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Speedy Sloth

Speedy Sloth
LACS Recap: The 5 Fives
  • 1,667
  • 2
The largest ever Melee tournament in terms of attendance took place last weekend and produced surprising upsets, incredible losers runs and some important takeaways.
Nintendo Direct To Air Wednesday 2/9 At 5pm ET
  • 1,565
  • 11
With many titles currently in development, this direct will hopefully shed some light on 2022’s most anticipated games.
NetPlayer Analysis: Goosekhan
  • 2,550
  • 1
I had the chance to interview one of Conduit Gaming's most promising prospects, one in a sea of Canadian Grinders. Of all the Captain Falcon players currently gunning the number five spot, the poutine-eating college student may have the best chance.
GENESIS 8 Postponed
  • 1,555
  • 1
The supermajor decides to wait until spring and hope for better COVID conditions in the future. The new dates of April 15th-17th will hopefully deliver a safer event for everyone.
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