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Louis "L_Pag" Pagillo
We Tech Those 3: Starting Project M's 2018 Off With a Bang
  • 13,727
  • 3
With 2017 coming to a close, the Project M community looks towards the new year with We Tech Those 3. Here's why you should check it out!
The Project M Backroom Releases New PM 3.6 Tier List
  • 132,134
  • 58
After more than a full year, the Project M Backroom has released a new tier list for Project M 3.6!
Supernova 2 Pools Primer
  • 9,495
  • 4
With Supernova 2 coming up this weekend, here's a quick primer going over the event's pools matches, and who's likely to make it to round 2!
Duct Tape Productions Announces Project M Documentary "Rewrite"
  • 5,838
  • 11
Duct Tape Productions, the team behind the "Who the Hell is...?" series and several other Project M related projects, released a trailer for their new film "Rewrite", a Project M documentary.
Blacklisted 3 Viewer's Guide
  • 4,218
  • 4
With Blacklisted 3 coming this weekend, here's a primer on the event's streamed matches, and the players involved in them
When Winning isn't Enough: The Gods of PM - Presented by Messi
  • 6,188
  • 0
Messi shares his insight on what top Project M players ThundeRzReiGN and Junebug go through after their long climb to the top
Registration for Bigger Balc is Closing Soon! Here's Why You Should Enter
  • 4,370
  • 4
Bigger Balc, one of the largest Project M tournaments of the year, is closing registration this Friday! Here's why you should enter.
Supernova 2: New York's Premier PM Major Returns
  • 5,527
  • 5
With Supernova 2 on the horizon, we take a look back at the first Supernova event, and what it meant for the Project M community.
Blacklisted and a Legacy of East Coast Project M
  • 7,782
  • 6
With Blacklisted 3 coming up in July, we take a look back at the history of the Blacklisted series and how it affected the East Coast Project M scene.
The Bigger Balc Fundraiser is Almost Over! Here's Why You Should Donate
  • 2,911
  • 3
The fundraiser to expand SoCal's premiere Project M venue is drawing to a close. With one more day left, see what the fundraiser is all about, and what you can get from donating.
ThunderzReign: "The Community is What Makes Me Want to Stay"
  • 4,079
  • 1
Smashboards recently had the chance to interview Project M Donkey Kong player R3 | ThunderzReign about his recent win at Olypmus, and his thoughts on the PM community as a whole
A Brief History of New York City's Project M Scene
  • 5,407
  • 4
Project M has always refused to die; especially in New York City. In this article, we take a look at where it all began, where it is now, and where it's going.
How Project M Can Benefit from a Change of Mentality: Presented by Messi
  • 7,380
  • 6
With Hitbox Olympus fast approaching, head TO and community leader Giuseppe "Messi" Messina shares his thoughts on the Project M community, and what the tournament means for them.
Registrations for the Project M Circuit Finale, Olympus, have been Extended!
  • 1,545
  • 3
If you have yet to register for Hitbox Olympus, you still have one more day to do so!
Hitbox Olympus' Registration is Closing Soon, Here's why You Should Enter
  • 3,396
  • 3
Hitbox Olympus is closing its registration soon. If you still want to attend the event in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on October 28th-30th, you're running out of time!
Super Smash Fighter: Updates and Patches
  • 3,131
  • 5
The sixth installment of Super Smash Fighter! This week, we discuss how updating a game, whether it be Smash or a traditional fighter, can affect the meta
Super Smash Fighter: The Corner
  • 2,330
  • 0
The fifth installment of Super Smash Fighter! This week, we talk about "the corner" in fighting games, and how it compares to Melee's offstage game!
Super Smash Fighter: Projectiles
  • 4,808
  • 14
Welcome to the fourth installment of Super Smash Fighter! This week, we analyze the differences in projectiles and their uses in traditional fighters and Super Smash Bros. Melee!
Super Smash Fighter: Offense
  • 6,625
  • 5
The third installment of Super Smash Fighter! This week, we analyze the factors that cause offense-oriented gameplay in fighting games, and how this gameplay compares to Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Super Smash Fighter: Defense
  • 2,311
  • 5
The second installment of Super Smash Fighter! This week, we compare the defensive options of Super Smash Bros. Melee and the Street Fighter series.