Alt Lab Controllers Releases Melee Tech Skill Tutorial for Smash Stick

smash stick melee tut.jpg

With their upcoming launch in June 2020, Alt Lab Controllers has released the first in their series of tutorial videos for the Smash Stick, this one focusing on advanced techniques in Melee.

Starting development in 2015 with a prototype made by Joshua "TheBlackHombre" Laroche, the Smash Stick was developed with the goal of bringing the ergonomics of an arcade stick to platform fighters while retaining the full analog functionality necessary not just for advanced techniques like wavedashing, directional influence or shield drops, but even for basic tools like walking and angled recovery moves.

The video briefly goes through many of the advanced techniques that define the modern Melee metagame, from wavedashing and L-canceling to shield drops and ledge dashes, and how to most effectively execute them while using the Smash Stick. For some techniques, like wavedash out of shield or L-canceling, some basic practice drills are also provided.

You can find more information about the Smash Stick on Alt Lab Controllers' website.


If this is wireless (specifically with wired and wireless options), then this is my dream fight stick.
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