Operation Starfall: Bringing Life to SMRPG Again


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Dec 7, 2018

Welcome to Operation Starfall!
Hello, fellow Smash and Nintendo fans! Welcome to the hub for the community-wide onward campaign for Operation Starfall,
the meeting place for us fans of Super Mario RPG, Geno, Mallow, and all of SMRPG's best! Here, we congregate to reach a singular
set of goals, what we as fans have been championing for over a decade: the return of SMRPG and its two exclusive protagonists,
Geno and Mallow, to the Mario mainstream. Read on for more information, and see how you can make your contributions to the cause!

What is Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars? Who are Geno and Mallow?
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is a video game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, published by Nintendo and developed by Squaresoft (now Square Enix) in 1996. It is, in fact, the grandfather of the Mario RPGs we know today: that is, Paper Mario and the Mario & Luigi series. It features the likes of Mario, Princess Toadstool, Bowser, and their new friends, Geno and Mallow, on a journey to stop the evil Smithy from using his weaponized minions to commit to his evil deeds. They also must retrieve the seven stars mentioned in the title, the seven pieces of Star Road, scattered and stolen by the Smithy Gang. Without Star Road repaired, wishes cannot travel to the stars, where they are to be granted.

Mallow is the first character to join Mario on his adventure. He is a tadpole residing in Tadpole Pond and the grandson of Frogfucius, a wise, old frog. He is a user of weather magic and healing abilities. Spunky, yet rather on the emotionally sensitive side, this little guy follows along with Mario after a run-in with a devilish thief.

Geno is the second character to join the party. Originally going by the name of ♡♪!?, this guy is sent from a dubious 'higher authority' to retrieve the pieces of Star Road. He possesses a doll of the same name, a name he adopts for the time being, as his original name is very tough to pronounce. A steadfast, ambitious, expressive, and somewhat aloof character, he is a fan favorite, one that many people have championed to make an appearance in Super Smash Bros. for over a decade.

The goal of Operation Starfall in full is what now?
As the leader of Operation Starfall, I come to the community representing all of us adoring fans of Geno, Mallow, and what all Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars has given us. Our goal is segmented into two parts with the ultimate goal being to bring these beloved characters back into the fold as modern, mainstay Mario characters.

GOAL 1! Bring Super Mario RPG's beloved characters back for either a remake or a sequel to Super Mario RPG.
GOAL 2! Bring Geno and Mallow into Nintendo's mainstream again! This means featuring them in main Mario games (even if only as main RPG characters and not the 3D platformers), spinoffs (think Strikers, Party, Kart, Tennis, etc.), and even beyond! (For beyond, think of further Squeenix and Nintendo crossovers, as well as other, general Nintendo crossovers, none the least of which would be more representation in Smash Bros.!)

What is the ULTIMATE goal?
Bringing Geno and Mallow back home to the Mario series. We want them to reunite with their friends for many more adventures to come! Whether it be in RPGs, other main series games, or spin-offs, we want to see our boys come back! We love them dearly, and they are very important to us.

Why Operation Starfall?
Operation Starfall (whose name was decided upon by our own tehponycorn tehponycorn ) is inspired by the incredible work of fans performing very similar operations to see their dreams come to life. Operation Rainfall was first made to bring Japanese-exclusive games and series to the West, namely responsible for bringing us Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, and Pandora's Tower. They still operate to this day to spread awareness of Japanese-exclusive gaming and to better ensure these titles receive Western attention, including bringing English versions to us. Operation Moonfall is another we have taken great inspiration from, a movement by Zelda fans to bring Majora's Mask to the 3DS in the same vein as Ocarina of Time. We recommend checking them both out to get an idea of what we intend to do for Operation Starfall.

Okay, I'm sold. What can I do to help?
We have a supporter's list going on in the form of a petition to Nintendo and Square. We are trying our very best to reach out to them and allow our voices heard! This is but one phase of our plan, and we will continue to find ways to fight and even spread our influence worldwide. Start off by signing that, and we will go from there!

I have a suggestion to aid the campaign!
Sure, we'd love to hear it out! Feel free to let us know, and we will absolutely consider any form of positive contribution that could aid in making this dream a reality!

A signature-sized logo for your perusal! We recommend linking it with a direct link to this thread and/or the petition's link, which you will find below!

For hanging out and having fun!
For planning, suggestions, and business talk!

tehponycorn tehponycorn — Naming the initiative.
Dynamic Worlok Dynamic Worlok — Creating the header banner.

Let's do what we've gotta do, pals!​
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Dec 7, 2018
Hey, all! I'm so glad that we already have users piling in by the truckload. Boy howdy!

Our reach shouldn't be limited just to Smashboards, though, of course. Share this. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Share this post and this petition to anyone and everyone that you know. Every single little ounce of support counts. Every voice should be heard. Smashboards is but one pocket of fans. There are many more out there, and we have to make our reach outward.

On that note, anyone here fluent in Japanese? I am unfortunately very much an English speaker, nothing more. I would love to spread this to the East, as well, really hammer in that worldwide support. We have to shoot for the stars!


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Dec 7, 2018
I have a suggestion. Because it's almost definitely Erdrick, on the Twitter post announcing it should we have people say how Geno would be appreciated. maybe a Twitter if this gets really big idk
A separate Twitter would be incredible if this ends up getting huge! I will certainly keep that in mind. For now, I have posted this to my personal Twitter, so if anyone wants to preemptively start retweeting, there ya go:


... I should probably change my Twitter display name for this, though...

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I think one thing we can all do is to at least make sure we have once bought SMRPG legitimately in some form. That way Nintendo and Square will be getting proof of interest through money. It's part of the reason I got a SNES Classic, even if SMRPG is one game of many.
SMRPG was actually one of the games that got me into RPGs in the first place. I remember buying it around the time it launched on Wii VC.
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