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Frame research: Yoshi's Parry


Smash Master
Aug 18, 2005
You're right I probably do press shield a frame before I jump. So what if I shield 2 frames before I'm hit and jump 1 frame before I'm hit?

Wind Owl

Smash Lord
Feb 1, 2008
Suburbs of Philadelphia, PA
Regardless of what you may think you are pressing when you do it, you are either doing precisely what I said or playing a different game. Simple as that.
OMG I love you.

Anyway, am I correct in assuming that giving Yoshi the ability to JC out of his shield at any time, with his invinicibility as is, would make for stupidly easy parries?

The Star King

Smash Hero
Nov 6, 2007
I can't help but think that Yoshi's parry will not be nearly as useful in Melee as it is in 64. His DJC is a lot slower, it will be hard to punished spaced moves like Marth's or Ganon's Fair, if they shield first Yoshi cannot shield break like he can in 64, and if Yoshi does get a hit in he can't exactly combo like he can in 64 lol.
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