Ascension 2 Results!!!


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Jun 9, 2010
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Ascension 2 Results​

This tournament was held on October 13, 2012 and was pretty awesome. The venue was great and the tournament was really hype. We had a great 37 entrants this time around at our wonderful Cafe Luxor! Without further ado, your results!

Brawl Singles

1: UltimateRazer ($134.40)==:snake:
2: Pwii ($61.60)==:metaknight:
3: Denti ($44.80)==:olimar:
4: PJ ($22.40)==:toonlink:
5: Smoom ($8.40)==:popo:
5: Infinity ($8.40)==:metaknight:
7: Asa==:olimar:
7: Sync==:olimar:
9: Fino==:olimar:/:popo:
9: Fliphop==:diddy:
9: Tesh==:sonic:
9: ALSM==:metaknight:
13: Esca==:pit:
13: ToT==:popo:
13: Illmatic==:peach:/:metaknight:
13: Zero==:sonic:
17: P4==:metaknight:
17: BC==:metaknight:/:falco:
17: Maharba==:pit:
17: Kilik==:sheik:

Brawl Doubles

1: Destruction Duet (Pwii+PJ) :metaknight:+:toonlink:/:diddy: ($111.00)
2: UGOIN2JAILNOW!!!!! (Razer+P4) :snake:+:metaknight: ($55.50)
3: Super **** (Infinity+Denti) :metaknight:+:olimar: ($18.50)
4: Divinie Intervention (Fino+ALSM) :olimar:+:metaknight:
5: Kekekekekkekekke (Smoom+Illmatic) :wario:+:peach:
5: Big Flip and Little Flip (Fliphop+Esca) :diddy:+:metaknight:/:pit:
7: Team New Gens (BC+ToT) :metaknight:+:lucario:
7: Take Responsibility (Asa+Sync) :ness2:+:olimar:
9: Sons of Sparda (Jebus+Michael) :zelda:+:kirby2:
9: What (Kuro+Grey) :snake:+:lucario:
9: The Bad The Worst and The Ugly (Zephyr+Maharba) :diddy:+:metaknight:

Waseda Doubles

1: Tesh+Run C.T ($30.00) :wario:/:sonic:+:peach:/:dk2:
2: Asa+JB ($15.00) :olimar:+:pikachu2:
3: Kilik+ToT ($5.00) :sheik:+:lucario:
4: BC+Express :dk2:+:diddy:
5: Sync+Ojih :fox:+:wolf:
5: Razer+Zephyr :diddy:/:marth:+:diddy:

Amateur Bracket

1: Kilik (moved onto regular bracket) :sheik:
1: Maharba (moved onto regular bracket) :pit:
3: Jebus :zelda:
3: Run C.T :peach:
5: Grey :lucario:
5: Wiz :diddy:
5: JB :rob:
5: Zephyr :diddy:
9: Express :diddy:
9: Jerardo :fox:
9: Ever ???
9: Michael :kirby2:
9: Kuro :snake:
9: Admiral :olimar:
9: Lando ???
9: Eduardo :snake:
17: NamelessArt ???
17: GlibbyGlobby :marth:
17: JohnnySoCal :lucas:

Pools Results

[COLLAPSE="Pools Results"]
1: Fino
1: Infinity
1: Asa
1: Illmatic
1: Denti
1: PJ
1: Pwii
1: Kilik
1: Sync
10: P4
10: Smoom
10: UltimateRazer
10: ALSM
10: BC
10: Tesh
10: Esca
10: ToT
10: Zero
19: Jerardo
19: Lando
19: Kuro
19: Express
19: Maharba
19: Grey
19: Run C.T
19: Fliphop
19: Eduardo
28: JB
28: Wiz
28: Zephyr
28: JohnnySoCal
28: GlibbyGlobby
28: Admiral
28: Jebus
28: Ever
28: Michael
37: NamelessArt

If I got any characters or information wrong, let me know. Will post more results as they become available, thank you all for coming! Bracket images on the way!


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Aug 16, 2005
There were some good matches in WF, LF, and GF. Too bad they didn't get saved...


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May 16, 2009
Campgrounds, TX
1. Razer
2. Pwii
3. Denti
5. Pj
5. Infinity (?)

Austin left his laptop at his friends last night after the tourney. So hopefully the results will be updated soon but there's no way to know what it'll be.


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Apr 18, 2010
Few things to say.

1) I kinda sorta suck at Brawl now (don't care though lololo) and am done.
Good job to Tesh for beating me.

2) Pwii is an incredible top level Metaknight but ain't about that life tho.

3) All of you are lucky I didn't stick up the place with my red gun.

4) Talking Heads and Boards of Canada at the party went in like Razer on Pwii at PS1.

5) Why did we play that stupid mario game for like an hour LOL!??!

6) Tesh's Mario Party 3 could very well be demonic.

7) Whoever decided to play Loveless when I was in P4's car is a genius.

8) Thank you Smoom for driving me there (had fun at the food drive)
and thank you Kilik for driving me home.

9) Fino's awesome, as well as pretty much everyone else.

10) I owe Sync, Kilik, Asa, and Smoom a ton of money lol.

11) 222 is REAL

12) Best tournament in a long long long time.


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Oct 28, 2008
This is correct.

Idk who got exactly 7th/9th. I know Fino, Asa, ALSM and Sync were in there but I don't know their specific placements.
You beat eliminated Infinity to 5th, Sync to 7th and me to 9th. One of the other 3 must have gotten 13th?


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Aug 16, 2005
Purple Pikmin with the "I've seen some ****" look...

Dec 5, 2009
Houston, Texas
Razer- your letting your hair get pretty long compared to usual bro.
Pwii- i have no excuses
Denti- if i go to that Dallas P:M tournament, will you do double lucario in doubles with me?
TheBest1PJ- this is actually a shout out to keith ("that one pikmin")
Smoom- see fino's comment
infinity- pikmin die in the deep water at delphino
asa- see fino's comment
sync- your gameplay was like the cowardly lion, so many reads wasted....
fino- look at all these fraudulent *** people using fallacious characters. they're orchestrated. it's a fallacy.
fliphop- you could work at that restaurant as dj at some point. ask them about it.
tesh- im proud of you my son. start coming over more.
ALSM- see fino's comment
Esca- if only you had known....
ToT- see fino's comment
Illmatic- that was my last chance to beat your peach in tournament, and it'll probably never happen again because of metaknight. im too lazy to post a picture of a salt shaker so just imagine one.
Zero- wtf is up with sonic? forever luigi vs this **** from now on
P4- thx for the advice. you ***** in doubles
B.C.- as long as you admit it was because metaknight, im ok with it
Maharba- worthless *** mother ****in pit begon. dawn them dark wings
killik- please

runct- im sorry for wat had to be done
jb- ^^^^^
zephyr- there you go. this is the video you need to watch.
glibygloby- ill see you at melee later.
johny socal- JOHNY ****IN SOCAL


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Feb 4, 2009
Brawl Monsters Club House
Ggs to everyone I played. I'm somewhat glad ya'll hoot and holler against me so hard. When I leave this region and get rooted against I'll have the exp. I tried playing without music my second time around and aimed to embrace the noise and not let the crowd get under my skin and it worked. Also good job to razer for coming back, even tho I wish he sent Pwii to me in losers finals. Good job to p4, I've never seen your MK better. Also good job to PJ, you should upload our game(s). Your projectile traps were something I've never dealt with before.
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