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Q&A New to Yoshi? (or not) Ask your questions here!


Smash Apprentice
May 27, 2014
Clemson, SC
Well Boys. It was fun while it lasted. Thanks for everything
What do you MEAN? Everything is finished! This means that we won't have to re-learn characters and matchups ever again. We will have a completely solidified meta! We can't stop playing. We just can't...

This game has brought me so many friends, and melee just isn't the same at all. I can play my actual favorite character in this game. And I love every minute I've ever spent playing this game. Winning or losing, PM is always fun to me. So we can't stop playing until it's completely gone.

ALSO. I'm still expecting that combo video on the other thread ;)

Mr. Tumnus

Smash Rookie
May 9, 2014
So I have a question considering yoshi's wave-dash options on platform.

There are two ways I am wavedashing on platform but I have no idea which one is actually the faster option.
The first way is to jump and wave-dash par usual.
The other way is I am falling through platform - immediete DJ- wave land on platform. When done fast enough it seems like it takes no more than 3 or 4 frames before I start moving and is generally a perfect waveland, but I am unsure.
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wait I thought this was for Brawl wtf
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