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I've not posted comments lately and thus links to my rankings, so a reminder to find them here:

Alex Jones' Worst Nightmare (Ribby & Croaks MasterWarlord MasterWarlord )

Ribby and Croaks is a behemoth of a set and gets straight to it with a pretty elaborate and in-depth two character tagging mechanic that allows the other frog to attack alongside the main playable frog. Normally only seen in the likes of Pokemon Trainer sets, this is an interesting way to go about it, and I do quite like how it is a very simple and concise way to work a partner set together. The even/odd stock thing is kiiinda odd, but I've brainstormed sets like this before and it is pretty tricky to deal with, so I'll consider it acceptable.

One thing I do want to point out, though, is that the way this mechanic works means that in an even stocked match, you're going to spend a good chunk of the match playing a solo frog unless you dominate and 2-stock the opponent. And unless R&C is constantly 2-stocking opponents, which would likely mean the set is overpowered, that means solo frog is going to need to be interesting on its own in addition to all the inevitable combo moves. Reading the set helped assauge some of this doubt due to the Specials and Smashes working well with a solo frog, but I do wonder if the set would function better with an Ice Climbers style of just having both die when the stock ends.

The Slot Machine Down Special is really cool. There's been sets with projectiles before, but I can't think of any with this kind of dedication to moving platforms or moving platform-traps, and they offer up some interesting gameplay options just with their design. I also do feel like having a big flashy Special which is basically mostly usable while you have two frogs is interesting and the slot machine is the obvious choice for it given it is when the two frogs go into a combiend phase in Cuphead. I can also imagine having both the active and inactive frog using their slot machines facing each other for some projectile bullet hell, which is fun to imagine. Side Special is a very competent/strong bullet hell move. The frailty of the Fireflies is balanced by Croaks being able to throw them out while inactive and thus being able to pressure the foe to keep them from easily doing so. The ability for, say, combos off the parrying (and another way for frogs to save each other) goes along with the foe being able to parry for their own combos and to flatout easily avoid this move. And both of these importantly feel good to use both when you have your own frog and when you're all alone and can just throw them out. The most I could nitpick is that Ribby's range seems a bit low on the fireballs and that it should specify what level of Mega Man F-Smash charge as IIRC range increases with charge on it.

Wouldn't the ending lag of the aerials basically make it impossible to swing on each platform and Up Special to them as Croaks? The Up Special has some pretty solid uses on the foe, the platform stuff is solid although I question the usability of it in general and I feel it may have been more fun to let them spider-man sling around the entire stage/pull themselves to the ground and the interaction with the slot machine feels very natural and cool to me, it's a pretty straightforward pocket but the way it combines with the platform play to make a dangerous zoning play is quite nice. The firefly interaction is good too, nothing to write home about but good. It's overall a pretty nice use of a Yoshi Neutral Special kind of animation.

Forward Smash is also really cool, the Forward Smash itself feels like it has strong uses on the inactive frog and works as a roll/ledge covering kill option for a solo Ribby, but the Slot Machine interaction is rather natural and ends up creating a fun and unique bullet hell scenario while putting some high tension in as Croaks really needs to do something or else he'll get punished. I like how the nature of Ribby and Croak's multihits are practically opposites, Ribby being almost impossible to escape while Croaks easily drops foes. I feel like the wind hitbox could also be utilized for Ribby to go faster and more aggressive which is a nice bonus, with how well the frogs can go off stage creating a long lasting wind hitbox IS somewhat worrying though, but it is only at D3 Inhale speed so I imagine it is fine?

Ribby Up Smash is clean and effective, a solid move for the playstyle by itself with a simple but highly flowing interaction with the platforms, Up Special swallowing and general gameplan. Croaks Up Smash is also good, although I feel the massive all or nothing Ribby + Croaks Up Smash should have a bit more punishability to it given the base Up Smash is implied to have little ending lag and the move has tremendous power. The slobber on Dowm Smash increasing dash speed by "1 full unit" is absurd and should be edited immediately. 1 full unit is more than the difference between Charizard (9th, 2 units) and Robin (Last at 58th, 1.15 units) and like the difference between Sonic (3.5 units) and Captain Falcon (2.32 units), this feels like a crazy high boost. Aside from the slobber the Down Smash still feels like the weakest move so far by a good amount, they're both fine moves but not nearly as inspiring as the other ones and the Ribby + Croaks interaction is pretty eh.

One thing the Ribby and Croaks throws should discuss: How do you command the other frog without just using a throw, given a directional input is required? Do you just do it after the throw, which is fine but would be noted as slower than being able to do so simultaneously? The F-Throw mentions spawning fireflies long before the throw but given it is a Side Special you would need to be in a position not to Back Throw from the side input or start it beforehand or something, right? Some explanation on the more exact mechanics of this would be nice. F-Throw is mostly neat, a bit basic on its own but the fact that solo frogs can eat projectiles for it means that it still has enough uses with solo frog, the fireball ending lag cancel should probably just be removed though given how randomly specific it is and how it is not consistant with any other fireball parries in the set (as said by the move itself).

Back Throw's animation is legitimately bizarre in the firefly coming out, but it fits pretty well with the cartoon-y set logic and the move itself is pretty interesting. I don't imagine you will eat a lot of fireflies to make that particularly useful, but the interaction with Ribby is more common and is actually helpful, although I will note all these ways to eject Ribby in the grab game somewhat cheapen the danger of eating Ribby in the first place. Gotta say, though, I am NOT a fan of the Up Throw. The animation feels off compared to the other "tacky" throws, it's the only one that doesn't fit well with being a slot machine, the effect feels awkward and really annoying to deal with/pretty forced for a frame trap, suicide KOing feels like a bad idea to put into this set given how much they want to not have one die and I feel like the way it interacts with the parry fireball would be really annoying, it's like a less terrible version of the old meme Willy Wonka "input ban" where you're forcing them to cancel which sounds like it'd be annoying to play against. If it was less direct it would be less of an issue, but this throw forces them right on it.

Down Throw is...sure a thing. The base move is neat, albeit perhaps on the stronger end, but the balance of the "stupid" Down Throw is iffy to me. One thing I am already worried about is that Ribby & Croaks seem really strong to the point of potentially being a balance issue and the Down Throw can be very spooky when considering the frogs can also swallow opponent's projectiles, which potentially leads into a lot more damage than the frogs could normally output. And their own projectile game isn't that weak to begin with, perhaps giving too much reward for a simple grab on a character who also is psuedo-2v1ing the opponent to me. I will say the actual effect is neat and I enjoyed the part before that a good deal as well.
Neutral Aerial is good, not a ton to say but it is a very fitting melee move with a fun referential animation that feels like it fits their playstyle. The differences between Ribby and Croaks are nicely made to be impactful but not so much so that they become too different. Forward Aerial coming out so fast is pretty scary given how much they can recover and their off stage game, also with how much the end lag is stated to be I don't know how well they can tongue to a platform after, kinda eh move. Back Aerial is also...okay, I like the spacing bit between the arm and the fist, but it doesn't feel like it fits into the playstyle as much, I feel like Croaks should get some solo comboability from the double arm hit which would also add some more use to it for the solo frog, it's solid enough overall but not inspiring. I like the juggling of the Up Aerial and the differences between the two frogs for aerial combat, but the actual interaction is kinda eh, still the base Up Aerial fits into their platform game well. The Down Aerial, though, is really fun. A combo stall than fall is something I am surprised we do not see more often and I'm a fan of Greninja's Down Aerial, in addition though the differences between the two frogs are really nicely done here, and the mixup between the Down Aerial and Down Special is nice, not to mention stuff like the platform bouncing and overall air-to-ground comboness fits their playstyle quite well.

The Jab is actually really cool, I like how the delayed third hit plays into it all, especially considering hitboxes will be thrown out a good deal to deal with the other frog and potentially pop the balloon punch. It also is a delightfully cartoony animation perfectly befitting Cuphead. Ribby's Dash Attack is pretty fun and fits well with how their combo game works, Croak's Dash Attack, doesn't really feel like it adds much of anything to the set really. Forward Tilt is a solid, worksman-like move that fits well and has some unique angling tricks to it as well. Up Tilt is also solid, fits into the playstyle well, it is another solid move that fits into and helps enhance the playstyle but isn't some amazing solo move or anything. Down Tilt is...quite a bizarre move to end the set on, I don't see how it adds much to the playstyle as a Down Tilt they want to specifically miss a bunch of hits on to get the most value of doesn't feel like it particularly flows or adds much, they already have moves kind like this (Jab instantly comes to mind) but done better and I feel the tongue should just be able to eat them given how much the tongue will be eating that is odd anyway.

Overall, Ribby and Croaks have a lot to like. The tag mechanic is pretty well done and they have for the most part quite strong Specials and Smashes (Down Smash is kinda eh) that form a strong core for the rest of the set to play off of, with some various solid aerials and standards with a few standouts (Neutral Aerial, Jab, Down Aerial) and some more meh ones. The grab game was hit or miss to me, but the misses were not the worst aside from Up Throw, while I feel like the hits were pretty solid. I do worry about the balance of this set: Ribby and Croaks have high damage output, strong combo potential, their KO percentages are not that bad, they have intense stage control and projectiles, plus a large amount of interactions that add more and more to it, to me it feels like they are really strong and potentially overwhelming. They also have a strong gimping game and are healing heavyweights as well. The balance issues are quite strong. I feel like that along with some various moves I disliked (Up Throw especially) or worried me (Down Throw for example), some worries with the potential of having too much solo frog time and perhaps not quite as intense of melee drag it down some...but only some, because overall, the set is still great.
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Beardy and the Ink Machine

Captain Brineybeard... I'm sorry to say is a bit poor. Given that the man himself doesn't really DO much in his original fight, Warlord clearly had to improvise a bit to make him a full set. Given the difficulty of adapting such a tricky character to Smash, I believe that credit is still due for what's here, though. Immediately, we open with DSpec, which gives us a status effect that we don't yet know the proper effect of. Unfortunately, Ink is perhaps the most glaringly bad element of Brineybeard. SSpec is serviceable, with no real issues in its execution. USpec has an interesting concept, almost making Abandon Ship into a full stance change, but it also introduces our first taste of Ink. In this set, Ink equates to an impossibly strong adhesive capable of sticking practically anything to the foe. In this case, his peg legs not only stick to the foe, but somehow manage to embed themselves into the victim's flesh? Presumably the miracle glue Ink is also a lubricant that allows the peg legs to pierce skin? The effect in itself, standard DoT, is nothing special, but the flavor is bizarre. In fact, USpec in general introduces a flavor anomaly that hangs around for more moves: the notion that Brineybeard is merely pretending to be a pirate. This notion strikes me as bizarre and tacked on given that the source makes no indication of this being the case. It's not AWFUL but it does rub me the wrong way. NSpec's dogfish and their collars can both be glued to the foe with Ink as well, with the winged collars carrying them upwards constantly if glued specifically to the neck. This seems unnecessary when you could simply have them always do this regardless of placement. As it stands it feels as if this takes far too much effort to land for not that good of a reward considering the wings can subsequently be snapped off with relative ease.

From here, we have FSmash, which feels more like a Special to me given its Pocket properties. It's a nice move, but is blatantly not a Smash despite its placement. USmash was at one time potentially broken, but the edits have made it more fair. DSmash has a strange effect on it, marking a position for USmash, and it has another odd one with Fsmash, making the shark's teeth golden. Not a bad move, but a bit strange mechanically.

The Grab Game gets a bit strange after the serviceable Pummel. DThrow frankly is horrifying to imagine in practice, with Brineybeard making the "Katamari Effect" of the Ink even worse by straight up tethering minions to his foe. In comparison the anchor feels like a mercy to the victim. UThrow feels like it has the potential to get absurd if he's getting particularly spammy with his minions. FThrow... my goodness. Applying this effect for 5.5 seconds feels extreme considering what a hellscape it puts the foe in for that time. If Brineybeard is remotely competent at getting minions out, he merely needs to land this throw and the foe is probably screwed. After this, BThrow is comically quaint and barely worth mentioning.

FAir resumes the Ink shenanigans by having a harpoon embed itself into inked foes, again displaying the Ink's miraculous qualities of being simultaneously adhesive and lubricative. BAir uses a prop from a different boss altogether and interacts with the water Brineybeard forgot he had; can you glue an electric eel to foes with this? Of course you can. DAir is another comically simplistic move, being a simple falling move. NAir bizarrely gives Brineybeard a buff during its animation that promptly wears off in endlag. UAir is again hilariously short and sweet.

Jab's projectiles are laughably slow considering their relative weakness; the parry mechanic is nice enough though. I'm frankly shocked the set doesn't allow for gluing pellets to foes. Dash Attack continues the theme of comically underwhelming if serviceable moves. FTilt has no description of the actual attack nor its hitbox. Again, this could've easily tied into the Ink, sticking glsss bits to the foe. UTilt of course goes for the logical conclusion of using squid Ink as a miracle glue: sticking an octopus to the foe. DTilt is a fine projectile.

Brineybeard is unfortunately not Warlord's best work. But, considering his other two Cuphead sets, one of which is arguably among the best in the movement, I am perfectly willing to chalk it up as a fluke.
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After going this long without commenting, I will get rid of my funny comment titles as penance.


The idea of having to deal damage in order to get back time that you can have time frozen for is a really great idea. The numbers on that, post intervention, actually make some good sense. I also really like being able to cash out in order to get reincarnations by rewinding time when you die, that was a very cool move. It's been a long time since we had a good reincarnation move. The idea of killing minions to get back units of frozen time? Also cool! I really wish you focused on that more in the melee by talking about how he would play in a "free for all", when it would really be about fighting minions and the foe at the same time. There is a lot of missed potential there. Turning the minions into allies was good, but I would've liked to seen more about how he fights against them and the implications of their ever advancing AI.

Unfortunately I really do not like the time stop mechanic very much beyond how you get the meter for it. While he can't keep time frozen all that long, it seems very exploitable. He can apparently only hit the foe once as far as knockback, but as much damage will stack up as he wants. There is a brief self contradiction in the move with damage being dealt during the time stop and being dealt after it's over, but both versions agree that you can damage the foe with as many moves as you want during the time stop. The reason this is bad is because most of the moveset is talking about how to use moves during time stop for the "interesting" portion of the move, when you're just going to be doing the same generic combo over and over. The moveset doesn't really acknowledge that. Fighting a person frozen in time doesn't give you any reason to adapt, it's gonna always be the same mindless combo that does the most damage, maybe with some variance to kill the foe if their damage is high enough. Without this, the main text of the move's hitboxes are fairly generic and don't contribute much to playstyle.

Damage dealt to the foe during time stop does not rack up damage to refresh time stop's duration. However, Cronus can place projectiles which will only go off after the time stop has finished. He can place several dsmash chainsaws down and hit the foe once so that they will be knocked into the chainsaws when time resumes. This is not only a strong combo, but because the damage happens after the timestop has stopped, will give Cronus back his time to just use time stop again! You see how that is a problem? You didn't consider a lot of implications with this.

I really do not like the brief paragraph about him batting away any and all projectiles during time stop. When he can so easily use minions to get meter for the time stop anyway, I don't think it's going to be that rare to bat away the projectiles. I also don't think it makes much sense for him to bat away fire, light, lasers, spike covered giant boulders, etc. The utilt as written could use more detail and sounds like it comes out on the first frame if you press A. The bthrow, uthrow, and fthrow all have basically the same effect just with different knockback attached.


This character has so many different things they can use that have to be in the moveset on prominent inputs, that I approve of you condensing so much into the specials so that the smashes aren't too busy. The different minions all feel like they have good purposes, with the ship that's a time bomb you can detonate, the homing bomb, and the robot you can overcharge with electricity and projectiles. Even with all you had to include, you still managed to get the robot's main design into the set somehow, that was a very good idea.

While this has incredibly elaborate set-ups, it never feels like it's too impossible to get it going as you concern yourself with viability. The usmash enables the robot minion to become supercharged and explode without dealing a ridiculous amount of damage, and while it's a bit cumbersome to set up the magnet on the robot, when you do manage it, it lets you do things so much more easily by having the magnet stuck to another point off your hurtbox.

The many moves that absorb projectiles might not be all that powerful in a vacuum, but their quantity means some of it will happen automatically. You can store some of it for later with Neutral Special diamonds to not be on such a strict schedule, or use the uthrow to do it while the foe is directly occupied. The raw projectile manipulation of this set can't be understated, sets previously touted as the best in the genre have nowhere near this level of control while still being focused on viability and balance.

Dthrow, when it's out and working, helps Kahl to be able to spawn things away from his hurtbox to further emphasize his ranged playstyle. What melee he does have is good for what it needs to do, baiting attacks and punishing them, which is a lot more powerful in a projectile spam context. It's not just "run away or knock them away to spam more" like sets in this genre in the past would do, it's very carefully done to make sure he still has an active playstyle.


This was easily my favorite of your melee oriented movesets. The mechanic just clicks with me in a similar way to Anti Mage's, with some great specials that you really manage to work off of well. The rushing move manages to be really interesting despite how simple it looks on the surface, I never thought I'd so heavily approve of a move you can casually combo into itself 3 or 4 times! The percent ranges where you can combo into kill moves are nicely handled, as well as the fact that said ranges are different depending on whether or not Balrog has available meter.

The mechanic is very well done for one of those basic moves where you can spend "charges" on any move in your set. Getting a unit of meter is a lot harder than in most sets of this archetype so you really have to do a lot to sell me on making these be good, but gosh darn it you manage to do it. Practically every move can justify using meter on it despite how strong it already is just with the counter and specials. It's kind of like the mentality you need to have with balancing four throws against each other, but with an entire moveset. Not only are they all easy to use, they do it all in unique and interesting ways each time. The grab-game is the big highlight, playing around with the meter in great ways.

The creativity you manage to get out of this simple character is really impressive, and it never feels like a stretch. I'm glad you didn't make him never use his legs like some people who are more conservative might have done, and it's not just a generic boring kick. Implementing his dair and cheating by standing on the foe's toes, as well as things like the uthrow, really manages to sell me on it. Balrog really does not have much character to milk for a moveset, but you still manage to make him out to be a great character throughout it.

The one thing that is slightly awkward is Street Fighter inputs in Smash. On Ryu it's only for a couple moves. In this moveset, you have to memorize a combination for every single move with the meter bonus. That's more you're memorizing than to use button combinations in Street Fighter games and most other games in the genre. You don't clown around with these inputs either, with plenty of half circles before you can do something as simple as a boosted aerial. The Smash Bros audience would struggle to use all of these effectively and probably stick to the specials and grab-game for the most part. Half circles in particular should really have been more minimized. Dragonball Fighter Z may be deemed more casual than some other fighters, but it's certainly high above Smash Bros for this kind of thing. In that game, there's only quarter circles to make the game more accessible, so this is not an opinion entirely exclusive to me. It's a very in-character way to have these inputs and it still works, it's just a small issue that makes this set not be as great as it could have been.


The projectiles in this set are interesting enough, but what really makes me feel this set is in a class of its own are the momentum mechanics. The speed of projectiles being changed by the speed of your momentum and the direction you're going was excellent and felt better handled than in O'Neil's rocket (which is still an excellent moveset), as well as the moves that interacted with your speed like dashing attack. It's really high concept stuff, this one, that makes it stand out above your other projectile manipulation sets this contest. This is one of the very few sets where it sounds like pivot grabbing is actually worth it and not some memetic technique people do to show off.

The cat itself, as everybody else has told you, was implemented very well. I'm shocked you got in it at all. While not a ton of moves interact with the cat, the fact it's even as relevant as it is is pretty shocking. What moves do interact with the cat's paw, like the dair, are good, but the real appeal for me is building up the meter for the cat. It provides a lot more depth to what would otherwise be another one of your projectile games, with the goal of some of the weaker, more pathetic projectiles being to build meter more than damaging the foe.

I have made enough of a spat over the two moves I hate already. Traps on non special inputs aren't good, they need a lot more justification than what you've given me here. Dtilt is barely even a hitbox and just produces the trap and little else. I thought we were past this by MYM 20. Bthrow at least actually has a hitbox, but if you removed the text about the trap it would just be a generic attack and little else. It exists to interact with the other move I hate.


I don't have a whole ton to say about this one, but I want to make my stance clear on it since this set is obviously going to take second place. The specials are all great stuff. Implementing what you did with the trivia thing in particular is an excellent highlight, that was just brilliant. Pretty much everything relating to the TV is good whenever it comes up, I liked all of those moves.

The accomplice is good, but becomes the main thing you have to talk about for the moveset. The raw melee in this set just really failed to interest me all that much compared to some of the best stuff you've made. Even Ziz kept me more consistently interested. Ghostface's smashes are the real place where I feel like the ball was dropped, not doing much of anything for his playstyle. The standards and aerials are the place for this kind of melee, and those are done much better if you ask me.

We get some more interesting effects in the throws, but they're a mixed bag. The throw where he makes a slimy pile of guts come out of the foe is quite possibly the best move in the set from a gameplay standpoint and is pretty hilarious to boot, very befitting of Ghostface. I am conflicted on this move because of how supremely tacky it is, though. You stretch out a giant pile of guts from any character, whether it be Kirby or Pikachu or whatever. In practice, this would just be one guts model stapled onto every foe that looks really, really silly on a lot of characters. I'm not even talking about gore being sylistically unappropriate for Smash or whatever, the effect would just look really bad. I would be a lot more against this if the throw wasn't so great and Ghostface wasn't such a tacky meme character who could get away with it.

The throw that I actually depise is the stagelight throw. Ghostface grabs the foe, does the actual throw, then somehow, only after performing this throw, does he feel the need to magically summon a stagelight 2 seconds after he has performed it. It is bad enough when a character will only use some arbitrary prop after they have grabbed the foe, but here? He will specifically only summon it 2 seconds after he has grabbed the foe. There's no reason he couldn't just do that normally. Yes, it would be bad for gameplay, but that just means you shouldn't have this throw in the first place. It's a bad idea.


This moveset starts out strong with some great specials, striving to mix the best from Recoome and Burter into a rabbit package. I like the ability to move during your moves during specific times, and it's an excellent aesthetic to give him some showsmanship without resorting to outright posing, since this guy is more serious than Recoome. I also like the terraforming aspects, especially with him being able to fly over the pits with his superspeed or go down through them with anyone else because he's so fast. The counter isn't super fascinating by itself, but being able to move during it through use of the mechanic makes it more interesting.

The melee throughout the set once we're past the specials isn't amazing or anything, but it's hard to go wrong with me for that mechanic. Just having some moves that use the mechanic in any ways at all, even if they aren't the most interesting, at least give me something to keep me entertained in this set when it gets into some of the more mundane sections. Usmash was a highlight. I think the set beyond the specials was its most interesting when it was interacting with pits in typical Dragonball fashion.

The one move I loathed was the utilt. This creates a trap that lasts for 6 seconds, and if it hits someone it will freeze them in place for 2 seconds. It's at least an okay hitbox, but this move is still primarily used to generically place traps. It feels very out of place on the input, and aside from that feels very strong. Sitting in a pit and placing the utilt ring up above it where foes would come into the pit feels quite annoying for foes to deal with, and very OOCishly campy for Dyspo. Dyspo at least doesn't have a ton to set-up, but I could also see Dyspo freeze the foe in place for 2 seconds then run away and terraform pits or something. I don't really know why he even has a trap in the first place, and 2 seconds is definitely too long.


This has the same problems as Bon Bon but amplified to be worse. You briefly have a move, talk about its hitbox briefly with no attempt to make it relevant to the playstyle beyond the fact the hitbox exists, then talk about how the move interacts with the construct. This phenomon could really use a name to describe it more accurately it's so common, with me mostly just comparing it to other sets that did it in the past, most prominently Pompy when it started becoming really common again. The moves only care what they do with the galaxies in terms of cool effects and uses beyond the mundane, the hitboxes are arbitrary. This goes for largely the whole set after the smashes.

I don't really like the idea of producing these constructs on her tilts either instead of specials. Dtilt at least does vary it up some rather than just being another directional way to place galaxies, but that's about it. Her smashes are the one part of the set I found to be kind of okay as some projectiles to throw into her mix, and I'm glad you avoided the common pitfall of making her require the galaxies to recover. Her playstyle flow is only in her projectiles with her having no real solid melee game, especially when she has to constantly be spamming her tilts all the time since galaxies only last 3 seconds. The writing style is quite low on detail and instead focuses on whimsical jokes to amuse, when we could use more detail on her set-ups. We can potentially have a projectile twice Bowser's size that does a ton of damage looping over and over if we spam enough ftilts, that really warrants more talking about.


The concept of rule breaking to get rid of negative buffs in what would otherwise be a trade-off is a great one, and obviously well used in the grab-game. It gives her game a whole lot more of an interesting focus when in that kind of context. The decision to have her be able to rule break inanimate objects and herself let you play around a lot with this. It's impressive how you even managed to make a fairly ordinary time bomb pretty interesting in the context of breaking rules, since she can't just defuse herself totally for free. There's a lot to love here. The set makes me think of Leopold a little who had a similar mechanic with these buffs/debuffs, and I would've loved to have seen a second grab-game to get even more of these. It would've made the mirrored throw a little bit less weird, but it's ultimately fine as is. I just love this concept and would love to see even more of it.

The circles manage to provide a lot of interesting utility for traps, and I like the ability to make them unallied to you by breaking the rules. This lets you get more traps at the cost of making them hostile to you. Having projectiles bounce around between them towards the foe is limited, but turning yourself into a conductor that can also be affected by being targetable by the hostile circle lets you play around with it a lot more. Of course, this comes with heavy risk, but Medea is all about that high risk high reward stuff, which is the best way to go to get interesting playstyles. She can play as a more standard set-up character, sure, but she has potential to go really nuts.

The last 3 aerials aren't all that great compared to the melee in the standards which still manage to be really interesting with how interwoven they are into Medea's style. There's still all the previous context that exists that they would be very interesting in the context of, so...Why don't you talk about it? It's another excellent set from you, Roy, and I don't see this one aging any time soon.


It is extremely important that I comment this set to reaffirm what other people have said while contributing nothing new and not saying anything I haven't already said in the chat previously. Mr. L's set isn't literally just a clone of the Marios, no, but he shares far too many animations with them to the point it gets very uncomfortable. The same animation with a different hitbox/effect is something garbage movesets like Hammerhead and other relics were cricitized for. That's not to say Mr. L has the same animations of other moves in his own set, but it's going to come up when he's an alternate version of another guy. This could be done interestingly if it was more of a parody like you do in that dashing attack. These guys have plenty different mentalities, but it's just played straight here, he just does the animations with no twist a lot of the time.

Magnetism is the main thing used to differentiate the set since Mr. L has no potential, you're basically stuck making a moveset for evil Luigi when you don't use the shroom drink or the robot in any way. What you do use is electricity from Superstar Saga, an ability he has in one game that isn't Mr. L's. Within that game, it's the generic element of electricity with no real use of "magnetism" either, for pete's sake. I can't fault you for using it too much as it's the one thing you do to give him any differentiation other than some different knockback angles to use for combos, but adding combos to Luigi's moveset isn't something that's gonna grab my interest. This is a very hard character, yes, but you tackled it the wrong way.


I'm not really sure why the ftilt is first anymore now that the change has been made to not make ftilt be central, but it's a token introduction of the mechanic, so whatever. The mechanic is a good idea in that it rewards player for hitting the foe's shield just a couple times rather than focus on breaking it like some older sets did, which makes it a lot more realistic and less oppressive. I approve of the decision to make her moves not do much shield damage. Painting the foe's shield is a very simple process with very easy rewards, and I like the idea of giving different rewards when the paint is "broken" with each special.

That's about where my praise of the set ends, though. While the concept is pretty good and helps to prop the set up a bit, the actual moves are wholly uninteresting to me. I would've really liked some more interesting effects in the specials especially, as the paint break effects are pretty exceedingly generic. I understand they can't be too powerful because getting paint on the foe's shield is so easy, but I would've liked the specials at least to be more interesting. The melee is pretty bland too, but at least plays around with blockstrings a bit to be a bit more unique.
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Apr 7, 2014
Looking for those who like Mighty No 9
Previews time? Previews time.

These are not necessarily sets that I am going to definitely have next contest, but sets that I have either started working on already or ones that I really like the concepts for. Given my track record, only a few of these may actually be implemented at all next contest:

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homura on the outside, madoka on the inside
Jun 5, 2013
taco bell, probably

Welcome, food lovers, to Food Network's newest show, Cook Your Move. On this episode we're taking a look at Master Chef Slavic as they prepare for us a delicious banquet of veritable fighters. Let's go check what's on Chef Slavic's stove right now.

Here we see quite a variety of set bases simmering on Slavic's stove top. At this point in the recipe it's hard to see how the final products will turn out, but I think we can spot some melee marinade and a few minion broths cooking up.

These sauces really flourish when brought to a slow boil, so we'll have to check back in on those towards the end of the episode to see how they spice up Slavic's dish tonight. While those cook, we're going to crack into the oven and see what's happening in there.

These ingredients are really browning up nicely! We see a big focus in Slavic's dish here utilizing a really great blend of spices to give that delicious stage control palette that a lot of chefs really try to capture. I also think I spot a dish that Master Chef Slavic has flubbed on previous attempts, so I am enthralled to see another attempt and I am bristling with anticipation at the direction this dish takes. I'm salivating just looking at these, but let's close the oven as to not ruin this casserole of combat.

I do have a special treat with me here, something Chef Slavic has brought to me at the beginning of the show to help stave my appetite while the rest of the meal tonight cooks. I'm starving, so let's dig right in to our appetizer set!

This dish is truly a delight. Chef Slavic has picked the best ingredients possible to make this dish, blending some aromatic minion gameplay with a dash of that savory stage control we talked about earlier. The dish is topped off with a wonderful au jus of command grabs that really drive home the flavor in a major way.

For now, we are going to a quick commercial break, after which our judges will analyze Master Chef Slavic's dishes in fine detail. I'm Alton Brown, and stay tuned, food lovers!
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Apr 26, 2007
Las Vegas, Nevada
1) Ribby and Croaks by MasterWarlord
2) Medea by FrozenRoy
3) Ghostface by Katapultar
4) Recoome by MasterWarlord
5) F.A.N.G. by Smash Daddy
6) Guldo by MasterWarlord
7) Supreme Leader Snoke by ForwardArrow
8) Doomfist by Munomario777
9) Balrog by FrozenRoy
10) Werner Werman by Smash Daddy
11) Pigma Dengar by Smash Daddy
12) Captain Ginyu by MasterWarlord
13) Dr. Kahl by Smash Daddy
14) Ziz by Katapultar
15) Bunny the Honeywhite by UserShadow7989
16) Grim Matchstick (MasterWarlord) by MasterWarlord
17) Djimmi the Great by Smash Daddy
18) Haunter by FrozenRoy
19) Kylo Ren by FrozenRoy
20) Burter by MasterWarlord
21) Shallote Elminus by Katapultar
22) Anaxa, Aspect of Space by Professor Lexicovermis
23) Jaina Stormborne by Munomario777
24) Baroness von Bon Bon by Professor Lexicovermis
25) Valerie Rose by Munomario777
26) Jefferson DeGrey by Munomario777
27) Dyspo by FrozenRoy
28) Kamen Rider Cronus by Bionichute
29) Goopy Le Grande by Smash Daddy
30) Bomb King by Bionichute
31) Junkrat by Munomario777
32) Wally Warbles by Smash Daddy
33) McCree by FrozenRoy
34) Captain Metal by Bionichute
35) Iris by Munomario777
36) Hee-Mo by ForwardArrow
37) Hilda Berg by Professor Lexicovermis
38) The Root Pack by UserShadow7989 and Munomario777
39) Cuphead by Munomario777
40) Judy Hopps by Bionichute
41) Grave Stormborne by FrozenRoy
42) Doc To by Munomario777
43) Cagney Carnation by Bionichute
44) Hockey Man by UserShadow7989
45) Grim Matchstick (ProfPeanut) by ProfPeanut
46) Copen v2.0 by Altais​

For this contest, leadership unanimously approved a new rule in order to incentivize Top XX voting and to reduce the power of willingly not voting in a meta manner. Sets by any voter get a small point boost based on the average point total received. To be specific, the formula is Points Divided By Eligible Voters. It is rounded to the first decimal. As usual, the raw data and votelists can be found on The Stadium.
Nov 24, 2008
The Make Your Move Rooligan Society
Another Top 46? Well, looks like the Warlord has trampled over everyone else once again, so congrats on the big man for his fourth win! (it's a little weird that a boss among other bosses gets to be the strongest this time around... maybe R&C are actually King Dice and Devil in disguise, seeing as how they don't show up anywhere on that list...)

This was a pretty awesome and surprisingly competitive contest for what little sets were posted. And not just because I actually did good, as I enjoyed MYM11 too and I had no T50 placings in that contest. My only "regret" is that I didn't post more sets to savour the moment, but hey I guess I can do that next contest. Here's to hoping for more slasher, Yugioh and Fate sets next contest.

I never thought I'd do this well with my few sets (I thought Ghostface would only be like a 5-6 star set, as I partially thought that people would find him bland), but the fact that people liked them as much as they did is a big confidence boost for me. This also makes me the new king of horror movie movesets, because Kupa and Rool aren't around anymore to haunt us with their clowns and zombies. I miss those guys. But anyway, it's weird that my second highest placing set and now one of the strongest characters in the Katverse is for a slasher series that I have never even watched. It's also funny how my two horror movie characters ended up being really memorable sets. I must have, like, some sort of super talent for making slasher sets, or at least brainwashing the masses into thinking they're more important than they really are. With such a box office hit, how could I resist making a sequel to cash in?

Ziz could be seen as a farewell to the Leviathan series, because while I was originally going to make more Leviathan sets I now prefer Fate/Grand Order as far as gacha games go (not that you can play Leviathan in English, or anymore as a matter of fact because the game shut down in 2016). There was one loli Santa in that game, but F/GO has 2 better Santas that can could tie in better with other people's works (both present and future). She could be the "main antagonist" of Zettai Bouei Leviathan despite the fact that she's a protagonist in the canon. This one got higher than I expected any Leviathan character to, now tying with that detective from the MYM13 era (a 13th placing would have been fitting given that's an unlucky number, but I think a certain special someone deserves that placing more...). It's the franchise with my fifth most number of sets from at 5 sets, which humorously all but one of them have placed, and that one character that didn't place was out of place among those characters anyway (four dragons and a fairy). I probably won't make any more sets for this franchise given I would otherwise be making sets for pictures, other than the slim chance of Leviathan's brother (essentially a Leviathan remix), this character whose design I like the most of any character's, or an evil HMA OC because this series needs some actual male characters. Maybe an evil HMA santa? (but I am already making too many promises that I blatantly won't keep)

Shallie was a bit of a relic regarding my old way of thinking, in that you put a bunch of different attacks/items on one chargeable Special and play off of them to get the big bucks. She is very similar to Izuna, both physically and with set quality along with having suuuuuuuuper long Neutral Specials. She is not as clean as my other two sets, as I went on and off on this set a ton of times, and frankly I'm not too happy with some of the forced hard interactions later on, but I'm glad I got her out. It's kind of funny how she, Regina and Marion have all placed next to each other (21st, 22nd and 23rd), and how Froy was spot-on with his "prophecy" about my next Atelier set getting 21st place. They are all from the same trilogy (Dusk) too, which is my favourite in the series. Funny enough, this franchise mirrors the Leviathan series in having all but one set place and the non-placing character being out-of-place, in this case being a character from a different trilogy (and thus a different world). Also, both worlds are fantasy-based. Unlike the Leviathan series, there are characters I still want to make sets for that have relevance to MYM: two who are affiliated with Shallie and one Warlordian guy who Smady wants me to make.

Anyway, I have to go soon because of IRL and Fate/Grand Order (which I am now addicted to), but first some shout-outs: once again congrats to Warlord winning, and reviving all but one of the Ginyu Force (poor Jeice. I can understand why Burter didn't perform as well as the others without his best friend around). Looking forward to King Dice next contest, that set looked really fun from the glance I got during its existence. Great job to Muno getting in the Top 10 with a great set, and well done to Froy for becoming the new Master of the Fate/Series (didn't think Medea would place that high!), as well as Smady with his usual cool performance and FA for gracing us with a new evil overlord. We also have Lexicovermis making some real strides, and I'm glad that lil' Grim got some love (this must be one of the few Top 50s to have more than one of the same character on it!). This was a pretty competitive contest, and I was glad to be apart of it, even if I do think I do not deserve the placings I got. Here's to hoping the next contest will be extra competitive, have a complete Top 50 and that there are enough great sets to entice Warlord to make a full votelist (as that would would be a super amazingly competitive Top 50!).


Smash Champion
Aug 24, 2008
Crocodilopolis/White King’s Paradise
Aside from my own set output, the movesets in this contest were really a lot better for my taste this time around and this contest was a lot more competitive all around than last one. It took a while to get going, but MYM 20 managed to show that the new stricter schedule format is capable of working. Thanks for some great competition and some entertaining reads, everybody.

Unlike my last winner, Ribby and Croaks' win was undisputed thanks to being IvanQuote approved. I thought it was impossible for them to win without the change to benefit non voters what with the good reception of Ghostface, but even without it they still managed to win anyway, reminding me back in the days with Chou Chou and Cornello. Katapultar in particular I'm really glad to have back again.

It's really hard to complain about Ginyu missing out on top 10 when I won and got 3 sets in it. It just seems impossible to make an in-character Ginyu set that would get a non NV from Bionichute. Do I still think Ginyu is better than Ribby and Croaks? My opinion of Ginyu hasn't decreased, but as this point I've been sold on Ribby and Croaks having the better concepts. It's just a bit surreal a set I made so quickly ended up being so successful. Guldo was the one set that managed to get farther based off a solid execution throughout without an especially strong immediate hook by top 10 standards.

It was really great getting the characters I love so high up with the Ginyu Force. Who knew actually liking the characters you're making sets for could be better motivation than irony or a movement? Recoome mostly got so high off his characterization I think, with him and Ginyu showing the most throughout the set.

I don't know why Burter's concepts are apparently seen as so much less exciting than my others, but the criticisms from Smady and Roy are things I can more take into account. It's just difficult for me to give characters tools without trying to stack layers upon layers of depth. Based off Roy's opinion of my more quickly made Cuphead sets and his outlier Grim Matchstick supervote, I'm getting a clearer message about what I should do going forward.

I'm glad to see Smady in top 5 given his stellar performance this contest and him being the primary one who made Cuphead happen, less Dr. Kahl turned into another Brineybeard. My opinion of Fang is of course quite low and I would've rather seen Werner take that spot, but he got hit with the Yangus stick, so there's not much we can do about that. At least one other set from the Cuphead movement managed to get top 10. Hopefully, I can actually read in time to request edits on arbitrary moves so you can get your + next time.

Medea and Balrog were great sets by Roy. I would've liked to see Balrog make his way higher seeing how much I prefer him to the other Street Fighter set we have. I wasn't expecting Medea to get quite that high, but I really can't complain, it's your best set in that style compared to things like Junk Heap with high concepts, while Balrog is a much firmer execution than something like Anti Mage. I am not trying to disparage those other sets, those sets and Aqua Fortis are still great sets to me now.

FA had a tough act to follow with 19, as he was pretty much the only major takeaway for me from that contest. I'm still glad you managed to get Snoke out for the end, as he was still a solid set despite my criticism and a welcome member of the top 10, snagging my first RV+. He is one of the higher concept sets in this contest, even if I thought his melee was too situational in some moves. This top 10 is among the strongest.

It was unfortunate Muno couldn't read and I wasn't a big fan of most of his output, but Doomfist managed to even get a pass from the Warlord demographic. That's quite the accomplishment. I hope you can see the appeal in Doomfist, I remember back when you released him you talked about the appeal of the risk vs reward gameplay. It's certainly harder to make excessive combos interesting, with the one set that used them all that well this contest for me being Balrog. Feel free to continue trying if you want, but it's not a coincidence this one set was such a bit outlier for so many people.

I've said it several times before, but I hope to be able to do more commenting in the next contest and hope to see everybody there.

I've also updated the every moveset by franchise list with the results from this contest. New franchises include Cuphead, Overwatch, Kamen Rider, and Fantasy Strike. Since Ghostface came out, I also made a horror/slasher film section in his honor. Thanks to everybody who helped get Cuphead off the ground to get 17 sets and place that high despite being such a new franchise, especially Lex. Dragonball also got a huge bump up, with the first sets it has had since MYM 10 bar a random non placing set in MYM 17.
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Smash Daddy

Smash Master
Apr 29, 2007
K Rool Avenue
Thanks everyone for putting out great sets this contest. This was one of the best in recent memory, everyone seemed to push themselves on their best sets.

I was surprised by the reception of my sets, I didn't really understand it until I saw some more feedback feed in at the very end of the contest. I got a whole lot all at once and it was very overwhelming, though I do get the overall picture now. I think commenting has become something of a lost art in MYM and should make a return. I'm proud that I was able to comment almost every set put out.

FANG was frankly a weird one to be the most successful and popular. I get it because I did put a good deal of effort into that set and feel it's easily overlooked if you're not as into the melee or are more into high concept movesets. My favourite part of that set is the unorthodox playstyle that revolves around the instant KO and obfuscation in a way that's rarely tackled in current MYM. I didn't really think that was my best, but I'm glad it was a big hit.

Werner is interesting to see go so high. I made that set largely as an experiment to see if I could make the cat work in the set alongside the Warlordian vehicle mechanics on the side special. In the end it did pretty great too. Pigma barely didn't make top ten and I'm as proud of that set, I had quite a lot of fun making it for all the references and a different sort of melee focus.

Dr. Kahl is a set largely made in response to Djimmi's reception and it makes sense to me that Warlord liked it so much, as it largely addresses the "clutter" in Djimmi. I feel like Djimmi and Pigma got a bit nitpicked for input placement, I'm really satisfied with how both sets came out, warts and all. Djimmi had some of my most creative concepts in some time. It may be the most fun I've had working on a set that isn't remotely comedic/ironic. It did at least have its fans. I made those sets fully aware they didn't follow the exact Smash Bros formula and wouldn't appeal to everyone.

Rounding it out with Goopy and Wally, I largely made these sets to fill out Cuphead, which turned out to be a rather excellent movement. Considering I made 5 sets for Cuphead the worst two still placing okay isn't the worst result. Though yeah, 5 sets was quite a commitment that I've never done before.

Congrats to Warlord on his 4th win, not so long of a gap this time! Congrats to Roy on 2nd and Kat on 3rd. I was especially impressed by Kat's sets as I SV'd literally all three. They were a big inspiration to me in the final days of MYM20. Ginyu Force was obviously very impressive, and good job to Muno and FA rounding out the top 10. Really shows Muno's growth to get so high.

Very good showing from Lex in the same contest as Eggmania, and I was particularly happy about your commenting/voting this MYM. Great work to US, Bionichute and even Peanut managed to place too. Even Altais placed, which I think is deserved.

This MYM gave me a lot of things to think about in terms of my own sets and I hope MYM21 is as eventful. Hope to see you all there.


Smash Journeyman
Aug 17, 2011
You know I had my doubts about the new system of contests too, especially after the honestly pretty lackluster MYM19, but this was an impressive contest. Lots of good sets, with the leaders who weren't me putting out a very impressive batch of sets. In particular, congrats to Warlord on your fourth win, Ribby and Croaks absolutely deserved it as its definitely among your absolute best. Roy getting second and Katapultar getting third was also quite cool, I wasn't the biggest supporter of Medea or Ghostface but they're both very original sets with some extremely impressive strong qualities, Medea in the ambitious balancing act she goes for and Ghostface with his great characterization. Rounding out the Top 5 we have Recoome, the most universally liked member of the great Ginyu Force movement, and FANG, who I actually was very fond of even if it wasn't my favorite Smady set this contest.

As far as newer people go, Muno stepped up his game in a big way, Doomfist was a set most everyone found very likeable and showcased that your style has some real merit behind it. The days of Sombra and Tracer are long behind you man, as even most of your lesser sets are at least substantial. It was nice to see Kat's other two sets perform respectably and for US to be back on his game with Bunny, here's hoping you two can do even better next time. Lex got respectable spots despite how new he is, and more importantly was responsible for a lot of the work in organizing the Cuphead movement. There might still be a lot for you to learn, but I'd say you've managed to come a long way from your loathed Father Canine. I can tell Bionichute's not feeling great about his contest, but he did manage a fair number of sets and Cronus presented a lot of interesting ideas, as did Bomb King, and there's definitely a level of effort that wasn't there before even in weaker sets like Armage and Cortex.

Also going to spare a thought for Djimmi and Ginyu here, as I was huge fan of those sets and they didn't place nearly as highly as I was thinking they would going in. I don't blame people for not voting them as highly as I did, both of them are pretty bold in a direction not everyone likes. My opinion of them hasn't decreased much if at all as they're very clearly passion projects on the part of their creators and present a lot of very cool ideas. Still, there's a great deal of variety in opinion this contest, and in a way that makes things interesting, nice to see people developping their own taste a bit. Also want to generally say that in addition to Lex setting it up I do think Smady did a lot for the Cuphead movement, making a whopping 5 of its sets and many of the more popular ones with Werner, Djimmi, and Kahl.

As for my own sets, yeah, I'll be honest here, I'm not very proud of my own contest, as I may as well have had only one set. Hee-mo was definently a rush job and it shows in the balancing and some questionable design decisions, and while I like self-damage mechanics a lot I clearly could've done better with this one. I honestly am kinda happy with the backstory and character design I came up with and want to bring it back some day, but I'm not going to pretend this set was an accomplishment. It got a few votes and didn't have many active detractors aside from Warlord who mostly hated the balance, but I'm not fond of doing this 5k stuff objectively speaking, its not a style I lend myself naturally to.

Snoke, to be honest, I wasn't expecting a lot out of, I felt like I didn't focus on the mind link mechanic as well as I could have and to be honest I didn't think people would find the set especially exciting. I was apparently very wrong, as it was a huge hit and made 7th place, which is a relief as if it didn't do well this would have been a downright abysmal contest on my end. I will say the general excitement over the set's made me more fond of it, and at this point I don't regret going for that fairly serious characterization. I can understand why some people might have wanted a goofier set but in the end I think it got across what Snoke's character wanted to be, and in the more palatable context of not just getting brutally subverted. I admit I kind of wonder why people were so fond of the concepts presented, a damage link is nothing new, nor is minion betrayal/ground chunks, but where the set has grown on me is that I think I at least executed them admirably. I will say I don't think Snoke is nearly the best I can do, last contest should make that obvious, but it was fun to branch into a new franchise like Star Wars that's a bit outside my usual(though maybe not so fun to write 10k words of the set in a single night, I don't recommend that unless you're just that excited).

Here's to a great MYM21, which after seeing this contest I'm sure we can pull off. I'll do my best to step up my game next time around for you guys, it was really fun reading what you did this time around.

By the way, I have a bit of a surprise coming out soon. Look out for it today or tomorrow.


Smash Journeyman
Aug 17, 2011
The Trial of Ambition

Ambition is the one thing that distinguishes man from animal, our drive to create that which seems impossible. When focusing on the menial, a person becomes nothing more than a beast, preying on what it needs too and preyed on by those that exploit it. A character without ambition is likewise nothing more than a mere object, existing solely to drive along the plots of the stories of those who matter, just like ambitionless people. And just as much, a moveset without ambition is empty, it will never inspire, lost to history after being initially consumed and boring its readers. That's why I brought you all here.

This is a competition to embrace your ambitions in an MYM Challenge, much along the lines of what JOE proposed back in MYM18. The goal is simple, I will give you objectives, and you must take them and meet them, no, exceed them. But enough rambling, I'll tell you what I'm here for:

Your goal is to create an objective for your character to obtain in the match, a goal outside of just killing the opponent. By June 8th, the end of the first week of MYM21, you are to post a description of your character's goal and a loose idea of how you intend to fit it into the game itself, from which you will build their moveset around. It will then be graded off three criteria, which will be used in all subsequent weeks of the MYM Challenge:

First of all, there will be balance. I don't care much for balance, as it frequently blinds the eye to the real possibilities ones' ambition can achieve. However, it has its purposes, as an overambitious fool can only create spectacular blunders. See for example, Winnie the Pooh. He has a goal outside killing the opponent, which would technically work for this challenge, but my god is it a terrible idea that the game is not remotely designed around. Similarly, you should probably design their goal with a heavy emphasis on fighting the opponent to get to it, and also take care to use your numbers wisely. I hate to admit it, but without balance ambitions simply crumble, so it will be worth 10 points.

Second of all is execution, which is how well put together your ideas are in practice. Execution is where the nuance comes in, the part that allows ambition to actually be realized once you've escaped the dreadful seesaw of balance. How well does your plan work, how many paths are there to achieve it, what depth and counterplay is there. Obviously that will be a bit hard to judge when you post just a goal and nothing else, so in this case I'll probably be rating based on the potential of options you're allowing yourself. If the goal you've created is extremely limiting to what you'll be able to make the set, I cannot give high points here. This is also worth 10 points.

And the last point I will grade on is ambition. How far can your concept take you/ How out there and exciting is it? How much of a risk are you taking on it? This is the most critical element in this contest, as you can execute and balance fine but present something that will excite nobody, you didn't see that its called the Trial of Ambition. This is worth 20 points, but keep in mind that perhaps if you fail in terms of ambition and within this contest, the rest of MYM will still reward you for your strong balance and execution. The fools and cowards, they don't know what really matters.

With that, I send you off, make a goal for me for your character to achieve in the match and post it by June the 8th. Do not disappoint me.