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Fraymakers Releases in Early Access


Over two years after its original Kickstarter campaign, Fraymakers is finally out in Early Access! An indie crossover platform fighter from the minds at McLeodGaming, Fraymakers released yesterday with 4 playable characters, 5 stages, and 24 assists. Drawing characters and locales from indie hits such as Slay the Spire, Octodad, and even upcoming games like Pizza Tower, Fraymakers sets out to be the ultimate indie crossover event. The game was also released with a robust custom content editor called FrayTools. So, even if your favorite character doesn’t make the cut, you can add them in yourself!

In Fraymakers’s Early Access launch trailer, the final assist featured in the game’s Early Access build was revealed: Among Us’s own Crewmate/Impostor! Befitting the game they hail from, this dual assist is based around mindgames and trickery. Tapping the “assist” button once will summon the Crewmate, while tapping it twice will summon the Impostor. The Crewmate gives a buff to the player who summoned him if they are in his radius when he finishes his task; the Impostor, however, unleashes a devastating attack on any foe unlucky enough to be caught in his range. The two assists are visually identical prior to their effects, forcing the opponent to guess whether you called Crewmate or Impostor. Much like an actual game of Among Us, your opponent will be on their toes as they sus out who the Impostor is.

Fraymakers is out now on Steam, and the devs plan to eventually bring the game to the Switch as well. With at least 6 more characters (including The Watcher and Ultra Fishbunjin 3000), 8 more stages, and 30 more assists on the way, Fraymakers fans have a lot to look forward to!

Author’s Note: How do you feel about Fraymakers so far? Who do you most want to see in it, as an assist or as a playable fighter? I’m hoping for Meat Boy, Zagreus, Hat Kid, and/or The Knight from Hollow Knight to make the cut, and my ultimate dark horse pick is Mr. Stitches from Underhero. Regardless, I had a ton of fun with Orcane in the Tester Build, so I’m fine sticking with him for now.

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Ze Diglett


Even though I've dedicated a lot of my "platform fighter" time to the Smash Bros line of games I still have a love and appreciation for all things indie. It looks like a lot of love went into making this game and I'm sure it will be a big hit with others who are looking to expand beyond their usual AAA experience.
It's really nice to see the McLeod gang back in action, and whilst it's obviously still early days, it's looking good! Looking forward to in like 6 years when I finally decide to bite the bullet and buy the game purely to mess with the custom tools LMAO
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