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Next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Character to be at E3


The wait to learn who will be the second DLC character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is almost over.

Earlier this week, Sakurai tweeted out via his personal Twitter that during the E3 Nintendo Direct on June 12th at 1 a.m Japan time, he would announce that the next character to join the Smash roster. In the video of his announcement, keen eyed fans have noticed that the Smash Ball to his right changes inverts the size and shape of the Smash Brothers logo halfway into his presentation. Whether this is Sakurai having fun and acknowledging the leaks or a tease about who it will be about, all answers will be unveiled very soon.

Leaks and rumors have been plaguing the internet over who it will be. Banjo from Banjo Kazooie, Erdick from Dragon Quest, and the list goes on. In just a few short days, we’ll finally be able to see who will be right!

Are you excited to see who's coming to Smash next? Let us know in the comments below!
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Very curious to see how the next DLC fighter is going to play out. The Google Theory’s been around since May, and I’m very interested to see if it was a legitimate leak of all of the dlc characters. Would be disappointing if the character was completely different from the Google Theory list, as Ryu Hayabusa and Banjo were candidates, especially Ryu being one of my favs. Even if it turns false it’ll still be cool to see the new character.
Fake Smash Ball explodes into an X. Xbox has an X for a logo, so probably gonna be some sort of Microsoft rep. Of course there could be something else about the fake smash ball that I'm not thinking about.

So the 3 characters I'm thinking that would be from Microsoft would be Banjo, because the leaker scene has been talking about a bazillion things about Banjo lately. Of course, I have no idea what to believe when it comes to leaks so that might not happen. Second one would be Steve because it's pretty obvious because Steve is like the Mario of today because everyone of all ages knows Minecraft sorta like back in the day everyone knew who Mario was. Probably unlikely, but one I'm hopeful for is Master Chief. For a long time Halo was basically the Microsoft version of Mario to Nintendo, Sonic to Sega, etc. and was very popular for a long time.

I gotta say this though, if Banjo is in I'm going to be hyped as heck for Google theory.
Ryu Hayabusa is probably my least hyped of the other 3 because we already got Sheik and Greninja for Ninjas, and Joker is rather Ninja-like himself and I haven't even had the time to play them. Though I still want Ryu in a lot because I did enjoy the games a lot (Also I love a challenge, but there's some BS broken mechanics in those games though) and he looks cool.

Doom guy/Doom Marine/"Doom slayer" would be awesome and I kinda view him similarly to Master Chief based on appearance. However I imagine the Doom rep would have a heavier focus on being fast + hard hitting compared to Master Chief because of how the Doom games are so I feel I would prefer a Doom rep anyways because I love glass cannon characters and I feel Doom Guy will be rather scary to fight. Kinda like a Captain Falcon with more of an emphasis on projectiles but less combos is how I view Doom Guy would play in Smash.

Lastly there's Artorias from Dark Souls who I am hyped for the most out of the other 3 from Google theory. People pretty much only said the player character from Dark Souls, but I feel Artorias makes more sense and would be so much cooler anyways. I am unsure if I would play them because on one side they are an awesome character. On the other hand I imagine there will be long startup and endlag to most attacks to simulate Dark Souls, which is very important in how Dark Souls is designed and that game is amazing for it, but translating that to Smash is going to be tricky. He'll have other things to compensate for that of course. He might not be used at top level play, but he'll definitely make a lot of people happy.
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