Giving every veteran series a new stage for the base game

Apr 8, 2018
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As I’ve said in the past, one of my problems with Ultimate was the meager number of new stages compared to previous games (as much as I adore the returning stages we got getting an HD makeover). If you could give nearly every returning series a new stage for base Ultimate, what would it be? I’m talking veteran series only (along with the occasional fighter-less stage you can associate with a veteran), meaning you can’t give newcomer series Splatoon or Castlevania a new stage. In addition, you can’t add back a stage that did not return for Ultimate. And keep in mind that I took a bit of inspiration from the old Stage Creation Contest from back in the day. Without further ado:

:ultmario:: A new Mario Kart stage, maybe either Tick Tock Clock or Cloudtop Cruise.
:ultdk:: A stage based off the mine cart levels, just to have a change of pace from jungle levels.
:ultlink:: A giant stage based off of Tal Tal Heights, with minimal hazards ( TKOWL TKOWL did a concept like this once).
:ultsamus:: Skytown from Metroid Prime 3.
:ultyoshi:: A stage based off the final battle of Yoshi’s Island.
:ultkirby:: Either Ripple Star from Kirby 64 or Resolution Road from Planet Robobot.
:ultfox:: Zoness from Star Fox Zero.
:ultpikachu:: Aether Paradise from Sun and Moon.
:ultness:: Empire Porky Building from MOTHER 3.
:ultfalcon:: Phantom Road from F-ZERO GX.
:ulticeclimbers:: The top of the mountain at the end of every Ice Climber level.
:ultmarth:: We already got Garreg Mach Monastery, but that was DLC so…Temple of Mila from Fire Emblem Gaiden and its remake.
:ultgnw:: A stage based off of Game & Watch Gallery.
:ultpit:: The Underworld from the original Kid Icarus.
:ultwario:: Pyoro from WarioWare series.
:ultsnake:: Psycho Mantis’s boss arena.
:ultsonic:: City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2.
:ultolimar:: Hocotate Freight from Pikmin 2.
:ultvillager:: Main Street from New Leaf.
:ultmegaman:: Central Highway from Mega Man X.
:ultwiifittrainer:: Okay, I’m gonna cheat here and give Nintendo stages a freebie: Night Walk from Rhythm Heaven.
:ultlittlemac:: Jogging from the Punch-Out series.
:ultpacman:: A maze from the PAC-MAN Championship Edition.
:ultshulk:: New Los Angeles from Xenoblade X.
:ultduckhunt: (Since he’s retro Nintendo): Excitebike Arena (aesthetically based on Mario Kart 8).
:ultryu:: Vega’s stage from Street Fighter 2.
:ultcloud:: I’m gonna cheat here again (because Square Enix) and add another Square Enix-related stage: Scramble Crossing from The World Ends with You.
:ultbayonetta:: Noatun from Bayonetta 2.
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Jun 7, 2016
I don't have one for all of them, but how are we this far in without a Bowser's Castle stage? Give the Koopa King a proper home stage!

For DK, I do like the idea of a mine cart stage. While not my personal favorite, they are among the most iconic DK stages around.

Maybe Zelda could get something retro such as the Dark World Pyramid or something. Alternatively, perhaps a Ganon's Tower stage of some sorts.

For Metroid, well, for one might as well bring back Zebes and Pyroshpere (for that matter, just finish bringing back all the old stages too), but for new ones...I don't know. Not a bit Prime fan, and Zebes has like four stages in the series. Maybe SR388 (or whatever it was). That, or the station from Fusion. Maybe have it go between the biomes and the main area.

Wario Land. Something from Wario Land with music to match.

Xenoblade: If we aren't getting Rex, then at least give us a stage from 2. I was thinking the ruins in Uraya. Could make for a decent spot for cameos.
May 14, 2020
I cannot do one for all, so why not just a few

:ultmario:: Bowser’s castle. We really need a castle level for Bowser, I get Smash likes to only do first levels, but they need to make an exception.
:ultdk:: A ship. I want an interchangeable ship level similar to Wind Waker. The ship should be able to either be for the Snowmads or K Rool. That way we can represent two eras of DK and have a non-jungle stage.
:ultsonic:: Ghost Town (Sonic Forces). I feel that a stage based on the Sonic Forces city could be good. Have Infinite as a main obstacle that transforms the stage. (I just want Infinite). Another cool idea would be him transforming the stage into famous Sonic moments from his 4 helpers, like Chaos’s attack on the city from Sonic Adventure. Then there could also be a Lost World section, a CD section, and an Adventure 2 section (likely the bridge).
:ultmarth:: A Path Chosen. Have a stage that takes players from the gothic land of Noir, to the Japanese architecture of Hoshido.
:ultkirby:: Another Dimension. The biggest thing post-Returns Kirby added was Another Dimension. Have a stage based on it’s extraterrestrial feel.

:ultinkling:: Main Plaza. Have the main plaza be a basic stage, and make it have the ability to rotate in a Callie and Marie, or Pearl and Marina concert.
Mar 5, 2019
Some of these series I won't be able to come up with a new stage but I will try:

:ultmario: Bowser's Castle

:ultlink: Majora's Mask stage

:ultyoshi: Crafted World stage

:ultkirby: Epic Yarn stage

:ultsnake: Flower field (from the end of MGS 3)

:ultsonic: Casino Night Zone

:ultrob: Gyromite stage

:ultduckhunt: Excitebike (since they are both classic NES games)

:ultryu: maybe M. Bison's stage

:ultcloud: FFX stage
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