commentary on day 1 bro. was mad fun hanging out youre mad chill!
33: Tian - nice finally meeting you bro after being mutual friends of john for so long lmao!
33: Soup - The homey!
33: Fatuik - im still mad
49: SpicerMooMoo - best name i registered all day

49: Ryobeat - u got this at apex bro!
49: Papa Dav3 - the man wit the master plan!
65: DcScribz - hilarious dude!
65: White Mike- So mad dude you have no idea

95: Benteezy - the embarassment is real

95: Obi-Wan Jabroni - mike you will become the next jman

To all of Canada: Thank you so much for coming down and showing support! you guys are awesome!

To anyone else who flew or drove in from far: <3 without you guys RoM wouldnt be so amazing every year!

Im still tired and its been 2 days but thank you all once again!


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Jan 22, 2012
Fairview, NJ
This tournament was amazing Alukard, thank you for hosting this again and I HOPE I SEE THAT ROM 7 NEXT YEAR. Now time for Shoutouts to 100+ people LOL. Btw; Vino actually beat Toxic in his pool.

1: CT EMP Mew2King: Thank god you played my Puff for 99 stocks, without that, Hbox may have beaten you ;) LOL good **** though, return of the king.
2: CT Hungrybox: Thank you for letting me MM with both of my characters, I need to get wrecked to remember that I still need work LOL. I'll see what I can do vs you in the future ;) I'll probably MM you again at ROM.
3: The Moon: MOOOOOON, you came a long way dude, good **** on 3rd. Get that Top 10 at Apex ;) And sadly we didn't get to play! Next time.
5: CTRL DJ Nintendo: In ALL honestly, if you had to play Hbox after the Moon, I'm pretty sure you would have beat him. But there's always apex. KICK EM.
7: Darrell: Good **** at this tournament, sadly we didn't get that MM in. Apex?
9: MGFC StriCNYN3: You vs Toph OMG WHAT A ****ING COMEBACK. I literally stopped my money match with Zang to watch that. Good stuff, NJ!
9: Toph: You were so close with DJ! Thanks for coming to ROM though, I love seeing that WC attendance.
9: C!Z: Welcome to Tristate man! Hopefully we can get some games in.
9: Kage: Sorry I SUPER SALTIED that second money match. LOL I need to get wrecked first, but the second set I'm cool with, you deserved the win. I will money match you at Apex, I'll beat you soon enough ;)
13: Knut: Great games in our MM, that was TOO close. And good **** making it into bracket! I love to see that, we also gotta team at a tournament soon!
13: G$ GSPEC!
13: Nando He's back! You better keep playing like you did here, I dont wanna see that WACK ass fox ;)
--------End Top 16
17: Cactuar: GGs in doubles, I wanna play you sometime 1vs1
17: Zanguzen: SHOULDA BEAT C!Z MAN! Arghhh, but its all good man, get em next time. GGs in our MM as well, you outplayed me. Next time.
17: MattdotZeb: YOUR SO GOOOODDD MATT <3 <3 <3
17: Ben Grimm: Great MMs, I felt closer than I thought. Your peach is sick, I'll beat it soon ;) #Blueisalamecolor
17: The Depths: Who are you and how did you get 17th AND beat Slox?
17: Codi: Good **** in our MM and great talking to you man. You are a sick fox, I'll see how I can beat it ;)
17: SwiftBass: GGs in our MM and good to see you as always. I keep getting closers, MAYBE IF I COULD DI VS MARTH
17: Animal: GGs in our MM, and great meeting you! You LI people are cool.
25: Phish-it: GGs in doubles, I'm kinda salty, but I'll me and Jsex will be back ;)
25: Mafia: Lost to Ben....hmmmmm......come back kid. 1-1 in ROM sets, ROM 7 ain't a joke.
25: Sol: GGs in doubles :D
25: Andrewajt62: Nice beating Smuckers!
25: Slox: Wish we played more :D
25: Spawn: IM MAD SALTY, but its cool, you played well. I have no johns, only blame myself. Come to Smashacre and run into me in bracket, I guarantee you will not win this.
25: Reno: GGs in doubles bro :D I really wanted to MM you, but I guess I forgot. Smashacre?
33: MGFC Chain-Ace: NJJJJJJ!!!! I have to beatbox MM you ;) BOUT TO GET ROCKED.
33: T.Webb: GGs man, you outplayed me fair and square. See you at Smashacre.
33: Warrior Knight: THE PAPICHULO.
33: Pyro: Come back to NJ <3
33: Gunblade: Better stay here and not brawl!
33: Toxic: GETTTT EMMMMMMMMM!!!!! First tournament in how long and you beat SS|Flow? There you go, your gonna be a top player if you keep at it and keep this "Let's go" mindset.
33: Tian: GGs in doubles man, super close. I wanna play you more in singles!
33: Captain Smuckers: You can do better than this, next time bro <3
33: Soup: why do YOU get free food D:
49: Smokey Bluntz: Step it up, I don't like to see you lose to Gunblade.
49: Vino: My dude!!! You are so dedicated! I like that about you, I'll see you up in the ranks soon.
49: Ryobeat: Nice in MMs, gotta work on your tournament game though. Practice makes perfect, dont give up.
49: Papa Dav3: Nice to see you man! Come to Juan's anytime and hit me up, we'll train.
49: Sensei (Make it Rain): MAKE IT RAIN.
65: K-lit: Nice stuff from what I heard!65: Señor Testa: Keep trying!
65: D$: Glad to see you here! :D Keep playing!
65: HectoHertz: Those rests......
65: Firefox: GGS!
95: Tubs: GGS!
95: Benteezy Thanks for running the tournament and saving everyone from getting WRECKED by your falco ;) Charity~
95: Obi-Wan Jabroni <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

95: Future: Out- MMed you ;)


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May 2, 2011
So … what about Cactuar vs. G$? Can anyone tell us about their two sets?

i watched both sets, they went down to the wire and G$ was able to clutch it out both times! NEW YORK!!!


Smash Lord
Mar 29, 2006
Alright I haven't done shoutouts in OD long. Since like ROM 2 or something

1: CT EMP Mew2King : Wear some shoes before you go into the hotel lobby. Pls.
2: CT Hungrybox : Juan, m2k has your number.. need to see what the next tournament brings.
3: The Moon : my dood ryan. I never gave you credit where it was due, and it is definitely over-due. Good ****.
4: Chillindude829 : good seeing you chillin, still using upair like a boss.
5: Darc : DARC! So good seeing you!!! you and darrel were just so annoying in teams ;p
5: CTRL DJ Nintendo : DJN, you mad strong, we talk all the time, no real heartfelt shoutouts. quitlife etc.
7: Tope : topeeeeee i respect your sheik!
7: Darrell : Homie as hell. Darrell, respect you :p Thanks for coming all the way! See you at APEX :D
9: MGFC StriCNYN3 : STRICCCC your vs toph. god.
9: Toph : I <3 everything that you do! !
9: C!Z :marthmelee:: didn't play or talk....................
9: Kage :ganondorfmelee: : Our teams MM vs G$ and Moon.. bodied them so hard. God. I'm coming for that Ironman again.
13: Knut : KNUT!!!! OUT PLACED ME BY LIKE A MILLION PLACES. I am not worthy.
13: Teczero : Guy doesn't practice, gets 13th. gg. I need to quit.
13: Nando : Why you destroyed me 3-0 for?
--------End Top 16
17: Cactuar : Thanks for teaming with me. TGT #nuffsaid We're going to win Apex.
17: Zanguzen : Zang! Glad you enjoyed ROM :D We worked hard!
17: MattdotZeb : MDZ thanks for coming out man! Always a pleasure! we'll have to run back that MM.
17: Ben Grimm : Ben, get better at teamsss with mikeeee

17: Codi :putting in work during crews!! last hit last match. Next time I'll be sure to murk you ;P
17: SwiftBass : Swift, we're 1-1 in MM.
17: Animal : And almost giving it to HBOX! Looking good, man!

25: Beta : First time seeing you play, your fox is pretty good!
25: Mafia : MM at smashacreeeeeeeeeeeeeee as per usual.

25: Slox: moar friendlies pls.

25: Reno: Stop ****ing sucking. I know you play fox but goddamn have some faith in your sheik. If you are feeling tired, don't feel like fox is that crutch, switch to sheik you noob. Drink a red bull after you've been up for 8 hrs. You can't not make it to bracket at APEX and look like a scrub, TO johns or not. Goddamnit. Reno you noob.

33: MGFC Chain-Ace : Trooper showing up even though your car died. TY for the dedication!!!
33: T.Webb : TWEEZY. what happened this tourney? lets talk soon.

33: Warrior Knight: busted that ass in dbls <3

33: Gunblade : Always good seeing you dude!

33: Tian: tiannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i want a dealie too. but of fox. pls <3

33: Soup: Mike, we finally roomed together, holy ****ing ****. Team doodoocake.

33: UltimaScout: I would totally win in a falcon ditto ;P MM!

49: Ryobeat : Keep improvinggggggggggg! I'm rooting for you.

49: Papa Dav3: First tourney outta retirement and didn't get last? Goodddddd ****tttttttt

49: Sensei (Make it Rain) : I didn't even see you that much :'(

65: Sabz : Nice meeting you! You totally took my hat didn't you?
65: White Mike : The whitest of mikes. Thanks for coming out again :D

95: Benteezy: 95th tho? Hosting TO johns aside, come onnnnnnnnnnnn

Shiny Mewtwo aka Jigglysir

PhD; Smash Community Studies
Feb 1, 2012
Ontario, Canada
Stream viewer complaint:

You guys had a full day to run a 16 man bracket, and you couldn't stream every match? Step it up! There were some (presumably) hype matches that didn't get streamed cuz we were watching M2K 7 stock Kage and Hbox murder Tope and **** like that. Stric vs Darc, Toph vs DJ, Kage vs Darrell, all of the losers bracket before Top 8 should have been streamed, you definitely would have had time if it wasn't for that stupid Crew battle. A full 16 man bracket is only 22-23 sets (depending on bracket reset). That can definitely be streamed in one day.

I'm still reserving hope that there was a secondary recording setup that the rest of bracket was recorded on, please let that be true!


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Nov 27, 2012
Shoutout to Toph for being the chillest person ever in my friendly matches with him.
Shoutout to Prog for landing a warlock punch while sitting on Kage's lap.
Shoutout to all the canadians that came.
And shoutout to the top placers for just making the most exciting matches ever. MDZ VS KAGE AHHHHH.


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Sep 25, 2006
Princeton, NJ
1: CT EMP Mew2King - Gratz. You live near me. Play me >.> lol
3: The Moon - Wanted to play you, but it didn't happen. Gratz as well.
4: Chillindude829 - Sup
5: Darc - Gj carrying my fembot friend.
7: Tope - **** Sheik. GGs =]
7: Darrell - Good seeing you. You still didn't MM like a ***** lol
9: MGFC StriCNYN3 - I hear you might live close to me. You in NJ?
9: Toph - Da homie <33333 till next time
9: Kage - Wish we played more.
13: Knut - GGs. Till next time.
--------End Top 16
17: Cactuar - Would love to play you sometime as well.
17: Zanguzen - GGs man. Our sets are always intense. You've got the craziest play style. I feel like I get better playing you every time.
25: Phish-it - GGs. Sucked we had to play our set through the loudest set of the tourney.
25: Mafia - We went in for never teaming before lol. Sorry I choked that first game of top 8.
25: Reno - Would have liked to play you. Need that Sheik practice.

Lots of other people I played, GGs. Sorry I don't know your names, I am bad with them. See you guys around.


Smash Ace
Aug 2, 2007
New York
"17: Animal : putting in work during crews!! And almost giving it to HBOX! Looking good, man!"

I was the one who in work in teams! He wasn't even there lmao


Smash Cadet
Jan 31, 2011
Ryobeat mentioned this, but I got 33rd and Toxic got 49th (our set was close though). Also I'm listed twice.

The Depths

Smash Rookie
Nov 19, 2013
Manhattan, NYC
1 CT EMP Mew2King: Yes...just yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes. I was going off watching you vs hbox. its good to see my favorite player back on top.
3 The Moon: I loved watching your matches. Your Marth is so cool glad to see you did well this tourney.
4 Chilldindude829: Our set was down to the wire so I'm a bit salt ;). Lets play again, it was the most fun set I played this tourney. Also watching you/Toph was hilarious. Much love to falling Uair :chuckle:
5 Darc: Your puff is great and I'm really glad we got to play. You had nice sportsmanship too which I appreciate and watching you and darrell vs hbox/m2k was amazing. Good **** in general dude.
9 Kage: We've definitely never met but thanks for making this tourney so hype! No one man could have all that power

17 Mattdotzeb: You're a cool guy. We'll play some more at Jesse's next time you're in town, I can teach you all of my peach stuff #420. You vs Kage...most hype set I've seen in forever. Like dam..
17 Codi: Too bad we never got to play, also you made that crew battle so not hype but all is forgiven. We can MM some time when I'm not exhausted haha.
17 SwiftBass: Really fun matches, I'm sure I'll see you in bracket real soon and we can play again.
25 Irish Mafia: Tight ditto your peach is really cool and your falcon is nice too. Teams man...seriously. And much love to your FC nair "pilaring" as some would incorrectly call it. So OD
25 Slox: You gotta stick with fox next time dude! Your fox is slick you just fell behind and it snowballed, happens against peach. Never give up, because Fox is SSSSSS tier:laugh:
33 Sir Rocko: Try not to frustrate yourself, you could've played way better we both know it. Just don't CP dreamland next time please :c
49 Emukiller: 49th dude? Your marth is way too beautiful for that. I look forward to seeing you place better really soon I'm sure. Lets practice more samus/marth if you're up for it.
49 Ryobeat: I'm a Peach player, I've been to like 5 or 6 tournaments in the last year but I'm going to start attending regularly/get a CRT in a couple days to practice on erry day (I can only play at other people places currently, I'm not too inexperienced, just not very experienced either). Only other notable win I have is nando I think. watch that #throne though my dude, I'm going to be trying to get a lot better. Edit: You can find me on Facebook- Sam Kelson
49(/95?) Vino: Keep working, you'll go ham soon. Let me teach you things about teams.
65 HectoHertz: Ultra super homie my dude. I'll see you soon of course at #thelab. Not really sure why I'm writing this. THOSE RESTS THOUGH :smash:. Don't worry soon you'll be destroying :colorful:
95 Future: Don't be talking **** to andrew when you get whooped son! Gotta earn that. And you gotta play to get better! Always dope seeing you of course man, come out and play some time.

Shoutout to to Alu and the tourney staff. Thanks for such an awesome gathering it was so dope. Revival of Melee baby. Seriously though I had a ton of fun.
Shoutouts to D1 and Prog. You guys make every event you attend that much better. Thanks so much for being the best commentators melee has had the pleasure of knowing!


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Aug 5, 2013
Great tournament I watched pretty much the whole thing on the stream. What a great way to spend that weekend.


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May 28, 2008
San Jose
Only person I wanna shoutout in this thread is Cactuar, who showed me that I have so, so much to learn about this game. Amazing player and amazing human being. You're gonna have an amazing week with Zhu LOL, take care of him for me :3


Smash Journeyman
Jul 20, 2007
Long Island, NY
1: Mew2King - Had a lot of fun playing friendlies and talking with you dude! You're now the king of melee and only continuing to get better.
2: Hungrybox - Great games man, you're better then you give yourself credit for at the IC's matchup.
3: The Moon - You did f***ing incredible man was so hyped to see you represent NY!
4: Chillindude829 - dem falling up airs too good
5: CTRL DJ Nintendo - Nice job man
7: Tope - Loved seeing your shiek, my favorite to watch by far
7: Darrell - Glad you came man representing that WC, meeting you was hella cool
9: Toph - Good games man
9: Kage - Was great to finally meet you in person!
13: Knut - Billy man great to see you again and nice job representing Long Island!!!
13: G$ - Good **** G my long island homie
13: Nando - Had fun playing your falco at the hotel
--------End Top 16
17: Zanguzen - GGs dude, next time i got you tho ;p
17: MattdotZeb - Nice job man
17: Ben Grimm - Hbox of LI always coming strong
17: Codi - Great seeing you as always
17: SwiftBass - GGs
17: Animal - LI represent
25: Phish-it - your mid tiers are mad good!
25: Mafia - Good friendlies at the beginning of ROM!
25: Andrewajt62 - You're the coolest guy ever!
25: Slox - Your falcon is amazing
25: Reno - dat NYC
33: MGFC Chain-Ace - Great job TO'ing man
33: Warrior Knight - play more bowser!
33: Gunblade - Glad I could meet you, love your commentary as always!
33: Tian - Good seeing you again bro
33: Captain Smuckers - Good games man, got my revenge from No Johns hahaha. Glad you could make it!
33: Soup - Great seeing you again, now you gotta learn the IC matchup! You gotta help me get my marth up to your level sometime!
49: Vino - marth is mad good
49: Spaceman - Nice performance against Jabroni!
49: Velocity - Good set with you in pools man, try not to be too upset about it. Shake my hand next time tho man :p
49: EmuKiller - #1 Netplayer! Awesome to meet ur IRL
49: Ryobeat - Good **** dude!
49: Sensei (Make it Rain) - Glad to meet u IRL too!
65: Sled - Keep training man!
65: Cemo - me and sled thought cosmo was in my pool for a second! Then we realized it's Cemo!
65: HectoHertz - Had fun money matching you! You gotta work on dat peach tho!
95: Benteezy - Great friendlies with you dude
95: Obi-Wan Jabroni - Thanks for picking me up bro! You're getting good just need to be able to be on-point when the tourney matches come!

Good games everyone!


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Aug 23, 2013
1: CT EMP Mew2King :sheikmelee::foxmelee::marthmelee:: M2Cute :D lovely meeting you and I quite fancied your blanket. It smelled though.
2: CT Hungrybox :jigglypuffmelee: (NESS): HEY YOU. was fun going to KFC with you :3 you are really nice and I enjoyed getting 4stocked by you.
3: The Moon :marthmelee:: You are my idol white marth, I look up to you sooooo much! I didn't know it was you at the hotel I'm so sorry if i was rude LOL funny funny story XD oh god. it was a good way to meet :D looking forward to seeing you in apex
5: Darc :jigglypuffmelee:: you so cute :3
5: CTRL DJ Nintendo :foxmelee: :marthmelee:: I love you. Legit you are the nicest guy at the venue I met. Too bad we didn't get to take a picture together :(! Also we met by me not knowing who you were and apparently you were really good at pokemon! its poopy i didnt have my ds so i didnt tag you :C even though my bro has my fire emblem limited edition ds :C
7: Darrell :samusmelee:: I hate you
9: MGFC StriCNYN3 :falcomelee:: you seem cool but scary. sorry we didnt get to meet.. but i took a picture of you :D
9: Toph :foxmelee:: you are cool. and asian. you made me want to learn japanese :D
9: Kage :ganondorfmelee:: The warrior... thank you for carrying montreal on your shoulders :D
13: Teczero :sheikmelee:: we talked for a bit but you semeed funny :D
13: G$ :falcomelee: :marthmelee:: your dreads are cool :3
13: Nando :falconmelee:: Last day and talked for 5 minutes! :D you're cool but u beat Loki so i dont like you
--------End Top 16
17: Cactuar: In smash boards someone mentionned you when asked for the handsomest smasher :3 JUST SAYING.
17: Codi: >_>... poop head
25: Reno: my fellow asian posse. we shouldve talked more.... even across the room your voice is so loud XD
33: T.Webb: congratulations, you are the first person we met at rom6 after Alukard :3
33: Rice: Gratz on pools honestly you proved yourself that match and did really well, sure im biased because i love vrud but you were on top of your game. keep at it and maybe you will join me on my pedastal.
33: Tian: Thanks for talking to me about marth :3 i still think im a better white marth... i mean.. COME ON :C i started and we always be white marth
33: SSF: t drole toi. youre funny i didnt get to see drunk ssf WHY ARE YOU SO POOR :(
49: Clonehat: Really underestimated your peach you are really good :D great freee for alls!
49: Loki: you are awesome.
49: EmuKiller: YOU ARE SO NICE. i underestimated you since you kept telling me of the matches you lost instead of won ~_~ easy 4 stock i find your play style totally destroys mine.. you are good.
65: Cemo: you are really funny :D number 1 iceclimbers at venue idc what anybody else says :3... but i still think i can beat you with my marth
65: GGB: gratz on your match! :D you were right you are clean neat and respectable in the hotel room Lols!
65: Swanized: handsome tom... you have very VERY strong views on marth and playing it idealistically perfect... like hitler or something ~_~. we had fun matched and its because of you i have a grab marth style thanks for showing me the roots :3
65: Vehk: *Gabe* nobody says Vehk MWAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH. nice beard.
65: Sabz: Yay me :D
65: Toon: Nice link :) Ill get you next time!
95: Vrud:nessmelee:: BABY I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 You are the cutest smasher and number 1 ness in my heart :D and in canada. :3
95: Obi-Wan Jabroni: we met for a bit. you have a funny name :3


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Feb 19, 2009
I was gonna say "That's easy. Just don't enter brawl", but you and I both know you're not gonna do that.


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Jul 5, 2011
In The Year of Luigi
I've got a few shoutouts.

M2K- Great Stuff out there, as usual. Doubles GF was ridiculous
HBox- Great run man! Hope you'll get M2K soon! Jiggs FTW
Moon- Bringing some big Marth hype! Give em a run for their money!
Kage- Being a warrior, carrying Montreal, and Ganon, you were spectacular.

Other shoutouts!
Ryobeat: Nice to see you man! Hope at Apex, we'll get some friendlies!
RekRP: Great seeing you! Your peach is really good!
My Homies in Montreal: Great to see some dedicated people!
Alukard: great tourney man! Revival of Melee 4ever!
crismas: Thanks for helping my dad and I. we appreciate it!


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Mar 25, 2007
Convex Cone, Positive Orthant
Shoutouts to bracket pools being some hype stuff

Alukard - Brian thanks for hosting as always, the event was incredible you should be proud of the event.

The Moon - Yo its crazy how much you've improved I was so hype seeing it AND THAT UPSMASH KO THOUGH. Keep that up man, your perseverance is inspiring I'm hoping to see more from you in the future

DJN - Sorry I couldn't give you a good match. You've only gotten stronger as a player while I've been slacking haha. Next time I'll give you a better match for sure.

Benny - 2s, do NOT LOOK LIKE PARTIAL DERIVATIVES THAT MAKES NO SENSE SDLKFJASLKDFJ. Good seeing you Benny, I'm also bad at this game don't even.

Reno - It was good seeing you Will :3, Im surprised you missed top 16 though =/

Nando - Still got that hype falcon man. It was great seeing you again dude we should play sometime

Toph - Dude, awesome seeing you again. Finishing up that punpun its such a sick show omg. We didn't play although I'm pretty confident I would have gotten blown up lol maybe next time. Get Sion out of the PSO2 hold pls thanks.

Sabz - It was nice meeting/talking to you :3

Mafia - :< it wasn't your day man, always a next time though.

Crismas - I was so happy to see you there Cris, I thought you weren't even gonna go for a sec. As always, a great time with you onee chan. Sushi sometime maybe?

DCscribz - lol, get that marth up there wtf. Thanks for teaming, driving, hanging out you know all that jazz. I see you on twitter all the time I don't need to do this here

Hbox - I was rooting for you man, hopefully next time! I didn't know you were a Chem. Engineer, its always cool to talk to other engineers good luck in school dude.

Prog/D1 - Always a pleasure to see you and your work.

To everyone that told me I played bad in LFs of my pools I know I'm SORRY I'M WASHED UP AND STUFF SADFACES
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