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R.O.B. Matchup Analysis #15 - Peach


Smash Apprentice
Apr 21, 2015
I have some problems against peach, but I'm not sure if it's the matchup or if I'm just bad against her. Her mobility and amazing approach methods are what get me. It's hard to get a gyro in against a character with an approach that just goes right above your head.


The Sultan of Smut
Dec 7, 2004
Winston-Salem, NC
I feel that this MU is between 50:50 to 60:40 (ROB's favor).

  • The biggest things in this MU, imo, are as follows:
    1. Minimize the amount of times you're flat out tricked/baited by Peach's float shenanigans (such as floating forward -> baiting an action -> quickly coming back in to punish). There's too much stuff to really list here in terms of what Peach can do with baiting stuff with floats, but the threat is real.
    2. Try not to be above Peach... at all. I know that's a general rule for ROB in most MU's, and it is certainly true in this MU. She can float to track your landing, dash attack to punish a landing, and her U-tilt/air & even up+B are serious threats.
    3. Learn to grab her turnips out of the air. It fuggz up the Peach's game and really strengthens yours.
  • SH Retreating N-air/F-air are solid options in this MU. I think Peach has some speed/range on a few of her aerials to contend if poorly spaced/retreated, and some flat out beat it. Its a bit of a game of rock/paper/scissors in terms of what aerial to use.

  • I believe there is some float cancelling shenanigans Peach can pull, but I don't know the specifics behind it, its utility (outside of possibly speeding up some of her options as well as baiting)

  • Angled lasers and SH lasers are excellent in this MU to snipe her out of her float. If you can consistently harass the Peach/snipe her float as she attempts to utilize it as an approach, 90% (according to a statistic I just made up, but seriously...a lot of them) will most likely get frustrated. SH gyros at medium charge are solid options as well - as I don't think uncharged maintains its height long enough unless at a non-safe close-range, you might have to FJ an uncharged but that puts you in a prime position for Peach to get under you if you miss. And, a frustrated player is usually a much less effective player.

  • I believe an up-angled F-tilt beats out N-, D-, and N-air float approaches in range, and ?potentially? speed, thereby serving as a good walling move. I've had some decent success with it, but I can't conclude if its bc of range+speed, or if its solely based on poor float spacing/height & aerial selection from the Peach.

  • I'm fairly confident a U-tilt will beat a poorly vertically spaced D-air & other options from Peach. Again, this requires her to fuggz up her float height. Need some verification on this.

  • I'm fairly confident a well spaced U-air will beat out her D-air as well in the event you are looking to KO with it. Need some verification on this.

  • Get good at grabbing items in mid-air through properly timed aerials & airdodges. This applies to when airborned (ascending/kinda floating there/descending in both offensive/defensive and neutral states) as well as on the ground. This kind of requires some close observation of when & how the Peach likes to use her turnips. As hard as it may be (and I'm super guilty of this at times), don't throw out a panic defensive aerial or airdodge... not only can the Peach already be baiting you, but you may be responding to the threat of an aerial when a turnip is coming, one that you could have grabbed if you would have been more patient. Grabbing turnips out of the air consistently really screws up a Peach's set-ups with them. Many will be on "auto-pilot" after the turnip throw ala a Luigi or Mario's fireball set-up, and grabbing it (thus denying them the hit) will put you in an advantageous position. Plus, this gives you another item in hand, leaving your gyro available for other stuff.

  • Gyro on the ground isn't that great of an option here, as odds are Peach will be in the air most of the time. However, if they do like to float really low, a gyro on the ground can still hit. Its not a great option/tactic in the MU, but it certainly has its merits (as it can limit where they land after the float).

  • Continuing from the above two points, this is one MU where learning to z-drop items & z-drop item -> aerial regrab pays dividends. It provides you a lot more aerial safety, as well as gives you the potential for FU's.

  • Peach's will generally recover low due to the awesomeness of the start-up from her parasol. So, you're goal in terms of edgeguarding is to tack on a bunch of chip damage as she falls so she can recover low + as she tries to get back on stage. Be wary of float "stalling" to bait you to come out, only to receive a defensive N- or F-air, or even a toad counter.

  • While Peach's generally recover low, they can still land somewhat well in the event they recover high. The parasol gives them a great ability to drift, and being able to cancel & uncancel (is that a word?) can alter their falling speed which makes tracking their landing a bit tougher. A part of me feels that platforms help her in that regard (more places to land that limit your punishment options), but another part of me feels that they hurt her in that aspect as well (she can wind up getting trapped on the platform).

  • On the subject of platforms, be mindful that she can drop through -> float -> D-/N-air as a relatively safe option to contend from your platform pressure from below. This adds another layer to the rock/paper/scissors of "Roll left/right, Spotdodge, Shield Drop, Shield, Jump) options vs your pressuring options to relieve pressure from below. I mention this, because I can't think of any other char off the top of my head that has the capabilities to threaten you while they are ON a platform with you underneath as effectively.

  • Peach's jab is annoyingly solid in this MU, esp. jab 1 which sets up for grabs, which lead into B-air and other such nonsense at low all the way up to mid percents. Also, jab+dash attack is a great pairing. And dash attack (as mentioned) is good at punishing landing attempts as well as rolls if the Peach has a good read on your rolling patterns.

  • Peach's D-smash beats spotdodges, similar to ours, iirc. I promise that at one point in the set there will be a series of d-smash clanks, and spotdodge/d-smash Rock/Paper/Scissor type exchanges.
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Smash Master
Jun 13, 2008
Toot Toot thrills in Green Hills (England, UK)
Start off the match with a laser immediately - 9 times out of 10 the first thing a Peach player does when a match starts is pull a Turnip (because having a Turnip in hand helps us approach) but, at the beginning of a match, the Turnip pull animation takes longer to finish than it does for ROB's laser to hit her. Every bit of damage helps right?

My advice would be to play really campy - ROB's quite a big target which sets him up nicely for Dairs -> Fair/Bair combos even at higher percents so you want to avoid Peach getting in close and personal as much as possible. Spaced F Tilts and Fairs are good for tackling her Fair. Defensive Nairs can also help stop her getting in. Her Fair has good range but your Fair outspeeds hers - you can beat her to punch if you think she's going to try and SH/Floating Fair you. Watch out for mix ups with F Tilt and F Smash though! Her Bair has a deceptive hitbox too and can punish any whiffed Fairs. ROB is quite tall so SH Bairs for Peach are quite a good mix up option for her.

Your Up Smash is strong - if Peach gets a bit aerial/Float happy you can catch her out with an Up Smash if her spacing gets sloppy. The window for landing her aerials laglessly is much less forgiving this time around so be sure to punish any poorly spaced aerials with grabs and F Tilts/D Smashes.

Really chase after her when she's trying to land and watch where she goes - Peach's biggest weakness is arguably trying to land after being hit up in the air. Likewise, her Uair is very disjointed and can beat out ROB's falling Nairs if he tries to use them directly above her.

Watch when you throw your Gyro out! Whilst Floating, Peach can perform aerials whilst keeping hold of any items in her hand and the same goes for the Gyro, meaning you won't be able to pull out another one until she lets go of it or you knock it out of her hand.

Hopefully those tidbits are useful - I would say the most important thing is to in this MU is avoid letting Peach get in close and personal too often by playing defensively, spacing well and using your projectiles in situations to throw the Peach player off their game.


Apr 27, 2014
Wichita, Kansas
Switch FC
SW 7896 6401 6209
I've actually got a small bit to say for this MU.

Nair is really ****ing good in this MU.
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