Are You Ready for Advertisement DLC?


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Sep 5, 2014
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I still feel whoever the hell Nintendo chooses people will buy it up either way. Smash fans online complain about this character or that character. But at the end of the day most fans will just want a complete roster. Nintendo could add Master Belch, Mr. Hankey, Great Mighty Poo, Glass Joe, and Goomba as playable characters and people will still eat it up simply because it's new Smash content. Nintendo knows this that's why they're selling you a blank page for $25 before the game comes out. Nintendo doesn't care about "hype" culture as much as people think or else they wouldn't have revealed Plant, Ken, and Incineroar as the last big reveals or had Corrin and Bayonetta as the last 2 DLC characters for Smash Wii U/3DS. I've gone on record saying besides Mewtwo I didn't care about ANY of the DLC characters but I still bought them eventually just to have a full complete roster and new content to play and to support Sakurai and the development team.


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Aug 22, 2014
I dont trade Piranha Plant for any other. It's one of my favorite inclusions. And I really think Geno and Waluigi are overrated. Geno is a side character from a niche game from a very far past, and the other doesnt even have his own game or is important in any game he is. There are better characters that deserves more representation or that will be more recognizable/fun for more people. There must be space for new characters even for the game to be able to appeal to new kids that borne after all these old titles even existed. The old players of Smash apparently looks too much to the past and their childhood, and forget that from their childhood, the game is already full of characters and new generations need representation too. Geno and Banjo, they are not characters that kids and young people today have any relation to them. And Waluigi is so irrelevant for games that people seems to want him there just to feel complete, like if we have a Mario and a Wario, so if we have a Luigi we MUST have a Waluigi.. just because of that, and not because the character really deserves.
This isn't a bad opinion by any means, but Sakurai has certainly added "irrelevant" characters simply to please fans. King K. Rool comes to mind, a character largely associated with the old SNES/N64/Rare era.

Sakurai's opinions on Geno and Waluigi are clearly not comparable; while he seems perfectly fine leaving Waluigi as an assist trophy (fine by me too), he has expressed more interest in Geno, even stating that he would have liked to add him as a character, and we did get the Mii costume. Also, another Square Enix rep has been speculated for DLC, yet apparently Cloud was the last negotiated 3rd party fighter and SE content in SSBU is quite sparse; Geno may be the only other SE character Nintendo would have rights to use (sorry Sora fans). For these reasons, and seeing that Super Mario RPG once again has representation in SSBU, I still don't think it's out of the question that we get Geno DLC. Smash has always been a mix of new and old, so I would be happy for all the Geno fans.