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Nintendo Direct To Air Wednesday 2/9 At 5pm ET

Today Nintendo announced that a Nintendo Direct would be airing tomorrow at 5pm ET/2pm PT. You can check out the announcement below:

With the last direct coming in September of last year, Nintendo fans have waited long for further information on upcoming games. Usually these directs cover games coming out this summer as well as some early info on the 2022 Holiday Season.

Fans are likely hoping for a release date for Splatoon 3 and Breath of the Wild 2, information on the status of Mario Kart 9 and further third party titles releasing on the Switch. Whatever information we do get, Nintendo fans are sure to be excited.

You’ll be able to watch the Direct as it happens here.

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Oh neato! I'd love to see something Mario Kart related, a new Donkey Kong or Mario mainseries game, Breath of the Wild 2 or Splatoon 3 update, or a new Yoshi game would be cool. The more first party things, the better. I've still been meaning to check out FE Three Houses and both Xenoblade games.

I will say, Smash announcements really did motivate me to watch the Directs the last few years, but I'm sure as long as Nintendo focuses or at least features their other first party IPs, it'll be a good Direct.
Here's my bingo card if anyone's interested
For "SSBU Re-release", you mean like a Deluxe version with all of the DLC? I don't think they'll do this on the current Switch only because they very very rarely drop prices of their games at all. SSBU is still $60 retail, and given that the Fighters passes are each $25ish, I can't imagine them making a re-release this generation with ~$110 being resold at a normal price. Now, I guess I could see a discounted Fighter's Pass 1+2 bundle or something to be like $90 or $100 with the game, but that's also pushing it. Next generation or a few years down the line, maybe?

With the exception of that and Dragalia, I wouldn't be surprised if you finished the whole rest of the board, haha. Though all of those titles at once seems unlikely, each individual space seems reasonable.
So since there's no more Smash speculation to have to cage in, does that mean this one won't have a dedicated thread for reactions?
Hoping for tearful Sakurai announcing fighter pass 3 and saying he’s looking forward to it as he unsuccessfully gnaws the chain attaching him to his desk….

Wait, why are smash fans the worst again?
FEW based on three houses is something ive been suspecting theyd do since AOC was announced
kirby continues to be amazing. that vending machine thing is gonna be great
glad to see salmon run back and the new monster look hilarious
nice to see XC3 announced though it does look severely anime
that live a live thing looks curious think ill keep an eye on it
ill also watch the disney racer thing but that season format thing is off putting
48 remastered tracks for MK sounds like a real treat. not long after i hoped to give 8 deluxe a go
switch sports didnt look that good
never heard of that mech strategy game
KH as cloud games is still a shame
i did see a lego platform fighter right, i didnt imagine it?
portal on the switch was inevitable
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Yeah, some cool things, and I'm glad to see the number of AAA games touched upon at least. Mario Kart I was hoping for a new game, but honestly, 48 remastered tracks will be a blast. Loved Advanced Wars growing up and this looks like a competent remaster, I'll begetting it for sure. Some of the JRPGs looked good too. Maybe I'll get around to playing the first Xenoblade Chronicle games.

All in all, pretty solid direct. Would have liked to see more about Zelda BotW2, but other than that it checked a lot of boxes.
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