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Dragon Quest's Hero Released!


During his video presentation on Hero in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Masahiro Sakurai confirmed that Hero will be available for those who purchased the Fighter Pass on July 30th in North and South America and July 31st in Europe and Japan ! Those who wish to buy him individually will be able to do so on July 31st. Much of the Smash community was shocked to see how his moveset works and even more shocked to see he that he will be available so soon after the presentation. Hero uses a variety of spells from Dragon Quest and it's your turn to try and use them for yourself.

Author's Note: The presentation on Hero sure did a good job of making him seem like a top tier. Where do you think Hero will be on the tier list? Do you think Hero will be played much in the long run? Let us know in the comments!
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Rocket Raccoon


I think it’s clear how much thought and effort they put into The Hero. This fighter is complex and they seem to be pushing the boundaries of character design that we haven’t seen before. I wonder how much weight causal fun has in move-set design compared to competitive play. I feel like the potential to one-hit-ko a player with that Down B is hilarious in both a good and bad way. Only time will tell, but it feels like it will take plenty to truly understand this character competitively. I think The Hero shares something in common with Shulk in this respect. The Hero has some deep decisions to make akin to the difficulty of mastering of the Monado Arts.

Ultimately, I think he’ll take some tournaments by surprise early on then we’ll start to see his true positioning once players learn the matchup. Hopefully some talented players dive deep into this character to really flesh out what The Hero has to offer.
Idk how good he’ll be in tournaments, (because I’m not really good with that stuff) but dang he’s fun to play!
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Seeing as I will get that Dragon Quest game when it comes out in September, it’s likely i’ll invest my time playing as the Hero.
So the hero looks like he is broken but does anyone else think that his tools even if they are random could still require some semblance of skill?
I believe he could be optimized but he definitely could use a bit of a nerf.
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