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AvalanchE Presents: Project Smash (4.21.7) Full Results

The Bino

Smash Lord
Nov 28, 2005
Poughkeepsie, New York (Upstate)

1 - PC Chris
2 - Alejandro
3 - Kip
4 - Reject
5 - Sol
7 - Ky
Ryan K
9 - Stew
Coin Chaser
13 - N64


1 - Anexxation of Puerto Rico (PC + Kip)
2 - Peach Vision (Reject + Alejandro)
3 - Daisy Vision (Sol + Phish-it)
4 - Space Plumbers (Ky + Coin Chaser)
5 - Lawl (Stew + Lean)
Double Mint (N64 + Arcturus)
7 - AvalanchE (RuBar + BarBino)

Oh yea for those that wanted vids of the finals!, well absolutely none of them were recorded :( :mad: when i told them that they had their match, they didn't go to the TV that had the VCR recording, and on top of that the TV they went to had a built in VCR yet everyone neglected to inform me since i didn't play on that TV until Singles so Teams and Singles weren't recorded, sorry for those who wanted to see PC go toe to toe with Alejandro in Singles, it def was good matches to watch, and also PC + Kip vs Alejandro + Reject, which those were good as well as i was told lol

About the next AvalanchE tournament, don't u guys worry ur pretty lil heads on it.... im on it... Bino will get something going where there will be ABSOLUTELY NO VENUE COST!!!!! WE WILL GET SOMETHING GOING WITHIN THE NEXT MONTH OR SO until then keep practicing and I'll see some of yall at other tourney's



Smash Master
Nov 23, 2003
Staten Island, NY
This was a really fun tournament. Small turnout but it was really tough.

Alejandro- Congrats on second man, you are too good.
Reject- Ill get you next time :(
Ky- Im glad we finally got to play lol
n64- Wow that pika is a beast im glad we got to play as much as we did.
Coin Chaser- Sorry I had to gay you out with marth lol but i gotta do what i gotta do.
Kip- We didnt get to play oh well maybe next time
PC- lol asshat :( well it was fun hanging out and stuff
Bino- yeah im glad we got to play finally

sorry if i forgot anyone


Smash Ace
Jul 4, 2006
naugatuck, CT
shout outz!

N64: good ****. always like watchingyou play. tougjh luck going up against sol in losers. He's really tough
Ky: better luck next time beating a boozer. and Bino better sep it up if we team again.
lean: had fun. we had to face sol+phish in our first two sets, and lost both times. I lawl'd.
bailey: sorry i pick gay stages with glitches like Poke floats. that fall through golldeen wn me the set, because i probably would've lost that match, and even if i didn't, you would've been on top of your game and not made as many dumb mistakes.
Arc: had fun in friendlies. good luck in teams next time.
phish-it: geez, murh murt is awesome. almost won on poke floats with dual sheik.
Bino: lawl at phantasm spike. i really wish i didn't play that so idiotically.
coin chaser and reject: good stuff with the tournament. +rep.
rest of ct: i repped you guys properly.

OneAndOnly KIP

Smash Journeyman
Feb 29, 2004
Port Chester NY
Fun tourney. Although the turnout was small there were alot of good players there.

Chris- nice seeing you as usual. I always like losing to you in tournament lol. Hopefully i'll seeya before school is over but if not good luck at mlg long island and all those other tournaments. Team Annexation of puerto rico was excecuted perfectly.

ky- we always have some good friendlies. no different at this one.

Reject- close matches but yeh stick with ur peach.

Alejandro- good **** in singles ****** me in losers finals. good matches. we finally played!

N64- thanks for coming along with britt it was fun.

Bino- we didnt get to play but thanks for running a good tourney.

Bailey- we'll do our mm next time.

squam- good **** knocking out bailey lol.

sol and phish- fun team matches too bad we didnt get to play any singles.

coin chaser-good matches mario is trixxxy.

ryan- yeh too bad we didnt play maybe next time.

thanks for the fun and to anyone i didnt mention im sorry. Seeya.

The Bino

Smash Lord
Nov 28, 2005
Poughkeepsie, New York (Upstate)
My Shoutouts

I would like to thank all those that came and made this tourney mad fun, even with less people coming this tourney still had good comp there

PC - Good friendlies with the massive amount of shine spikes all over the place, i didn't like it one bit, ur fingers are at god like speed lol... and what a shock, DK wow, even ur DK is good... we'll have to face each other again soon... and nice shi!t winning singles and teams

Kip - Too bad we didn't get to face each other, i was gonna play u after u were playing around with Coin Chaser i think, but i got distracted and never got around to it, but good **** winning teams with PC and nice to see you we'll have to play eachother soon

Sol - Wow, just Wow, that's all i got for u... Murh Murt Murr... and now Muro lol that Muro will be practicing his Muro skills lol

Phish - i don't think we even faced each other at the tourney but good games at Coin's dorm on friday night

Ky - Stop beasting against my Falco/Fox when u play ur Falco... u're so incosiderate, lol i guess ill have to quit Fox/Falco now cuz of u

Stew - GG's all over the place

Ryan K - too bad we only had a couple of games, i wanted to test my Fox/Falco against u, but im sure i would've gotten annihilated anyway we'll play again soon

N64 - That Pika was never caught, it should remain in the PokeBall at all times lol good pika there man

Reject - Never a pleasure to face u in a tournament, lol but ill have to just figure out what works and what doesn't against a Peach, i hate Peach in general.... but that MKII Samus Jiggs match wasn't the way u planned it lol

Coin Chaser - We didn't do any friendlies, but i think that we got our fair share in the last week or so so i guess that evens it up... and i don't know what happened to RuBar and I in teams lol... we just did horrible plain and simple horrible

RuBar - We will step it up dramatically next time, and too bad u had to leave for that job interview but maybe we'll get to see that Sheik in action in Singles at NYST2

To all others that i faced or i didn't play good games to all... and i will see all of u guys soon


Smash Rookie
Feb 3, 2007
Wow-I was'nt there but it seems like there were good matches-hopefully next year I can come-but I'll still be too young.

Coin Chaser

Smash Journeyman
Feb 27, 2006
Long Island, NY
For those that didnt se it in the other thread...

reject....yeah mario suxxors, but i still confuse people that have no idea how to fight him
pc... great 3 matches, i def learn something new when watching u or playing u
kip... good matches...i withstood ur fox, but ur falco annihilated me both times, good ****, maybe if u come on the island we can play at maus house
n64... i only got to play u in the tourney, which were both really good matches, i wish i got a friendly on u, theres always next time
ky... the man with no name...just 2 random letters....good teamin!!! im just mad we lost the last one against solar eclipse and phish on coneria, thats really the only one i regret and u should too
phish...we had a lot of friendlys and towards the end i think got the better of me with ur dk, i got to b a **** marth....im sry but it jsut has to happen haha
SOLAR ECLIPSE... good ****, and thanx for the fries btw....that was a very generous donation to the chaser of coins....to all 3 of u, that wa awsome that u stayed over friday night
alex... we had a sick set, i wish i didnt SD like 3x in our set? w.e the would have all been real close like the 2nd match, congrats on 2nd though
BINOBOMB.... thanx for runnin the tourney again, ur a pretty sweet tourney director, idk if theres a career in that, but i give u an A+ recommendation if u look for a job, i dont think we had any 1v1s....we were too busy fighting everyone else haha
"RUBAR THAT SUX WITH GANON" ... OH ****!, haha im only joking we had our one good fight, but didnt have the GRAND FINALE battle, next time ill try not to distract with all my trash talking HAHAHA, and try not to vs me and ky 2nd round, ull only get knocked around again


Smash Champion
Oct 18, 2004
Stalking Skler
My team mate was Arcturus.

kip- Thanks for driving. Grats on first in teams and good stuff in third in singles. Don't get nervous and you'll do even better. You have the skills for it.
alejandro- Grats on double second. Owning kip in loser's finals and then taking the first match from chris was brutal. Hopefully we'll get to play at the next tourney.
chris- Grats on first in everything you enter ever. I think your pika is better than mine >_>.
bailey- finally got to play ya. Those matches were pretty fun and pretty close. I'll learn how to fight marths some day.
phish-it- Your skill with low tier is amazing. Our friendlies were some of the funnest matches I had there, and i hope we get to play more in the future.
ryank- We had a ton of matches and they were all hella close. 'twas fun and good to meet you man.
reject- Nice placing in the tourney. I feel like I kinda sucked it up in our friendlies, but no johns. I got owned. Lets play some more later.
Ky- I got owned.
Sol- I got owned again.
Bino- I liked watching your samus, it had some interesting stuff. Good meeting you.

There was so much good competition here, I felt like one of the newbies, heh. I think my rat got a little better from it (usually happens when I get owned a lot). I'll see you at the next one.


Smash Ace
Jan 16, 2004
Long Island
Good tournament, I had fun.

I liked all my matches with everyone, they were tough.

SoL, Kip, Phish, PC, Reject, Coin- good matches <3 you guys

N64-Yah I wanna play pika cuz of you.

Reject- yah I'm surry I didnt play well in teams. I'll do better next time, promise.

ryan-your too good tooo


Smash Champion
Apr 4, 2004
Mahopac, NY
It's been a long time since I've done one of these,
but here it goes; the legendary shoutouts.

PC Chris: Wow PC getting 1st? Who saw that coming? Haha fun times with the Bowser, excuse me Murh-Murh Challenge, that was probably the closest anyone has ever come.

Wow, Peach is ****ing gay. Good **** beating PC's Falco in tournament; didn't you
once say Falco beats Peach. Haha! Hope not to get wrecked by you next time.

Kip: Didn't get to play you in singles, but good times in teams.

Reject: Wow, Peach is ****ing gay. Good job setting up the tournament and all. I just realized both you
and Alejandro took me out of teams and singles. Whatever happened to that breakfast by the way?

You're not quite as almighty as I'd thought beforehand.

BarBino: What the hell is a Harrison? What the hell is a Binobomb? "WHy don't you just park the car, aren't you staying for dinner?" No. I was just gonna go home. MUUUUUURHHHHT!!!!!!!!

Ky: I don't even know what to say...

Ryan K: We still have yet to play to this day. YEp, maybe next time.

Stew/Squirminator: What a slippery worm. Remember Boozers and Murh-Murh's don't always get along. Good job absolutley obliterating/4 stocking Bailey in tournament.

Bailey: You know, theres a kid in out school thats just like you, I'm serious, he's like a long lost Brother; Big and Fat, makes corny jokes, makes sexual jokes, but plays wrestling instead of football. Did you ever vs. Bino by any chance?

Coin Chaser: Twenty-Seven-cents. That was probably the best Diner I've ever been to. Fun times housing us we'll definitely come early next time.

N64: Forget Ash Ketchum, You my friend are a Pokemon Master. Too bad you lost to two Guilty Gear fighters in tourney, but you definatley are a scary man to fight. By the way, why is there always a Pikachu in your pocket?

RuBar: Where'd you go?

Bum163: Where the **** were you?

Well, that about sums it up for today.


Smash Hero
Feb 9, 2006
Rockland County,NY
Bailey: You know, theres a kid in out school thats just like you, I'm serious, he's like a long lost Brother; Big and Fat, makes corny jokes, makes sexual jokes, but plays wrestling instead of football. Did you ever vs. Bino by any chance?
Hey my jokes and sexual references are funny. No I didn't get to because I SUXXZORZ.


Smash Lord
Dec 2, 2005
Mahopac NY
Great tourney congrats to the winners and shame on the losers espically myself and even more especially baily, goldeen....enough said
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